Jan 26, 2017

Of Course The Rapper With The Face Tattoos Got Arrested For Giving Marijuana To A Cop

I get the feeling that if you Googled the phrase ‘waste of life’ on Google Images, Stitches’ picture would pop...

Jan 25, 2017

Rapper Arrested For Anti-Cop Rap Argues He Is Protected By The First Amendment

Pennsylvania’s highest court is reviewing the conviction of a Pittsburgh man named Jamal Knox for making threats against police in...

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Jan 19, 2017

Cleveland Allows Rapper Charged With Attempted Murder To Shoot Music Video In The Courtroom

Crayshaun Bates, a teenage rapper who goes by the rap name Lil Cray, was allowed to shoot a music video...

Jan 3, 2017

Soulja Boy & Chris Brown Are Currently Beefing Over An Instagram Model

Only three days into 2017 and we have our first official Twitter beef of the year. Soulja Boy, who was...

Dec 21, 2016

The Game Announces His Final Album, Oh And That He’s Also Going To Jail

Let it be known, I’m a huge fan of The Game. Not like his music or anything (although ‘Hate It...

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Dec 14, 2016

The List Ranking All Rappers By Tiers Is Going Viral

Rap fans take the status of their favorite rappers seriously, maybe even more seriously than the rapper themselves. Just ask...

J. Cole Dropped A 40-Minute Documentary About The Making Of His New Album

J. Cole is my favorite rapper. His beats are mellow, lyrics thoughtful, and songs soulful. I saw him a couple...

Dec 2, 2016

Shia LaBeouf Dropped Another Freestyle And Yupp, It’s Fire Again

Yes. I absolutely love this dude. Shia LaBeouf’s renaissance is one of the only genuinely awesome things to come out...

Dec 2, 2016

Rapper Lil Yachty Trying To Dunk A Basketball Is The Funniest Thing You Will Watch All Day

So first thing’s first. I’d venture to say that at least 25%-50% of you are asking yourself one question. Who...

Nov 16, 2016

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Oct 12, 2016

Remember Rich Chigga? He Just Dropped ‘Dat $tick’ A Remix With Ghostface Killah

A couple of months ago, I brought you this genuinely hilarious video of famous rappers reacting to a song called...

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Aug 19, 2016

As Improbable As It Sounds, A New A Tribe Called Quest Album Is On The Way

Oh. My. God. Legendary record executive L.A. Reid revealed today on the Rap Radar Podcast that a new A Tribe...

Jul 21, 2016

LISTEN: New Desiigner Single ‘Timmy Turner’

Desiigner dropped his long awaited (?) track Timmy Turner today, further proving that while he knows how to make a...

Jul 13, 2016

WATCH: Famous Rappers Reacting To 16 Year Old Indonesian Rapper “Rich Chigga” Is Inexplicably Hilarious

So let’s cut right to it: there is this rapper named Rich Chigga, who is a 16-year old, homeschooled comedian-turned-rapper,...

Jun 9, 2016

WATCH: Lil Dicky’s New Music Video Is Fire Emoji, Fire Emoji, Fire Emoji

“Man, this is the softest thing I ever did.” That may be true Lil Dicky, but god damn this song...

Jun 2, 2016

You Can Now Purchase These FIRE Rap Inspired Basketball Jerseys

A couple months ago, these rap inspired jerseys from Patso Dmitrov made their rounds on the internet, and they predictable...

Jan 13, 2016

Brother of Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey Releases Rap Song And It’s So Bad It’s Great

Wow. Talk about a major thing I never knew I wanted but now need. If you haven’t seen Making A...

Sep 28, 2015

Fetty Wap Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Fetty Wap Worth Right Now

  Fetty Wap seemingly came out of nowhere in 2015, bursting onto the scene with hit single after hit single,...

Aug 28, 2015

WATCH: Don Dolo Freestyle Rap Video In Car Parking Lot

Don Dolo isn’t a rap name that many people have heard, but this freestyle he spits in a parking lot...

Aug 5, 2015

WATCH: Meek Mill Diss Drake On Tour, Plus A Timeline Of Events

Another day, another chapter in the already legendary (because it’s so damn hilarious) Drake–Meek Mill beef. For those who have...

Dec 18, 2014

These Are The Guns Bobby Shmurda Was Arrested With

Update: Bobby’s plead “not guilty” to Conspiracy in the Second Degree. Bail is set at $2 million and it’s reported...

Jul 11, 2014

Pusha T Talks About His Name, Touring, And Lebron’s Decision 2.0 [VIDEO]

While attending Samsung and Add52’s party celebrating their Milk Music partnership in Brooklyn last night, we had the rare opportunity...

