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  • Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Off To Jail: 50 Hot Pics To Remember Her By

    [50 pics!] We've updated our gallery to give us all comfort as Shannon Colleen is sent to the pen for four whole months!

  • Daily Six Pack: 10 Movies That Make Prison Look Awesome, Iggy Azalea Topless & More [LINKS]

    10 Movies That Make Prison Look Like an Awesome Place Not going to lie: We would not want to be in the jail from Escape Plan.…

  • TV

    ‘Dexter’s’ Biggest Serial Killer Fan Gets to Watch ‘Dexter’ in Prison

    The real reason Showtime’s “Dexter” and the “Dexter” novels on which they are based…

  • ’2 Girls, One Cup’ and Four Years In Prison For The Man Who Made The Infamous Clip

    A federal jury sentenced Ira Isaacs (the man who brought you the single most-watched gross video “Two Girls, One…

  • WTF News Of The Day: Stinkiest Animal Alive, Naughty Nurse, and The Weedwich

    Today's WTF news items of the day feature Pepe Le Pew's cousin causing a real stink, a horny nurse in Oklahoma who gets turned on by death, and a corrections officer in Florida who might've just discovered Subway's next big sandwich. Read more after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: ‘Hold My Whopper’, GTL Jail, And The Green Bay Drug Packers

    Today's WTF news features a bottomless drive thru order in Colorado, some colorful jailbirds in Russia, and the source behind Green Bay's funding of the Packers is exposed! Read more about these absurd news items after the jump!

  • Where Will Vince Young Play Next Season? [NFL RUMORS]

    If there were anyone with a more tense relationship with his coach and the fan base as Vince Young I would be surprised. Sure, Donovan McNabb's tumultuous tenure in Philly was bad, but he and Andy Reid were close. Vince, on the other hand, just can’t seem to handle the pressures involved with playing at the NFL level. While McNabb's at least lead a couple teams to championship games and a Super Bowl, Vince only has 1 Pro Bowl year under his belt and has zero playoff experience. See who we think Vince will play for next season after the jump!

  • Pros vs. Cons…err…Cons vs. Cons: The Ultimate Prison Football Team

    No sport seems to have as many athletes in trouble with the law as the National Football League does, so here is an "All-Star" team of sorts, compiled of 11 former and current NFL players that either have been, or are currently incarcerated.

  • Pot Culture Poll – Regulate or Incarcerate?

    Marijuana, herb, cheeba, ganja, pot, endo, weed... the list of slang words describing the most controversial plant in history is endless. So what is, exactly, the big deal? Good question, but no clear cut answer.

  • Top 3 CIA Torture Techniques Besides Waterboarding

    Now that the President has shown everyone in the world what $8 Billion worth of military and interrogation research can yield, it is time we ponder where the money was best spent. Yeah, yeah, yeah - waterboarding seems to get top billing, but if 9/11 mastermind can withstand over 200 sessions, we think the alternates should really get a chance.

  • How to Extend Your 15 Minutes of Fame

    Everyone with a webcam or a knack for having sex with married celebrities can get their fifteen minutes of fame. But only the truly talented can extend those 15 minutes into an interview on 20/20, a Playboy contract, and a television series. We've put together a handy guide on turning your 15 minutes of fame into a a lifelong career of book signings, national news mugshot cameos, and late-career sex tape success.

  • 6 People You Meet In A Holding Cell

    You’re out at a bar or a club with your boys, everybody’s three sheets to the wind, you do something stupid and get arrested. Take it like a man. You’ll be out by the morning and you probably won’t get raped. While you’re there, here’s a couple of characters to look out for and avoid.

  • Kid Shoots Parents for Taking Away Halo 3

    As if violent video games don’t already have a bad enough rap, some dumbass goes and does this:  After having his c…

  • R. Kelly Found NOT Guilty

    Facing 14 charges of child pornography and 15 years in prison, R Kelly broke down and cried today at the announcement tha…

  • Inmates Do Soulja Boy and Hammer

    Yes, they are doing time – but they are doing the time of their life!…

  • Naked Guy Breaks in Nicholas Cage’s Mansion and…Tries on a Leather Jacket

    Nude burglar breaks in Nic Cage’s house, dons his national treasure. (Yahoo) The smoke from a restaurant’…