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  • A Disgruntled Heat Fan’s Observations From Game 5 in San Antonio

    San Antonio, first of all, congrats on your successful blackout. Wait, nevermind.

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    10 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [May 28--June 3]

    Abraham Lincoln fights the supernatural, but it's not the film you're expecting. There are also some good new albums from people you'd expect to make good albums. Hopefully, you're not expecting us to be excited about this week's big season finale that has us so excited. Check out these things (and more) as we find new reasons for living through the week!

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    After a lockout-shortened season, playoff basketball is finally here as sixteen NBA teams compete for the Larry O’Bri…

  • Top 10 Storylines For The Second Half Of The NBA Regular Season

    As All Star Weekend signals the end of the season’s first half, the second half of the season promises to be one of t…

  • 8 NBA Teams That Benefit Most From The Lockout

    Now that the NBA's Nazi Commissioner David Stern has officially cancelled the first two weeks of the NBA season, all we can do now is pray that a season actually starts. The L and the players did just have 16 hour talks yesterday, so it's nice to know that they're at least making it seem like they give a f*ck. I'd be happy with a shorter season anyway because it's the playoffs that really matter. Even if the season doesn't happen, at least we have NBA 2k12 to fill the void. I'm sure that a few NBA teams are actually happy about the lockout - there are a bunch that actually benefit from a shorter regular season. Check out who those teams are after the jump.

  • 6 NBA Teams With The Longest Postseason Droughts Or Streaks

    With the conference finals starting up this week, I thought this would be a good time to revisit the longest current postseason droughts and streaks in the NBA. There has been a good deal of parity with NBA teams and making the playoffs lately. With that being said, there have still been some teams that have had to wait an embarrassingly long time between playoff berths. Check out the list of the top 6 NBA postseason droughts and streaks and what caused them after the jump!

  • Best Bets to Win the 2011 NBA Title

    It's NBA playoff time and what better way to get into the action than by throwing down some wagers on the teams you think can take down the title.   Will LeBron's "Decision" pay off?  Will the old guard Celtics prove they are still the class of the East?  Is Derrick Rose poised to take his team all the way to the Finals?  Are Kobe and the Lakers ready to get to the finals for an amazing fourth straight year?  Do the Spurs have anything left in the tank?  Will Dallas finally make Mark Cuban's dreams come true?  It should be an interesting ride. Check Casino Steve's playoff predictions after the jump!

  • NBA Roundup: Griffin Makes Clippers No Laughing Matter

    As we head into the second half of the NBA season, there are still a number of teams vying for a playoff spot. The biggest storylines of the past week include the surging New Orleans Hornets, the still-on-pace-for-70-wins Spurs, the vulnerable Heat dropping a handful of games, the Knicks falling back to Earth, Blake Griffin bringing the Clippers back to respectability and the pathetic Cavaliers losers of 28 of their last 29. Read more after the jump!

  • NBA Roundup: Cleveland Does Not Rock, Orlando’s Magic

    We hope you spent New Year’s Eve partying like Snooki. We’re nearly midway through the season and have see…

  • NBA Roundup: Thanks For Sexting, Tony!

    Welcome to the Thanksgiving Edition of the COED weekly NBA roundup where we will be focusing on all of those who deserve thanks this holiday weekend. Let's start it off with a big Thanksgiving Thanks to Eva Longoria from the fans of San Antonio. Unfortunately, her brief three-year marriage to Spurs star point guard Tony Parker came to an end this week, but not at the expense of the Spurs win-loss record.

  • Spurs Send Message To Lakers, Acquire Richard Jefferson From Bucks

    Just two days before the 2009 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs made an aggressive move that suggests they are trying to one up the Los Angeles Lakers and win a fifth title in the Tim Duncan Era. Knowing that their window of opportunity is quickly coming to a close, the Spurs acquired small forward Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks for three aging scraps...