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  • Miss COED: Victoria Ivanova

    This Ukranian model has appeared on Playboy's "Student Bodies" and "Women of Playboy" sites in addition to being Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week for the week of August 17th, 2009 and Cyber Girl of the Month for December 2009. According to her profile, she loves to read novels and play in the snow and hopes to one day become a powerful woman. Mission accomplished on the power front - we're buying a ski lodge full of books as we type.

  • Miss COED: Payton Prestley

    Payton's featured in Playboy's "Sexy Wives" collection. She believes in open and honest communication, being adventurous in the bedroom and always doing the dishes in her underwear and high heels. We're gonna be honest and say we hope she gets a divorce ASAP. Our dishwasher's broken!

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Vaughn

    This Italian, Czech, and Spanish model was born and raised in Texas. She's been featured in U.S. and international issues of Maxim and Playboy, and she's slated to be Playboy's Cyber Girl for November 2010.

  • Playboy Coed Stephanie Christine Is One Talented Tar Heel (52 PICS)

    Stephanie Christine is a Playboy model and finalist for the International Bikini Team and Miss Hooters. She has the looks, brains, and personality to achieve just about anything. Find out why in our interview.

  • Cake and Icing [PICS]

    Fat kids aren't the only people who love cake. Looking at these scrumptious vixens play with cake is enough give any healthy guy a cupcake fetish. Check out these tasty babes getting their sweet tooth satisfied.

  • Reflections of Hotness [PICS]

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the easiest chick in this gallery. That’s the question on the mind every red blooded man (and any other color blooded man) whose seen this gallery. These girls already know they look hot, they’re just in front of mirrors to give us a better angle at why.

  • Need To Know MMA Personalities

    With the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts growing astronomically, it's no wonder ESPN and big time news outlets are covering the sport. MMA has a fistful of dedicated magazines, radio shows, and blogs to bring you the latest news about your favorite fighter. But, if you only know the top fighters, you'll never hold your own in a discussion at the water cooler and you'll look like fool if you can't speak to these 5 non-fighting personalities.

  • The World’s Best American Universities

    US News & World Report released their annual rankings of the world's best universities today. Of the top 100 schools, 31 are American! Here are the American schools who made the top 100 along with a breakdown by state

  • Playboy Wants To Get Naked And Party At Your School!

    Our friends over at just launched their 1st ever "Hottest College Girl" Contest.. Students can submit nominees at The winner and runner-up will each get to host their own unforgettable Playboy party at their respective schools! If the party is anything like these ridiculous Playboy spring break wet t-shirt pictures you are in for a treat!

  • TV

    JWoww Will Pose For Playboy, Fist Pump?

    JWoww has confirmed she'll pose for Playboy in an issue that will release during the winter.

  • The 13 Most Disastrous Model Runway FAILs [Videos]

    When you think of models, the first things that probably come to mind are beauty, elegance, sophistication, class and that stupid television show with Tyra Banks (No, the other one.) But when someone's that perfect, there's nothing greater than watching them bust their ass. So we bring to you The 13 Most Disastrous Model Runway FAILs. Remember, just because someone's better than you doesn't mean you can't laugh at their public misfortune.

  • Miss COED: Erica Chevillar

    Erica Chevillar is a sexy former elementary school teacher that resigned from her job after parents began to complain about pictures surfacing from a photoshoot for the US National Bikini Team. Since then she has auditioned for WWE's Diva Search and was featured in Playboy.

  • Playboy Pictures Hidden In Mafia II

    The highly anticipated Mafia II was released yesterday and we were pretty psyched to get our hands in on the action. And we just got even more pumped up to see that they've gone above and beyond this time by incorporating real Playboy pin-ups into the game. So now you'll be able to kill people while checking out some of your favorite ladies. Not a bad life. Get a sneak peek at some of this playboy-riffic actions here.

  • The Girls of Piranha 3D [Photos]

    Once in a long while, a film comes along that is so emotionally moving that it restores hope and faith in all humanity. Piranha 3D is not that film, but as Yahoo! news describes it, "It's Bloody Awesome." This film is getting insanely good reviews by the nation's top critics and is being dubbed as what 3D is meant to be. And we couldn't agree more. I mean, with this stunningly sexy cast of some of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood / the adult film industry, alongside an absurd amount of sex and gore thrown gratuitously in your face... and in 3D!?!?!

  • Miss COED: Christine Mendoza

    This Filipino American vixen is best known for her modeling work on the import auto circuit, but is rapidly building a diverse fan base. Christine is a self proclaimed "Girl Next Door" and has been giving her neighbors heart attacks ever since she first splashed on to the scene.

  • Playboy’s Jennifer Lynn Sheds Her Terrapin Shell for COED (PICS)

    Jennifer Lynn represented The University of Maryland along with two other titillating Terps in Playboy's Girls of the ACC pictorial that appeared in the October 2009 issue. She's also in Playboy's special January/February 2010 "College Girls" edition and was featured as's Cyber Girl of the Week for the last week in December 2009. COED had the chance to 'book with Jennifer and with every answer she proved why she's on the fast track to superstardom. Did someone say, "Playmate of the Year 2012?" Yeah, I did. Read on to find out why.

  • Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Playboy Party Edition [112 Photos]

    When it comes to Summertime, there’s no place better to throw a party than at the Playboy mansion. Of course, having hundreds of beautiful women who are willing to strip down to nearly nothing certainly helps. But it's the girls wearing only the mark of an painter's brush that make Playboy's Mansion Parties legendary. To show you what we’re talking about, here are a 112 of photos of the mansion’s most cunning walking canvases. Enjoy!

  • Getting Down & Dirty With Kendra Wilkinson

    Kendra Wilkinson, most famous for being one of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends as seen on E!'s popular TV series The Girls Next Door, just released her very first memoir -- a tell-all about her screwed up, crazy life. Here's what you need to know about Kendra, in her own words from Sliding into Home.

  • Miss COED: Paola Corvea

    Paola Corvea is a feisty red-blooded Latina reminiscent of a more athletic Britney Spears. Especially sucking on that pink lollipop - Oh Paola! Don't tease me! This 26-year-old bombshell is rock hard in the abs, and soft to the touch.

  • Movies This Week: July 30th, 2010

    Inception held at number one and is poised to easily surpass its budget of $160 million with this weekend's gross. Salt gave Inception a run for its money coming in at numero dos while Life After Wartime killed it on one screen taking in $30k+. This weekend's entries feature annoying dinner guests, little brother killing heartthrobs, Killing Fields, Hef, pussies and canines, hermits, gigolos, crime lords, and an underrated Lady Gaga song.

  • Miss COED: Ali Heighway

    This bombshell hails all the way from New South Wales. Still new to modeling, Ali looks forward to a long career of making guys gush over her. Not that way….er….right? Try to hold in the joy, and check out some photos from her first shoot. And here’s a few more for the hell of it.

  • 10 Celebrity Sex Tapes That Should Have Made Millions

    Ah the celebrity sex tape. Right now it seems that if you've never had a sex tape, you've never been famous. The speculation of celebrities with sex tapes reads like a who's who of famous fornicators and the trend doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. So today I give you a list of what some of the most notable tapes should have made and why.

  • COED’s Colossal Comic-Con Cleavage Collection [120 Photos]

    Every summer nerds travel to San Diego, California for the Star Trek convention of the new millennium... Comic-Con. Not only do they get to check out the latest happenings in their favorite fantasy worlds, but they also get to see real life in-your-face cleavage. Jealous that a bunch of virgins to get see a whole lot of boobs? Don't be, because we got enough Comic-Con cleavage here to last you through the entire convention.

  • 5 Hypothetically Awesome Travel Mergers

    Merge, merge, merge. Business seems to love to do that merge thing. If they were going to do it though, why not at least make it interesting and merge with something a little unique? Like your favorite sports bar and a laundry mat? You can watch the game, have a few drinks with the guys, and wash your wing-stained shirt all on the same flight. The following are five mergers we wish the travel industry would consider.

  • TV

    10 Sexy 90′s Babes Who Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth

    I'll admit, I'm a sucker for hopping back in time for an hour and reliving my youth. So in honor of our adolescent years, this blog is dedicated to an issue that is pertinent to just about any warm-blooded heterosexual male who grew up in the 90's and watched television or movies. Today I give you my top-ten list of hot female celebrities from the 90's who have all but disappeared from our lives.

  • Miss COED: Katie Uhlaender

    Katie is a 25 year old skeleton racer who has competed since 2002, which I'm guessing was straight out of high school. Skeleton is an event where athletes ride head first down an icy track experiencing forces up to 5 G's. After finishing 6th in the 2006 Olympic games, Katie received a medical waiver to compete this year due to a snow mobile accident that left her knee injured. Oh yeah... and she knows how to chug.

  • Miss COED: Megan Fowler

    Megan's an aspiring model who loves outdoor sports and has no problem getting dirty. She doesn't do nudity but her tattoo reads, "The body was meant to be seen, not all covered up." Maybe she'll live up to that credo one day.

  • Miss COED: Sheridyn Fisher

    This blue eyed Austrailian and former Miss Coed has refused to cool down. Still one of the most downloaded women on the internet, Sheridyn is only getting closer and closer to dominating the modeling world. Check out some new pictures from this smoking hot model. I would say enjoy but I know you will.

  • Miss COED: Lyssa Lee Roberts

    Hey Phillies fans! Still sore over your team's defeat in the 2009 World Series? Take comfort in the seductive gaze of fellow Phils fanatic Lyssa Lee Roberts. Though she doesn't list her location (all that stalking finally paid off!) you can safely assume she's somewhere in or around the great state of Pennsylvania.

  • Miss COED: Desiree Starr

    Desiree’s smoking hot body has clocked over 10 years in the modeling industry. Working tirelessly on both sides of the lens Desiree is a true professional. A seasoned contortionists, Desiree has no qualms about performing in front of large audiences. Not only does she work hard to stay looking so damn hot, her experience as a makeup artist allows her to dress it up all too well.