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  • NFL Upon Further Review: Week 6 [GIFS, Pics, Videos]

    As we near the middle point of the NFL season, Week Six provided us with plenty of moments that left you either scratching your head or throwing your hands up in the air. It's a safe bet that a few years ago, no one would have predicted that rookie QB's would be performing at the level they're at. Join us as we take a look at all the highlights worth talking about with your friends.

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  • Simpson’s Flip, Victory Cruz, Cam Being Cam [NFL Week 16]

    In our week 16 edition of NFL Upon Further Review, Jerome Simpson gets a ten from the judges for his TD flip, Victor Cruz sails past the Jets for a 99 yard score, Pats owner Robert Kraft is denied a high-five, Cam Newton being Cam Newton, a terrible helmet-to-helmet call last Thursday night, and Tom Coughlin gets D.J.'d. Check out the full slate of highlights along with our preview of tonight's game between the Falcons and Saints after Jerome's jump.

  • Knox Gets Bent, Brady Gets Jacked, Carolina’s Fumblerooski Finds the End Zone [NFL Week 15]

    In this week’s edition of NFL Upon Further Review, Michael Turner stiff-arms a teammate, Johnny Knox gets bent, Carolina goes back to college, Lance Moore is happy to score, Harvey Dahl's dirty mouth is caught on tape, and Tom Brady gets jacked up. We also take a look at tonight's sure to be instant classic as the Steelers make the trip to San Francisco to take on the feisty 49ers. Check out the highlights along with our MNF preview after the jump.

  • JPP 4 MVP, Brady Bitched Out, God’s QB Gets The W [NFL Week 14]

    In this week’s edition of NFL Upon Further Review, the Browns and Steelers destroy each other’s quarterbacks, God's quarterback keeps delivering miracles, Ryan Succop’s sucky onside kick, Rob Gronkowski's record-setting weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Yates need better seats, Tom Brady had a shouting match with his offensive coordinator, Thomas DeCloud needs celebration dance lessons, and Jason Pierre-Paul's block saves the Giants' season. Check out the highlights after the jump.

  • Lynch Tastes the Beast Mode, Peppers is The One Armed Man, Woodson’s Dap [NFL Week 13]

    In this week’s edition of NFL Upon Further Review, Marshawn Lynch dials up Beast Mode again, Julius Peppers takes down a Chief with one arm, the tip drill goes horribly wrong for the Bears on a hail mary, a Packer linebacker flops, Kyle Rudolph juggles in a touchdown reception, a one-handed Hakeem Nicks catch was so good that Charles Woodson appreciated it, and Aldon Smith does the Barry Sanders celebration after his sack in the 49ers-Rams game. Check out the full highlights then read our preview of tonight's game between the Chargers and Jags after the jump.

  • Circus Catch Surplus, David Nelson’s GF Gift, Tebow Being Tebow [NFL WEEK 10]

    In this week’s version of NFL Upon Further Review, we have enough circus catches to put Barnum and Bailey to shame, Tim Tebow looks ugly in another W, we learn to never ever kick the ball to Devin Hester under any situation, the Lions and Bears get a little feisty after an interception and Bills wideout David Nelson celebrates a TD with his gf. Check out the full recap along with a preview of tonight's game after the jump.

  • Sanchize Is Flinchez, McCluster’s Got Ups, Peterson’s Stunning Punt Return [NFL WEEK 9]

    In this week's NFL Upon Further Review, Atlanta’s Julio Jones had a big weekend, Mark Sanchez’s blocking leaves something to be desired, Rex Ryan can jump, Dexter McCluster can leap Miami Dolphins in a single bound, and Patrick Peterson sends St. Louis home in shocking fashion in overtime. Check out the best highlights and lowlights from week 9 of NFL action after the jump.