Jun 17, 2014

“Deal With It” Is Hottest Rap Song Ever Made By Kid In 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

If this little hip hop genius is anything to go by, rappers should stop spending millions of dollars on beats...

Oct 21, 2013

New Epic Rap Battles of History: Blackbeard vs. Al Capone [VIDEO]

The geniuses behind the Epic Rap Battles of History have struck again–with a quick trip down to the costume shop...

Aug 11, 2013

E-40 Talks About New Album And Love For Kendrick Lamar [VIDEO]

Every so often, here at COED we feel the need to cover some hip hop news. Not just news about...

Jun 9, 2013

Ciara Sued On Stage [PHOTOS]

If you put your schedule on your damn website, you probably don’t want to screw too many people over...

Jun 8, 2013

This Kid’s MC Name Should Be “Young Lil Honky” [VIDEO]

Yeah he can flow quick, but he has the same nonsense lyrics that have plagued white rappers since the Beastie...

May 12, 2013

Have You Met Lil Dicky Yet? [VIDEO]

Forget Macklemore, this dude is the future of white boy hip hop...

Apr 21, 2013

A Shooting At A 420 Rally In Denver Is Sure To Kill Anyone’s Buzz

As Lil’ Flip performed on stage at the rally with a giant joint floating around the crowd, a man, woman...

Apr 13, 2013

Rick Ross Dices Pineapples, Reebok Dices His Contract [VIDEO]

We do love Rick Ross, but rapping about enjoying date rape is best left to comic book villains...

Apr 9, 2013

Freestyling Over Violins Needs To Become The Next Big Thing [VIDEO]

Classical Freestyling exists and it is more entertaining than 95% of music that is out there today. The fact that...

Apr 3, 2013

Bob Costas Quotes His Favorite Ludacris Lyric [VIDEO]

The rap game: if you want to get ahead in it, you can’t just keep running through the same old...

Mar 29, 2013

Reddit’s Guide To The Wu-Tang Clan: The Classic Albums

It’s 2013, which means it’s been 20 years since Wu-Tang Clan dropped their seminal first record Enter the Wu-Tang (36...

Mar 28, 2013

Like Mic: The Best Locker Room Freestyles From College Athletes

Anything can happen during March Madness, as we’ve already seen from the FGCU waterboy/hype-man and the “dance” by Jim Larranga....

Mar 26, 2013

NYC Rap Lyrics Posted On Signs At The Location Of The Lyric [24 PHOTOS]

Name checking specific locations in rap music is about as old a tradition as talking about bitches in rap music....

Mar 7, 2013

Damn, This Dog Feels Good To Be A Gangsta [VIDEO]

Of course it’s easy to feel like a gangsta when you’re constantly surrounded by mad bitches....

Mar 5, 2013

These Photos Of Drake At A Strip Club Are Exactly What You’d Expect To See In Photos Of Drake At A Strip Club [27 PHOTOS]

Rappers and strip clubs: it’s a cliche that dates as far back as when rappers started making money from rapping....

Feb 27, 2013

Hip-Hop Quotes Meet Peanuts Comics: An Art Exhibition [PHOTOS]

If you like both Snoopy, the cartoon dog, and Snoop Dogg, you’re going to love this. Artist Mark Drew recently...

Feb 26, 2013

[LIVESTREAM + PREGAME] Kendrick Lamar @ Roseland Ballroom, 10:30 PM EST


Feb 16, 2013

A Rapper and NBA Player 2-on-2 Tournament Should Be Added To NBA All-Star Weekend [GIFS]

NBA All-Star Weekend is here, and the fellas over at MTV’s Guy Code Blog have a great idea for a...

Feb 10, 2013

2 Chainz’s “Based On A T.r.u. Story”: Our Grammy Pick For Best Rap Album [VIDEO]

They say when a genius becomes to smart, he loses his mind and ends up dead or in a mental...

Feb 6, 2013

A Bluegrass Version Of Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s The Next Episode [VIDEO]

I don’t know whether to laugh my ass off or get up and do a hoedown....

Jan 28, 2013

The Top 5 Mac Miller Tracks

Today, Complex announced that rapper Mac Miller will be the digital cover story for their “Man Of Next Year” Week....

Jan 24, 2013

Froggy Fresh Drops His First Freestyle [VIDEO]

In his first freestyle under the new name of Froggy Fresh, Froggy Fresh talks about everything from Abraham Lincoln, to...

Jan 6, 2013

N.O.R.E. No More [VIDEO]

Don’t you f**king dare call P.A.P.I. “N.O.R.E.” ever again....

Dec 4, 2012

Celebrate Jay-Z’s Birthday By Watching This Documentary On The Opening Of The Barclays Center [VIDEO]

Today is Jay-Z’s birthday as I’m sure many of you are aware after the date was immortalized as the first...

