rihanna topless

  • Rihanna’s December GQ Forecast Looks A Little Nippy [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Yesterday afternoon, the cover photo of Rihanna the December’s GQ issue was revealed. Now that more photos have been leaked, it seems like Rihanna is doing some “revealing” of her own…. I’m referring to the fact that she’s showing off a nipple.

  • Rihanna Nude Pictures Leaked!

    It has been a great week for leaked nude celebrity pictures. First it was Puff Daddy's main squeeze Cassie who's personal ultra R-rated photo session was exposed to the world when her computer was stolen. Then, just today, pictures of embattled mega-superstar Rihanna leaked as well. I am hoping that she comes out with a statement confirming like Vanessa Hudgens did back in the day rather than flat out denying.