It’s monster week in the entertainment world, with tiny, adorable ones doing battle in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, a…

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    This artist drew Link as if he were a character on ten different animated shows, and they’re pretty damn cool…

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    Nintendo has had to cover a lot of ground since they announced the Wii U console at the last E3 and failed to live up to the ex…

  • The Best Golf Video Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Masters [PHOTOS]

    Watching Pro Golf on TV is for old people and young stroke victims…

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    It’s been confusing people since the classic video game was released by Nintendo way back in 1986: am I playing as…

  • This Scared Cat Jumps Every Time Mario Jumps [VIDEO]

    The life of a cat isn’t easy: eating, sleeping, being annoying… Alright, maybe the life of a cat is easy. Bu…

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    Did your parents refuse to buy you a Super Nintendo when you were a youngin’? Did they believe that such blatant material…

  • 10 Awesome Facts About Nintendo [VIDEO]

    Awesome fact #11: You haven’t played a Nintendo system in over 2 years.…

  • First Time Gaming: Nintendo Wii U (Nintendo TVii, Call of Duty, NintendoLand, Super Mario Bros. U)

    I was able to get my hands on the upcoming Nintendo Wii U gaming system a few days ago at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefe…

  • Owen Wilson at E3: Celebrity Video Game Review

    Owen Wilson is everyone’s shaggy, lovable ne’er-do-well. Not only is he an American actor famous for Wed…

  • The Evolution of the Video Game Controller

    Since the collective world's mind was blown with the release of the Atari 2600 in 1977, video game controllers have seen quite the evolution. There have been good controllers, bad controllers, and some f*cking terrible controllers. Whose brilliant idea was it to put 12+ buttons on one controller? Who is responsible for the controller that we know today? These questions and more are answered in our anthology of video game controllers after the jump!

  • Nintendo Will Unveil New Gaming System At E3 Expo In June

    The Nintendo Wii sold almost 100 million units beating both the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 in total sales across the world. Recently, Nintendo has announced that the follow-up to the Wii is going to be officially unveiled this coming June at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Details are slim at this point, but we've got just a few to whet your appetite. Read more after the jump!

  • Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country [VIDEO]

    Back in December, the Brothers Mario took back the Mushroom Kingdom from the crime lord Bowser and his Koopa Troop. Now, the brothers have some monkeys on their backs - quite literally! The Kong crime family, led by Donkey Kong, are moving in on the koopas' turf, leaving a reluctant Bowser with only one option - getting help from the Brothers Mario. The monkey sh*t hits the fan after Mario kills Donkey's nephew Diddy, driving everyone bananas (I swear, I'll stop with the simian-related humor). Non-gaming folk might get a few laughs from this, but if you're a Nintendo geek like me, you're going to get giddy over the references to the game series and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! This is a video you can't miss!

  • “Navi’s Song (Hey, Listen)” [VIDEO]

    Want to know how to make a video game junkie go ballistic and punch a hole into a brick wall, howling like an angry baboon the whole time? Just say "Navi" and watch the magic! In case you don't know who Navi is, she was the nagging harpy - I mean - fairy sidekick of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that would get his attention with "Hey, listen," and provide him hints to solving a puzzle or defeating a boss.

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    • Even The Lord Of The Thundercats Gains The "Freshman 15" • Cute Dog Ruins Women's Soccer Match • Maxim Gets Their Hands On The Nintendo 3DSCharlies Sheen's Bangin' 7 Tracks To Have Sex To • See The Trailer For The "First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot" • 6 Brilliant Inventions That Look Like Gag Gifts See More Awesome Links!

  • Play Classic LCD Handheld Video Games Online!

    Some of you may be to young to remember LCD handheld games since you were spoiled with Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance from the get-go, but kids from the late 70s up to the early 90s found their portable enjoyment in these watered-down Gameboys. No changeable cartridges here, each handheld was preprogrammed with a single game, meaning that's all you get - so you sure as hell better enjoy it! But one website has gone above and beyond to let gamers relive these cherished moments of LCD gaming bliss!

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  • COED’s Guide to Defeating The Cock-Blocking Roomate

    It’s happened to every college guy. You’re out drinking, you meet a nice girl, things are going great, and you decide to head back to her place because she “has Nintendo Wii and wants to beat you in bowling.” On the way to her apartment you’re thinking that maybe tonight is the night to try that new move you saw on FHM’s Kama Sutra, until you walk in the front door and find yourself staring into the eyes of the anti-Christ herself: the cock-blocking roommate.

