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Sara Leal
Oct 5, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Mistress Sara Leal’s Topless Hot Tub Party [12 PHOTOS]

Man, Ashton Kutcher’s life must be difficult. First, he marries Demi Moore, the hottest cougar on the entire planet; then...

Sep 29, 2011

[18 PHOTOS] Sara Leal Is Ashton Kutcher’s Mistress, Here Are Her Facebook Photos

There have been rumors about Ashton Kutcher's infidelity for some time now with a bunch of mysterious women hinting at their extramarital trysts with "Mr. Demi Moore". Well, now the NY Post reports a woman has been identified as Ashton's mistress - Sara Leal. She apparently wants $250,000 from Kutch-face to keep quiet and will be entertaining offers from media outlets to spill the beans. Before you could type "Facebook", her profile was already pulled down. Luckily, we're quick as sh*t so we were able to grab some before the doors locked and windows closed. Check 'er out in the gallery then vote for who you think is hotter after the jump.

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