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Dec 17, 2012

20 People Who Had Too Much Christmas ‘Spirit’ During Santacon 2012

At it’s heart, Santacon is a great idea. Under the guise of a charity, it’s a massive bar crawl enjoyed...

Nov 23, 2011

Blackout Wednesday Brings Out The Weirdness [40 PHOTOS]

While nerds get amped for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we're pumped about Thanksgiving Eve aka Blackout Wednesday. For poor-ass college kids and young pros, this is the biggest night of the year. Seriously, New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day are for the birds and n00bz. Why? Because A) you get to hit on your high school crush B) reconnect with detention buddies C) numb the sting from haunting high school memories D) show off your newfound tolerance and E) nurse your hanogver the next day with the best combo ever - football and feasting. See what your future holds with 40 WTF photos of blacked out babes and wasted dudes after the "time travel" jump.

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Oct 15, 2011

Ghouls Gone Too Wild [24 PHOTOS]

No one looks good the morning after a long night of partying, especially when you're still wearing the sperm costume you thought for sure would get you laid. Girls face this same problem - in fact, their hangover is almost inevitable because they have to get sloshed enough to wear that outfit they've been planning for all month. Stack that level of pre-gaming on top of one of the biggest nights out, you know you're in for a rough morning. Girls looking hungover in a tight little number is unattractive, girls looking like a hung over 'grenade' GI Joe camouflage suit is downright hilarious. Check out these hungover ghouls who had a few too many treats the night before... after the jump.

Sep 20, 2011

You Played Hard… Your Friends ‘Worked’ You Harder [34 PHOTOS]

Back in early April, we told you that Workaholics is the funniest show on TV. That was before the first season even aired. Now, it seems every broham and his brother are quoting it. Adam, Anders, and Blake are professional time-killers whose telemarketing skills are unparalleled. With the second season set to premiere on September 20th, we thought we'd take a look at some guys working hard on shaming dudes who've played too hard with our photo gallery of drunken shamings. Check it out along with a sneak peek of Season 2 after the jump.

Jun 6, 2011

Girls Gone Too Wild 2011 – Part Deux [98 PHOTOS]

Back in February, we presented Girls Gone Too Wild 2011, a comprehensive photo gallery consisting of girls who take partying to an entirely new, blacked out level. Now, after seeing The Hangover Part II, we were inspired to search for women who could keep up with the likes of Phil, Stu, and Alan as they kidnap monks with chain smoking monkeys in Bangkok for our Girls Gone Wild sequel. These pics will even have Joe Francis saying, "Pump your brakes, ladies!" Check 'em out below then send us your craziest party pics to

May 27, 2011

Funniest Tape Face Photos for Cellophane Day [42 PICS]

I'm 100% against shaming people when they pass out drunk (mostly because I'm the one who passes out first) but tonight I would be okay with tape-facing. Why? Because today is Cellophane Tape Day! Today, 81 years ago, Richard Gurley Drew patented the adhesive tape we now know as Scotch Tape. It has many wonderful uses, the best of which involves faces. As a child, I'm sure you taped your nose up to look like a pig. Now that we're older children, we tape our drunk friends' faces to make them look like The Elephant Man's love child. Enjoy the best of the best after the jump!

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May 12, 2011

Passed Out Party Animals For Fatigue Syndrome Day [47 PICS]

May 12th is National Fatigue Syndrome Day! Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is actually a disorder where you always feel tired or fatigued. Sure, it might be mono, but we all know you haven't hooked up in a long, long time. So, how should you celebrate today? You could take a nap, a siesta, use a vacation / sick / personal day, or try to stay awake long enough to check out these pics of party animals passed out after the jump. We're pooped just typing this. Time to get back to that dream we were having about Kate Upton.

The 5 Highest Blood Alcohol Levels Ever Recorded

"The liver is evil and we must punish it!" This is the motto these following people live(d) by. They drank their liver into oblivion. Punishing it like a red-headed step child. Blackout doesn't even begin to describe the state of mind they were in. Alcohol-induced coma would be a better fit. To put things in perspective, 3 Four Lokos and 5 Beers put yours truly at .32%. So, WTF did these people drink? Find out after the jump!

Apr 25, 2011

What Happens in Vegas… Stays on the Internet [52 PHOTOS]

Vegas Baby! She is known by many names - Sin City, The Glitter Gulch and Lost Wages to name a few. It's a place where dreams are made and shattered in an instant with the roll of the dice and the turn of a card. However, in recent years, thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Vegas has become more commonly known as the vacation destination where sin and excess are not only invited, but expected. Yes, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" makes a great slogan, but in the age of mobile uploads and facebooking, luckily for us, What Happens in Vegas... is more likely to end up on the internet.

Mar 25, 2011

Dead Leprechaun Spotted On NYC Rooftop [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS]

Drinking's awesome. Hangovers aren't. Are hangovers worth it? Considering everyone continues to drink I'd say yes. But, people take drinking to a whole 'nother level on St. Patrick's Day. We lose wallets, keys, cameras, our minds, and our pride. Some even lose THEIR LIVES. Just ask the leprechaun on this rooftop. Well, you won't get an answer out of him because he recently kicked the bucket of gold. Okay, so maybe he's not dead but if he isn't that's one helluva nap. The mini-hotel must've been booked. See the pics after the jump!

