• 9 Movies Guaranteed To Win At The 2012 Oscars [VIDEOS]

    We're halfway through the year and that means one thing: People be making predictions for the 'best of' list for 2011. Though Oscar season isn't for another couple months, we thought we'd get a headstart and show you the  movies that will definitely be holding a lil golden guy come next spring. Now, that could mean Best Picture, but it could also mean Best Sound Mixing (go easy on the ice!). Trust us, you memorize this list and you'll look more like Nostradamus rather than that old dude who predicted the end of the world in May. Check out the winners after the jump.

  • 9 Top-Grossing Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    Eighty percent of the films in the top 50 highest grossing films of all-time were released after 2000, while no film prior to 1977 appears in the rankings because ticket-price inflation isn't considered. To me, that's not an accurate historical representation of which movies were most popular. So, after some digging, I found a chart based on data from boxofficemojo.com that ranks films using figures adjusted for ticket-price inflation, based on total box-office receipts. With Hollywood intent on the bottom line, it wouldn't hurt major studios to consider remaking, modernizing, or "rebooting" these titles. Unless you're a diehard film buff or are old enough to have actually seen these in the theater, chances are you've never heard of these cinematic sensations. See the list after the jump!

  • Mickey Rourke’s Acceptance Speech [VIDEO]

    The competition is tough in the Best Actor category for the 81 Annual Academy Awards. So, incase we don't get the opportunity to see Mickey Rouke take home his most deserved Oscar for his performance as Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, here is Rouke's Best Male Lead acceptance speech from The Independent Spirit Awards. And just like The Ram, it's AWESOME!

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