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  • Jessica Burciaga Even Makes A One-Piece Jaw-Dropping [VIDEO]

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  • Miss July Jessa Hinton’s 150 Sexiest Mobile Uploads [PHOTOS]

    We've been fans of Playboy's Miss July 2011 Jessa Lynn Hinton for a while now (at least, in internet time). She was our Daily Snapshot in October 2009 then our Miss COED two months later. She was also the 10th most ogled (read: viewed) woman on Playboy in 2009. Since then, she's been featured on Busted Coverage, Made Man, IGN, and Sports Illustrated.  One thing you might not know about Jessa is she's a champion when it comes to mobile uploads. We decided to pull together her sexiest for your viewing pleasure. Check 'em out after the jump and keep 'em comin', Jessa!

  • Crystal Harris Calls Off Wedding To Hugh Hefner [108 PHOTOS]

    TMZ is reporting that the future Mrs. Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, has called off the wedding a mere 5 days before it's supposed to go down. Apparently, the couple had an argument over the weekend and the 25-year-old Playmate gathered her sh*t and got the F out of the Mansion. Though Hef's the man, we can't help but wonder what he could've said to set her off (and abandon millions). To welcome her back to the singles pool, we've pooled together her most titillating Twtipics. We know sh*t's rough right now, Crystal, but we have a queen sized bed. The door's unlocked. Let yourself in. The rest of you, check out her pics after the jump.

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    Sara Jean Underwood Is Bustice [26 PHOTOS]

    It appears the most popular playmate ever, Attack of the Show guest host Sara Jean Underwood, has a thing for dressing up like superheroes. Last month, she donned the Wonder Woman costume in what we assume was her way of saying Adrianne Palicki isn't right for the job. Now, she's created an entirely new superhero persona, calling herself "Bustice". Her superpower? Let's just say we wouldn't mind her busting us.

  • Kara Monaco’s 28 Most Phenomenal Photos For Her 28th Birthday

    Miss June 2005 and 2006 Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco turns 28 years young today. The blonde beauty is one of the most popular Playmates according to Google, a member of the Playmate Dancers, and is definitely a "must follow" on Twitter. She's also been featured on, Wild Amaginations, and in several issues of Stare Magazine. See her pics after the jump!

  • Playboy Playmate Christi Shake [PHOTO GALLERY]

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  • Playboy’s 2011 Sex Survey Makes You Feel Like A Stud just published their annual online sex survey, which aims to help Playboy (and the world) better understand opinions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors towards sex (they tend to change over the years, just ask the '60s). Results will appear in the May 2011 issue of the magazine and on The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, so tell your ADD to chillax. As for us, we're not players, but we do tend to crush a lot.

  • Candice Swanepoel: Sexiest Woman Alive?

    This curvy new photoshoot has solidified Candice Swanepoel's spot as our favorite swimsuit model at the moment, sorry Miranda Kerr, Brooklyn Decker and Bar Refaeli, you need to step up your game. "Her sexy midsection, leaves everyone drooling like a brain dead zombie," said

  • The 20 Most Ogled Women of Playboy 2009

    Every December, the internet becomes over-saturated with year-end and top 10 lists ranging from the best songs to the worst trends and everything else outside and in between. There are even lists counting down the best lists. It's all a bit overwhelming if not absurd. There is one list however, that deserves a bit of special attention COED style... The 20 Most Oogled Women of Playboy 2009.

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