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  • Miss COED: April Thomas [16 PHOTOS]

    April is a 19-year-old model who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. If not for her looks (which are pretty, pretty hot)…

  • Kate Upton Nude Outtake Photos By Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

    The first time that Terry Richardson posted outtake photos of Kate Upton nude, the world went crazy. Now the two are at it…

  • Yes, This Hillary Clinton Staring At Christina Aguilera Boobs Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    You know what? I can’t blame Hillary for getting caught staring at Xtina’s cleavage, it seems to have gott…

  • College Football 2012 Week 7 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]

    The approaching weekend means two things: great college football games and our awesome schedule that pits the cheerleaders of each school against each other. It's general consensus these are pretty much the only instances that Alabama can lose, as far as CFB is concerned.

  • Brittany Oldehoff Is Great Excuse To Watch Reruns of ‘Project Runway’ [PHOTOS]

    There are only so many times you can force your girlfriend to watch South Park or Monday Night Football before she tries to make you watch Project Runway. Once that happens, simply request to watch the 7th Season--that's where you can find American model Brittany Oldehoff.

  • Miss COED: Rachel Jones [14 PHOTOS]

    Rachel is a current student at ASU and Miss July on the 2013 Tempe12 Calendar. Born and raised in Northern California, Ra…

  • Yes, This Fat Wheelchaired Woman Chomping on a Slab of Cheddar Cheese Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    As much as I’d like to try to argue that this woman eating a whole brick of cheddar cheese isn’t necessarily…

  • ‘Behind’ The Scenes Of A Brooklynettes Photoshoot Is Exactly Where You Want To Be [PHOTOS]

    Ever since their leathery bad-a** outfits were released, The Brooklynettes have become the talk of the town. No small f…

  • Yeah, Umm You’re Gonna Want To Check Out These Halloween Costumes Ideas, They’re Great [PHOTOS]

    They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so why not take a page from these geniuses and steal their great ideas for costumes?

  • 17 Store-Bought ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes No Girl Should Ever Wear [PHOTOS]

    Halloween's a great opportunity for everyone to act and dress a little crazy. Having said that, there's a good chance that any girl actually wearing one these outfits is actually crazy.

  • Miss COED: Molly Morrison [11 PHOTOS]

    Molly is a 26-year-old model currently living in San Diego, CA. She might look like California girl born-and-raised but this blonde bombshell was actually born in Texas, making her a die-hard Longhorns fanatic.

  • Yes, This Awkward Hot Dog Mural Photobang Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    Here at Yes This Happened, we’re not really big fans of artsy-fartsy paintings or statues–we prefer phot…

  • The 60 Best Natural Breasts of 2012 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month [PHOTOS]

    October is an important month here to us at COED. Besides giving us an excuse to dress like Count Chocula, you’re a…

  • Friendly Reminder That Cameron Diaz Still Looks Good At 40 [PHOTOS]

    Cameron Diaz recently posed for Terry Richardson and Esquire UK for her 40th birthday. The issue is currently on sale at…

  • Miss COED: Jamile De Campos [14 PHOTOS]

    Jamile is a 19-year-old Brazilian model currently living and studying in Chicago. Her photos have been featured in ple…

  • Yes, This Katy Perry Monkey Boob Grab on Television Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    Motherf*cking monkeys just living the dream. Climbing trees, never shaving, and now being invited into Katy Perry…

  • The First Trailer For Lindsay Lohan’s Movie ‘The Canyons’ [VIDEO]

    Lindsay Lohan is starring in a film that revolves around drugs and sex. Hard to swallow, I know. Here's a trailer for the film that introduces some guy named "James Deen." Never heard of him before.

  • 146 Rarely Seen Photos Of The Early Beatles for John Lennon’s 72nd Birthday

    You don’t have to be a fan of the Beatles to appreciate their contribution to music as whole. The Gray Album? Proba…

  • NFL Cheerleaders Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month [50 PHOTOS]

    The NFL Players is a big supporter of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Why else would they ask their pl…

  • Girls Gone Too Wild: Halloween Edition 2012 [48 PHOTOS]

    Halloween is known for being one of crazier nights of the year. While we're all too familiar with the drunk girls who get drunk dress slutty, what about the truly wild ones who can't even make it out of the house? They're the ones this post is dedicated to. The girls who have gone too wild.

  • Miss COED: Stefanie Morgan [18 PHOTOS]

    Stefanie is a 21-year-old model and college student living in the Windy City. While it might seem a little strange that someone who looks so good in a bikini might choose to live in Chicago, Stefanie loves a big city and is in the middle of earning her BA in Marketing. In fact, at this very moment she's probably busy studying for midterms. Wearing very little, I'm sure.

  • NFL Upon Further Review: Week 5 [GIFS, PICS, VIDEOS]

    So Week 5 was probably my favorite week of football so far. No, it had nothing to do with Reggie Wayne’s fantastic e…

  • Mila Kunis Voted By Esquire As ‘The Sexiest Woman Alive’ [35 PHOTOS]

    The winner of Esquire's 2012 'Sexiest Woman Alive' award goes to Mila Kunis, a personal favorite of ours. Forgetting the fact that she's just started dating Ashton Kutcher, I think it's fair to say that Mila is having one of the best years of her career. Esquire was kind enough to provide new photographs to show why they picked the actress. Journalistic integrity at its finest. Check them out inside.

  • Yes, This World’s Largest Smokeable Joint Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    How are you spending your Columbus Day off? Well if you’re doing anything remotely like this legend, today…

  • Mel Arias’ Smooth Curves Will Ease Your Saturday Hangover [16 PHOTOS]

    The magazine DDS Spain would like to remind you that there are countless Latina women who you’ve never heard of that are easy 10′s. Mel Arias is one of these women.

  • Newest ‘Skyfall’ Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe Covers Maxim November Issue [14 PHOTOS]

    Berenice Marlohe is the perfect pick for a Bond Girl–relatively unknown, exotic, and hot as hell. Maxim must hav…