Dec 1, 2012

Enjoy A Thug Attempt At ‘Gangnam Style’ This Weekend [VIDEO]

Hey man, we all want to be PSY and Master P at the same time, and Face XXX knows that...

Nov 29, 2012

5 Mixtapes That You Should Be Listening To Right Now

It's been a great year for hip-hop mixtapes. Maybach Music Group had an especially strong showing with two of the biggest tapes of the year... With so much great free music out there, we've put together a list of the tapes you should be listening to right now...

Nov 28, 2012

All 11 Krispy Kreme Music Videos Ranked From Worst To Best [VIDEOS]

Few internet phenomenon have been as big in 2012 as the rapper Krispy Kreme. His song “The Baddest” hit YouTube...

Nov 23, 2012

The Samples Behind the 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Hits of the ’90s

The ‘90s are sometimes called the golden age of hip-hop, and it’s easy to understand why. Hip-hop achieved unimaginable mainstream...

Nov 20, 2012

The Best New Rap Group Is A Bunch Of Young Asian Kids That Can’t Rap [VIDEO]

So I’ve watched this video, like, hundreds of times now, studying these Asian kids, trying to understand their rap style,...

Nov 13, 2012

Yes, This Motivational Master P, Romeo and Yung Joc Rap Snacks Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

The rap game is struggling right now. Music sales are down. Which means it’s time to step up your snack...

Nov 2, 2012

Start Your Day With ‘La La La’ The First Single From Snoop Lion (AKA Snoop Dogg) [MUSIC VIDEO]

For all of you who thought that Snoop Dogg was kidding (or high as sh*t) when he announced he was...

Oct 20, 2012

Always Follow Your Dreams, Even If Your Dream Is To Be A Rapper 5th Member Of The Ghostbusters [VIDEO]

He slipped the "bustin' makes me feel good" line in there. He nailed it. Plus the line is especially effective when you have a perv 'stache!

Oct 16, 2012

Halloween Finally Gets The Krispy Kreme Rap Music Video It Deserves [VIDEO]

Think about it: for years, maybe decades, people have celebrated Halloween without an official Krispy Kreme track to jam out to. Your first reaction is probably, "Holy sh*t! How did they live like that?" And the answer would be that, truthfully, I have no idea. Luckily, Krispy Kreme -- marketing genius that he pretends not to be -- has recognized the void, stepped up the plate...

Oct 12, 2012

Fat Joe Figures Out Instagram, Releases Song Titled ‘Instagram That Hoe’ [VIDEO]

Fat Joe's new song "Instagram That Hoe" leaves a lot of questions unanswered... For instance, what filter should we be Instagramming that hoe with? Do hoes look best in Amaro? Or is Sierra more or an appropriate hoe filter?? Help us, Fat Joe. You're our only hope!

Oct 9, 2012

Mike Birbiglia, Rap, and Crackers [CLASSIC COMEDY OF THE DAY]

Mike Birbiglia is Italian – but he’s like Olive Garden Italian. What does he fear most? Is it living alone?...

Sep 24, 2012

Flavor Flav Thinks Miley Cyrus Is Gwen Stefani And Can You Blame Him Really? [VIDEO]

What the hell were they putting in people’s drinks at the iHeartRadio Festival over the weekend? First, Green Day’s Billy...

Sep 12, 2012

Comedians Rob Cantell and Boris Khaykin: We Nice [COMEDY VIDEO]

Comedian Rob Cantell is a friend to the Comedy Vertical. We had one hell of a good time interviewing the...

Aug 13, 2012

The Full Geto Boys Set From The Gathering Of The Juggalos [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, we told y’all about the 12 best reasons why Gathering of the Juggalos would be surprisingly...

Aug 8, 2012

The 10 Minute “WATCH THE THRONE” Documentary [VIDEO]

Just when you had kind of forgotten about Hova and Kanye’s collaborative Watch The Throne album, this 10 minute documentary...

Aug 7, 2012

Snoop Dogg’s Ten Deepest Thoughts On Love (& Sex)

Well, it’s sure nice that Snoop Dogg has gotten all spiritual and proclaimed himself to be Snoop Lion. It’s a...

Aug 6, 2012

20 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [August 6-12]

The good news: It’s Shark Week! The bad news: It’s not really Shark Week until the Discovery Channel starts things...

Jul 18, 2012

It’s A Little Too Early To Call Rapper Hopsin The “Second Coming of Tupac” [VIDEO]

As I was cruising some of the newest music videos to hit the web, I came across this new song...

Jul 16, 2012

20 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [July 16–22]

You know what we could’ve done with the column this week? Just made it nothing but things about The Dark...

Jul 9, 2012

20 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [July 9–15]

How did we make it through another Monday? We don’t have to answer that question, officer. Just know that we’ve...

