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  • Oregon State’s Beautiful Beavers Calendar Makes Us Say Hot Dam! [64 PHOTOS]

    We received a tip from one of the masterminds behind the Women of OSU Calendar alerting us to the beautiful Beavers featured within its pages. This is the "first ever swimsuit calendar featuring 12 of Oregon State University's most beautiful women". While it's definitely healthy to gawk at the gorgeous girls, it's also for a good cause - all profits made by the Women of OSU Calendar will be donated to cancer research charities and I believe they're donating $1 for every "like" on their Facebook page. Who knew your libido could be used for good? Check out pics of the 12 beautiful Beavers after the jump.

  • Wrap It Up: Planking Is Racist & Diving For A Ball Will Kill You Edition

    In today's edition of Wrap It Up, we cover Xzibit tweeting that planking is racist, a Rangers fan who died diving for a ball, Ohio State vacating all of last year's victories, Kenny Powers is the new CEO of K-Swiss, Yao Ming retiring, Ron Swanson loving food, Heidi Klum on the cover of GQ Russia, Tony Parker's jet pack, Kellie Pickler's bikini, Bacon Man, fun facts about the vagina and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump.

  • 10 Party Schools That Should’ve Made Playboy’s List [VIDEOS]

    Playboy's Top Party Schools list for 2011 released in mid to late April, so we decided to ask you guys who you think should be the top party school. Surprisingly to us, The University of Western Ontario crushed the competition with 43% of the vote, far outpacing the University of Colorado and Penn State (only 5%). Close to 25% of the votes that came in were for "Other". So, we took a closer look and found the 10 schools who deserve consideration along with 10 more that are party schools in training (PSIT). Check out our list below and let us know if you agree in the comments after the jump.

  • Nick Swisher: Social Media Hall Of Famer, Possible Marketing All-Star?

    Whether you're a Yankee fan or not you have to admit Nick Swisher is the man. His energy, charisma, philanthropy and love of the game are just what the Doctor Gooden ordered for baseball. However, those traits aren't just confined to the field and personal appearances, they carry over to world of Twitter and Facebook as well. Recently, NBC called him a "social media superstar" and if you've been following Swish on those platforms, you know the dude's always got something interesting to say or show. Read more about Swish and see his best twitpics after the jump!

  • 7 College Bowl Games We’d Like To See in Madden Classic Mode

    You know that mode in Madden where you can pick a classic team for the past and pit them head to head with another classic team? '72 Dolphins vs. '07 Patriots, '85 Bears vs. '92 Cowboys, '67 Packers vs. '78 Steelers? Well, with bowl season kicking into high gear, we thought we'd overlook such travesties as the Meineke Car Care Bowl, and focus on bowl games we'd love to see played between two historically epic football teams.

  • College Football 2010 Week 12 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PICS]

    Last week, Oregon barely survived Cal, Auburn didn’t pull away from Georgia, San Diego State gave TCU all it could handle, Gamecocks cold-cocked the Gators. This week's matchups feature a pair of 'Eyes in Ohio State vs. Iowa, a couple of clawed woodland creatures with Michigan facing Wisconsin, a Cali rivalry, Hogs and Bulldogs, and stormy weather for the Hokies. Who will win? Click through to find out!

  • Playboy Coed Stephanie Christine Is One Talented Tar Heel (52 PICS)

    Stephanie Christine is a Playboy model and finalist for the International Bikini Team and Miss Hooters. She has the looks, brains, and personality to achieve just about anything. Find out why in our interview.

  • You’re Fired! Ohio Bobcat Mascot Canned After Fight (VIDEO)

    The Ohio University Bobcat mascot is in hot water after attacking Ohio State's mascot in front of shocked fans before the Buckeyes 43-7 victory this past Saturday.

  • The Ultimate 2010 AXE Undie Run Showdown (257 Photos)

    Finally, a good excuse to go streaking! On campuses across the country, coeds who hate clothing and love charity participated in the greatest college competition this side of March Madness: the AXE Undie Run Challenge. The Undie Run pits student body against student body to see who can donate the most clothing to charity... while running around in just their underoos.

  • College Football Rivalry Party Girls

    Pop down your tailgates and grab a case of beer - it's time for the fiercest weekend in college football! Soon, some of the best teams will go head-to-head against their worst nemeses for rivalry weekend. And with rivalries come massive parties. And with massive parties comes tons and tons of party girls! So to help you get in on the action, here are party pics of the hottest college football rivalry party girls.

  • The Girls of College Football’s Biggest Rivalries

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  • Party Girls of the Top 5 College Football Rivalries

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in the thick of football season and that means college rivalries are in full swing. S…

  • The One Buckeye Who Hates Pryor

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  • OSU Coach Mike Gundy Flips Out on the Media

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