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  • The 33 Hottest Hotties in the Wild [PHOTOS]

    "Hotties In The Wild" is Double Viking's comprehensive collection of candid twitpics, mobile uploads, and self-shot photos featuring "real" sexy chicks. By "real" we mean, everyday girl next door types who fly under the radar - no celebrities, models, or magazine scans. That face-melter you saw at the gym? They probably have pics of her. In fact, they have more than 12,700 images in their arsenal, but who's got the time to peruse all that potentially attainable 'tang? Us! So, we decided to save you some time and pick out the best of the breast. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • 177 Reasons Why #MirrorMonday Is The Sexiest Day Of The Week [PHOTOS]

    You've probably heard of #friskyfriday, #thongthursday, and #musicmonday but now there's an emerging trend on Twitter called #MirrorMonday. No, it's not a time to look yourself in the mirror and re-evaluate your life. It's a time for all the hot girls in the Twittersphere to take and submit self shot pictures of themselves in the mirror. Simple, effective and dead sexy. Now if someone's got a case of the Mondays, that's a good thing. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the hottest self shot girl of them all? You make the call after the jump.

  • Twin Peaks Tuesday: First Person “Point of Boob” Shots [PHOTOS]

    Twin Peaks was David Lynch and Mark Frost's mysterious supernatural psychological mindf*ck series from the early 90s that was critically acclaimed but only lasted 2 seasons. Why do we bring it up? Because this photo gallery we're about to show you is also somewhat of a mindtrip - have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a really nice set of boobs? You know, trading bodies with a hottie. Hey, it's the closest you'll ever get to touching a smokeshow. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • A Massive Sexy Self-Shot Mirror Girl Montage [99 PHOTOS]

    Recently, a judge ruled that high school chicks are allowed to post risque pics on Facebook - a victory for jailbait enthusiasts everywhere. If that case proved anything, it's that girls get bored easily, and when that happens, the camera phones come out and the clothes come off. It's second nature; instinct taking over pure and simple. If you don't wanna take our word for it, you should check out our gallery of the hottest girls taking self-shot pics of themselves in the mirror. Cue Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" after the jump.

  • A Freakin’ Lotta #FriskyFriday Handbra Photos [77 PICS]

    What started with Playboy model Shera Bechard and this picture has blossomed and blown up into a regular, recurring Twitterrific feature in which hot chicks post their most provocative pics under the #FriskyFriday hashtag! You could go aimlessly searching through Twitter for these risqué pics or you could just sit back and enjoy the hottest, hand-picked handbras  in the photo gallery after the jump.

  • 44 Self-shot Handbra Hotties [PHOTOS]

    You meet a girl, you hit it off, and it gets sexual QUICK. Before you know it, you're sexting like crazy. She says she's taking a shower, you tell her to take a pic and send it. Some guys are eerily successful in their attempts to get chicks to send them nude or topless candids while others are forced to make the first move and send c*ck shots to entice reciprocation. If you're more Brett Favre than Blake Lively's boyfriend, we've got the photo gallery for you - self shot handbra hotties. Reluctant ladies, take note and send us your best shots to See the pics after the jump.

  • BUTT, She Shot It Herself [58 PHOTOS]

    Most people have some serious body image issues; they think they’re fat when they’re not or they’r…

  • Tight Jeans and G-Strings [Photos]

    No matter what kind of man you are, it’s impossible to deny the awesomeness that is the tight jeans and G-string co…

  • The Ultimate Beach Pose

    The only reason men go to the beach is to check out practically naked women in a discrete way. All you gotta do is put on a pair of quality sunglasses and no one woman will even think twice about running up and down the beach right in front of you. Maximize your day of free porn by taking quality photos that you can look at again and again. Unsure of how to best capture a bikini boob? Look no further than the Adrianne Curry pose. It's catching on like crazy.

  • Introducing the Point of Boob… a.k.a. The Adrianne Curry Pose [22 Photos]

    In case you haven't noticed, we're absolutely, undeniably completely obsessed with boobs. And sometimes we get caught up in all the many ways you can look at boobs. From sexy strangers posing in mirrors to a comprehensive guide to SFW boobs (we dare your boss to complain) we've covered it all. But today we go back to simpler times and remind ourselves exactly why we love boobs.

  • Sexy Self-Shot Mirror Girls 2009

    The Internet is good for a lot of things – answering questions, finding a date, wasting your life away in an imaginary digital universe. But possibly its best feature is the endless stream of pictures random hot girls took of themselves in the mirror. We’re not sure who these girls are or what prompted them to strip down into the sexiest little thing they had and take their picture in the mirror (or how they got online in the first place), but we’re certainly glad they did – this is one trend that never gets old…

  • Whale Tail Watching [44 Photos]

    There's nothing a man can do to keep himself from staring at a woman's butt when her thong is sticking out. NOTHING! Just a flash of that thing floating just above the waistline is enough to send us into a spat of fantasies so dirty, we can't even begin to mention them. So instead, we'll just give you a ton of glorious 'whale tails' and leave the dirty business up to you.

  • Real Girls Go Nuts

    No matter how much we love expensive, professional photo shoots, there's just something about regular girls taking pictures of themselves for us too ogle over that makes us happy to be alive. Luckily, the good men over at Nuts Magazine have an entire section of their site devoted to exactly this - real girls competing with each other to be the sexiest in all the land.

  • Tight Jeans & G-Strings

    No matter what kind of man you are, it's impossible to deny the awesomeness that is the tight jeans and G-string combo. They go together like peaches and cream, whisky and cigarettes, blow jobs and... more blow jobs. Often called a "whale tail," this female apparel phenomenon seems to usually happen to girls who have fake tans and tramp stamps, so something tells us it's not entirely accidental.

  • Sexy Self-Shot Myspace Mirror Girls

    The Internet is good for a lot of things – answering questions, finding a date, wasting your life away in an imagin…