Jul 4, 2012

Childish Gambino Drops ROYALTY on the Fourth of July! [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK–AND THE TINA FEY RAP!]

While everyone else is getting down to a July 4th barbeque, Community's Donald Glover is back as Childish Gambino to drop a free new mixtape on his adoring public. It's an amazing selection of songs, too, with Tina Fey making an unforgettable cameo. Now jump on in for the link to download the new Royalty--or just for a link to hear Tina's hot rapping. Either way, your 4th of July soundtrack just got better...

Jul 3, 2012

21 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [July 3–8]

Is a national holiday enough to make sure a week doesn't suck? No. It is not. A national holiday like the Fourth of July is certainly good, but that's not the only thing getting COED employees through another week. We also need classic grindhouse sexploitation, and some good new metal and pop and hip-hop albums, along with a UFC championship and major-league poker playing. Good thing we have all that--and we want to share the stuff that keeps us going...

Jun 3, 2012

Watch The HOT 97 SUMMER JAM Rap Festival Here [LIVE STREAM]

This weekend, the rap game’s best and brightest stars are all converging on MetLife Stadium for Hot 97’s Summer Jam....

May 13, 2012

Mr. T Makes Sure You Treat Your Momma Right [VIDEO]

This Mr. T rap video is what happens when you add eight parts ’80s music, one part kids fighting, and...

May 4, 2012

RIP MCA: Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, 1964-2012

The Beastie Boys’ best music video was never seen. Adam Yauch–who also rocked the mic as MCA–had put together an...

May 2, 2012

COED Staff Survey: The Worst Concerts We Ever Attended

Remember when you were a kid and you thought it’d be really cool to go to concerts? Maybe you even...

May 1, 2012

VH1 Attempts To Solve Biggie’s Murder With New Episode of “Behind The Music” [VIDEO]

The last thing we want to do is revisit an East Coast / West Coast battle amongst COED Nation, but...

Feb 24, 2012

Watch Sammy Adams’ New “Into the Wild” Mixtape Video

Sammy Adams is blowing up. In addition to opening for such artists as Kid Cudi, Drake, Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, Ludacris,...

Jan 4, 2012

Listen to 50 Cent’s “Girls Go Wild” – Tell Us What You Think

50 Cent's fifth studio album still has a lot of question marks surronding it but 2 days ago he leaked, "Girls Go Wild" the first single off the as yet to be titled record, which features Jeremih. 50's garnered a lot of media attention lately, mostly for his intention to cut ties with Interscope but also for his very introspective (borderline suicidal) tweets. Give the new joint a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

Jan 3, 2012

The Hooters Kiss Guy Gives Us The Drunkest Rapper Alive [VIDEO]

The guy who showed you how to get a kiss from a Hooters Girl is back with this music video for "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo" - a song that details how he - David "The Gug" - gets his drink on. His skills are actually kinda tight as are his chugging abilities but it definitely could've used more chicks (preferably those hot bartenders he mentioned). When your sh*t starts with a white news reporter in blackface, you know it's only gonna get more f***ed up. Click through to see the vid and download the track.

Dec 16, 2011

Run DMC’s Christmas In Hollis As Told By iPhone Emoticons [VIDEO]

Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis is one of the best holiday songs - otherwise it wouldn't have made it onto our Ultimate Christmas Playlist. So, what could possibly make this legendary track any better? How about listening to it while scoping out the lyrics on your iPhone complete with emoticons. This definitely give the "Notorious Siri" video a run for its gift card. I smell a rap battle, y'all. Watch the vid then vote in our poll after the jump.

Dec 6, 2011

This 2 Year Old Is Actually Better Than 99% of Professional Rappers [VIDEO]

When I look at the Who's Who of people making it famous as rappers, I see dudes like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Childish Gambino. Yawn. Those guys aren't even rapping, they're just talking to a beat. When I see this kid, though and I'm actually amazed because he has actual flow. This two-year is on a whole other level than you guys, that's why you can't understand him. Check out the real Lil Lil after the jump!

Dec 1, 2011

This Freestyler Cooks A Breakfast Of Champions To “Look At Me Now” [VIDEO]

Raekwon might be known as the "Chef," but this guy Mac Lethal is gunning for his spot. A respected YouTube freestyler, Mac Lethal asked his thousands of fans what they wanted to hear him rap about. "Pancakes" they said, and he delivered with his amazing / hilarious remix titled "Cook With Me Now." You can blame it on the fact that I haven't been exclusively listening to rap now, but I feel like these YouTube dudes are better than 95% of the sh*theads I hear on the radio. At least this guy knows who motherf*cking Chuck Testa is. Check out the fastest fat dude you've ever seen after the jump!