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Jun 9, 2011

Ask A Chick: Shower Sex, Faceless Sexting, Weirded By Her “Wetty”

“Ask A Chick” is COED’s regular dating, sex, and relationship advice series in which our special lady friend, Charlsie, fearlessly fields your inquiries you’re too chickensh*t to ask your girlfriend, sister or mom. In this week’s edition of “Ask A Chick”, Charlsie responds to questions about shower sex, anonymous sexting, and what to do if your girl gets too wet. See her answers after the jump!

Feb 27, 2010

Get Me Wet with Sex in the Shower.

We’re doing an Astroglide giftpack giveaway, see all the info below! You know what seems ridiculous to me? That it’s...

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Feb 11, 2009

10 Tips for Dorm Shower Sex

• 10 Tips for Dorm Shower Sex • How To Buy Lingerie For Your Lady • When Will She Do Playboy? • Those Are Some Smokin' Pot Boobies • Someone Swam Across Atlantic Ocean?!Emmanuelle Chriqui Cleavage, Hot!

Oct 8, 2008

Olivia Munn Rips Vodka Shots From a Crystal Skull

Olivia Munn Drinks Vodka From a Crystal Skull Marisa Miller Takes Me For A Ride Hands On Blackberry STORM Review...