Mar 18, 2011

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Mar 9, 2011

Study Confirms That Drinking Provides Same Benefits as Yoga [9 PHOTOS]

You know those chain emails that never seem to die? Whether it's the video of the girlfriend who didn't realize her boyfriend went on vacation or the e*** email response from the dude whose girlfriend cheated on him and BCC'd 100 people, good chain emails have the ability to do a full circle and make you laugh just as hard as the first time you read them. That's the case with this chain email that found its way back to our inbox. While some people give up drinking for Lent to get healthier, they might want to change their mind after reading this article.

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Feb 16, 2011

GGTW 2011 [98 Photos]

Girls Gone Wild ("GGW") founder Joe Francis took a simple home video concept - go to Spring Break and Mardi Gras with a camera, money (and/or beads), and a creepster RV then bribe hot college chicks into showing their boobs and making out with each other - and turned it into a print publication, an online magazine, and a TV series. USA Today mentioned it among their 25 Trends That Changed America. As detestable as Francis might be, he did give us Ashley Dupre, and his brainchild is the inspiration behind this photo gallery and past 'gone TOO wild' posts - GGW For Weed, GGTW 2009, GGTW 2010, and Greek GGTW. Now, we present the 2011 edition of girls who party a little too hardy.


Jan 25, 2011

56 Extreme Drunken Shamings [Photos]

Getting hammered is super duper fun neato, gang. You get to steal cop cars, hook up with girls out of your league, and take multiple punches to the dome without feeling anything. However, the most crucial portion of a drunken night is the ending. It separates the men from the boys. Those who can keep their composure and last longer will reap the benefits. Those who pass out in front of everyone... well, they're free game. Last year we brought you the Most Shameful Drunken Shamings. Today, we present the most EXTREME Drunken Shamings. See the pics after the jump!

Jan 11, 2011

42 Freakin’ Funny Tape Face Photos

The invention of clear adhesive tape was a wondrous thing. Whether you are posting flyers, repairing torn dollar bills, adhering toothpick swords to your G.I. Joe's, or fashioning a life-size sculpture of a giraffe, this product will serve your needs with great effectiveness. But, by far, the most entertaining use for this tape is to wrap it around your face (or the face of your blackout drunk buddy.) It's ability to hold your skin in it's utterly mangled expression is unparalleled. Why did 3M never run with these pictures on their billboards?

Oct 18, 2010

10 Beers With Ridiculous Names

We drink certain beers because they're cheap, taste great, or get you drunk quicker. But, there are some beers we drink simply because we love the name! The following 10 beers have the most peculiar names on the market.

Oct 4, 2010

Girls Gone TOO Wild: 2010 Halloween Edition [PICS]

As we've seen before, there's wild and then there's too wild. You know, that point in the night when you've had so much to drink, you can't even stay awake long enough to get home. Well, with Halloween coming up this weekend, we thought we'd do a special edition to help celebrate the holiday. Without further adieu, here is Girls Gone Too Wild: Halloween Edition.

Jun 24, 2010

Girls Gone Too Wild 2010 [120 Photos]

Drinking is a wonderful way to travel places that you never thought you would be able to go. Like 4 A.M dance parties, your best friends mother's bedroom, and yes, even celebrity rehab centers. But sometimes people take their binge drinking too far and go too wild. The goal of drinking is to get laid -- not to wake up on your neighbor's lawn wearing nothing but a cowgirl hat and a pair of handcuffs. Here are the girls that didn't know when to say "seriously, no more Barton's vodka shots."

Oct 28, 2009

Girls Gone TOO Wild: Halloween Edition

As we've seen before, there's wild and then there's too wild. You know, that point in the night when you've had so much to drink, you can't even stay awake long enough to get home. Well, with Halloween coming up this weekend, we thought we'd do a special edition to help celebrate the holiday. Without further adieu, here is Girls Gone Too Wild: Halloween Edition.

Oct 9, 2009

Girls Gone TOO Wild [Drunk Photos]

Never in a million years would we claim partying is a bad thing. (We leave nonsense like that for the therapists.) But we will say that there comes a point in the night when you need to put down the bottle, and get your drunk ass home - or at least to some place where you can pass out in peace. We've all seen plenty of pictures of the shame brought upon too-drunk guys, but now it's the too-drunk girls' turn to feel the wrath of Internet stardom.

Jul 21, 2009

The 210 Most Shameful Drunken Shamings

The first rule of drinking is: Don't f*cking pass out while everybody else is still drinking. Because if you do, horrible, embarrassing, terrible things will happen to you during your inebriated slumber. Sorry, but that's just how it works. And if you need any more convincing, check out this massive collection of 210 drunken shaming photos that are so shameful, you'll never feel safe drinking with your "friends" again.

Apr 14, 2009

Economist Passes Out On-Air [Video]

Making an ass of yourself because you're on a reality show is one thing. But passing out while reporting the news is something else entirely - which is exactly what this dude does while trying to explain this whole bailout mess on Fox News. Either the economy is so bad, this guy just couldn't take it, or nobody told him not to lock his knees. Regardless, it's F'ing hilarious.

Jan 8, 2009

10 Worst Types Of Drunks

• 10 Worst Types Of Drunks Kitten Doesn’t Want to Wake Up • Carmen Electra Is A Sex Freak • Teen Gives Home Team Middle Finger • Horny Burglar Stealing Blow-up Dolls Topless Boxing [NSFW]

Sep 19, 2008

3 Signs Your Girlfriend is Bat-Sh*t Crazy

Everyone knows someone who dated a crazy person, and many of us have actually done the dating. Every crazy displays...

Jun 20, 2008

COED Vault: Top 25 Drunken Shamings of All-Time

It’s Friday, so we’re dipping into the “COED Vault” to give you some content that will get you fired up...