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock [VIDEO GAME REVIEW]

    The good folks over at Activision are at it again with their latest installment to the Guitar Hero franchise. Guitar Her…

  • A Pictorial History of Video Game Controllers

    Game control design has not always been a simple matter of evolution down the years - more a case of thrashing about blindly and hoping something works. Or copying whatever Nintendo does. Let's now take a look back at the (strange and often slightly inbred) history of video game controllers.

  • The 5 Discontinued Things We Want Back

    Companies sure can be tricky. It seems they're constantly coming up with new products, shoving them in our face with aggressive advertising, and then discontinuing them just as we start to like them. You just know it's only days before the KFC Double Down becomes a relic of the past. Here are the top five items that we want back NOW!

  • Top 5 Video Games for August

    The summer blockbusters just keep on rolling, as mega developers such as EA and Konami are poised to drop another wave of addictive releases into gamers' open arms. Madden '11 is at the head of the pack, but the anticipated sequel to Mafia, and a new version of Metroid for the Wii are no slouch either. Cash in a savings bond, because it's time to go shopping again.

  • 5 Wii Hacks That Will Change Your Life

    Ever find yourself wishing your Wii did more than bring you Nintendo's finest titles? It's not quite the media hub that is the Xbox or PS3, what with the lack of a hard drive--but you can change that. Oh, yes. You can make your Wii into something halfway useful as a non-gaming device with a few, uh.. modifications.

  • 10 Video Games That You Can’t Quit

    How many times have you been playing a game without realizing you’ve clocked in 6,7,8 hours playing? Before you know it, the entire weekend is over and you've managed to spend it all sitting in the same spot on the couch. Here's our definitive list of the most addictive video games in the entire world. They're the only thing, besides your daily dose of crack, that keep you coming back for more, more, more!

  • Five Must Have Video Games for June 2010

    Ah, June! The birds are chirping, the sun’s shining, and where are you? Firmly parked in your favorite chair in front of the radiant flat screen television, settling in for a nice session with the latest action, adventure, or sports title. With another onslaught of new releases including Tiger Woods Golf 2011, Green Day Rockband, Sniper, and others, it’s going to be another busy month for PS3, XBox 360, and Wii fans.

  • 5 Must Have Video Games For May 2010

    Whether you’re an avid follower or just a casual player, this spring is chock full of new releases for all different tastes. Some people find themselves drawn in like a moth to a flame, spending afternoons locked in their room attempting to conquer the latest role playing title, while others only turn on their XBox after drunkenly stumbling in at 2 A.M., looking for something to keep their mind occupied until they pass out on the couch.

  • 97 Nerdcore Knockouts

    What's the old saying? Behind every gorgeous girl is an inner geek just dying to take off her stilettos and throw on the Princess Leia lingerie. The women of Nerdcore not only embrace their inner nerdiness, they celebrate it.

  • Forget the Wii and Make Way for the Playstation Move

    After the wild success Nintendo enjoyed with Wii, their competitors over at Sony Playstation are beginning to preview their own version of motion controlled gaming. This is a newer way for people to drunkenly throw a remote controller through a flat screen TV.

  • New in Videogames: Highlights for January 2010

    While these last few months have been massive in terms of blockbuster releases, this month still has a solid selection o…

  • Hands-On: Rhythm Heaven for Nintendo DSi

    If you like Guitar Hero and Rock Band then Rhythm Heaven for the recently-released Nintendo DSi is going to blow your damn mind. Known in Japan as Rhythm Tengoku Gold and in Europe as Rhythm Paradise, Rhythm Heaven is a musically inclined gamer's dream, using taps, flicks, holds and slides with the stylus...

  • The 11 Most Painfully-Awesome Mike Tyson “Punch-outs”

    "Iron" Mike Tyson, born Michael Gerard Tyson and sometimes called Malik Abdul Aziz, revived the concept of being "The Baddest Man on the Planet." Bright branded boxing trunks and ring shoes? Nope - I like these plain black ones. Robe? Nope - just give me a white gym towel and cut a whole in the middle...

  • Hot Hot Handheld: Nintendo DSi

    Yeah, yeah, we know - the DSi has been out in Japan for a while now, so the details of this little device aren't anything new. But how many of you have actually gotten to play with one? Exactly. In addition to having some fresh-off-the-presses info, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these puppies...