Olga Fonda

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    [26 pics!] Olga Fonda debuts on The Vampire Diaries tonight, but you can ogle this fabulous new vamp right now!

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    Gotta say, we're all loving Esquire's new "Me In My Place" feature. This edition profiles Olga Fonda, the sultry Siberian who moved to Maine at age 14. Fonda's not her real last name, but much easier to spell and pronounce. She's appeared in numerous TV commercials, on How I Met Your Mother and Entourage, and played Owen Wilson's girlfriend in Little Fockers. You can see her in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Real Steel aka Rock 'Em 'Sock 'Em Robots The Movie. We placed her on our list of Emerging Hotties of 2012. The 29 year old enjoys massages and isn't afraid to nip out. You'll see what we mean in our photo gallery after the jump.