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    Check out over 100 pics of ladies welcoming in the New Year by saying goodbye to their inhibitions!

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    Every caring grandparent has taught their granddaughter the important lesson: “show a nip, get more hip”…

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    The aughts were a golden age for New Year’s Eve glasses manufacturers. The double zeros made for perfect eyehole…

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    We’re pretty much ok with any scenario in which an attractive young woman replaces a withering old man.…

  • This is Why We Love New Year’s Eve [80 PHOTOS]

    There are a lot of things to dislike about New Year’s Eve parties (covers, overpriced drinks, other people). But…

  • How To Celebrate New Year’s…If Money’s No Object [VIDEO]

    You know when you’re planning your New Year’s party and you think, “you know what? All this money in…

  • An Inside Look At Playboy’s New Year’s Eve Party in Chicago [PHOTOS]

    Last year (3 days ago), we told you about the Playboy New Year's Eve party that one of our writers Adam had been invited to in Chicago. Not only is a contributor here at COED but he's also a Campus Representative for Playboy at Southern Illinois University. This is his story about celebrating the biggest night of the year with Playmates Summer Altice, Amanda Cerny, Alison Waite, Ashley Mattingly and musical performer Baby Bash.

  • Weird Al Yankovic Makes This The Best New Year’s Eve Concert [VIDEO]

    If you were wondering how Weird Al Yankovic, Alice Cooper, and Steven Tyler were spending their New Year's Eve, you probably need some new friends. Having said that, the performance between these three on New Year's Eve at a restaurant in Maui is pretty awesome. Ceelo wasn't the only one delving into the Beatles' library for the ano nuevo, these guys took on "Come Together." Serious props need to be given to Weird Al, you can see Alice Cooper trying to hand him lyrics and Al just dismisses him like "I got this, man."

  • Gettin’ That New Year’s Beave With Alex [VIDEO]

    I've watched this video no less than a dozen times and I laugh harder with every additional viewing. It comes from YouTube user Kyle who you might remember as the dorky guy asking the weird questions to MLB players in a very Tim & Eric-esque clip. This is the first I'm seeing his new character Alex, who appears to be a little person. Yeah, one of my resolutions is to be less offensive. So, suck it, dooshers. Click through to see Alex hit it then quit it, no doubt.

  • Kate Upton’s New Year’s Eve TwitPics Reveal Hot Mystery Blonde [PHOTOS]

    Kate Upton had a big year in '11 and from the looks of her twitpics from New Year's Eve, she appears to be poised to kill it again in 2012. Once we broke out of our spell, we notcied there was another woman fighting for our attention and praise - a mystery blonde we later discovered to be fashion model Lizzy Glynn. Check out the couple saying adios to 2011 along with Lizzy's sexiest pics below.

  • Drop Your Ball On This New Year’s Eve Playlist [FREE DOWNLOADS]

    Whether you're hosting a party or pre-gaming before hitting up the club, you need to bust out some tune-age. By now, most people are tired of hearing Party Anthem, so why not drop a ball of supremely unique beats and tracks from the peeps at RCRD LBL? Their NYE playlist features joints from Wild Light, The John Henrys, Class Actress, Doldrums, Atlas Sound, and The Internet (great band name). There's no better way to guarantee a kiss at midnight. Send a one finger salute to '11 after the jump.

  • Playboy’s New Year’s Eve Party In Chicago Preview

    Adam Brezak is the Playboy Campus Rep for Southern Illinois University. When he found out Playboy was throwing a huge New Year's Eve bash in his hometown of Chicago, he emailed his boss, and a week later, received two tickets. The event will feature appearances by Baby Bash, Eva Simons, and playmate / DJ Summer Altice, who he's planning to interview. Follor him on Twitter @AdamBrezak to see unreal twitpics. Click through to see what's in store for Adam along with pics of the sizzling hot Summer Altice.

  • How To Have A Ball On New Year’s Eve

    2012 is just around the corner, but you still need to finish off this year off as well as possible. That, plus the fact that it's just a great night out, is why we place such an importance on balling out on New Year's Eve. Every single year you worry about your plans and what you're going to do, so why not take our advice for a guaranteed good night out? Not everything on the list requires a lot of money, but they'll require commitment. Are you ready for that? Check out COED's NYE guide after the jump!

  • Sexy New Years Cleav(age) [79 PHOTOS]

    The last and most wild holiday night of the year is almost upon us. Most people I know have a love / hate relationship with N…

  • How To Avoid Getting Cuffed This Winter

    The Christmas and NYE double-dip is upon us and that can only mean one thing: you're going to get a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or involved in an 'it's complicated' kind of thing. We call this "cuffing season." As the temperatures drop people just can't seem to stop themselves snuggling up next to someone. But what if that someone is someone really inadvisable, festively plump, a bit annoying, and sure to be dumped in time for Spring Break? Then you need to learn how to avoid getting cuffed: sounds easy but with all that mistletoe around it's harder than it seems. Check out our resident Pick Up Artist's advice after the jump!

  • The 12 Blazing Hot Ball-Droppers of The New Year’s Eve Movie [PHOTOS]

    New Year's Eve, the sh*tty spin-off to Valentine's Day, releases today (12/9). I know of 1 person who's looking forward to it, and it's my female roommate. The girls in the office have no intention of hitting up the theater. In fact, we're all wondering how something like this gets made after the travesty that was V-Day. Is it really just an excuse to hang out with other stars? How about you do that on your own time? Oh, because it rakes in millions at the box office F*ck. Well, if you do get dragged to it, at least you can eye hump the A-list T&A. Check out their sexiest pics after the jump.

  • How To Have An Epic New Year’s Eve

    4....3....2....1! Happy New Year! A brand new year lies ahead, but first we must make it through New Year’s Eve. The best New Years I ever had was when I was nine, and I took out all my parents pots and pans and banged them together at midnight. Since then, there’s been a trajectory course downward in the appeal for this holiday. It’s basically amateur night, with too much pressure on having an ultimate evening out. So here’s a guide on how to have a good New Year’s Eve.

  • Drunk Girls Kissing: New Year’s Eve Edition

    Lot of people see New Year’s Eve as “Amateur Hour”, a night when novice drinkers get over-served an…

  • COED’s Last Minute New Year’s Eve Concert Guide

    Looking for something more exciting than a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon or spending $150 at a bar where all the well drinks are obviously watered down? From New York to California, major artists are lining up special appearances at iconic venues to help everyone ring in 2011 with a bang, sure to leave everyone bleary eyed and tired when the tunes and booze finally stop flowing in the early a.m. hours. Check out some of these explosive shows if you’re in the area, especially if you’re somehow able to score tickets.

  • How To Land A Sexy “Curve Girl” For New Year’s Eve

    Just what is a "sexy curve girl" you ask? Well, there's actually only three in the entire world: Ima Vixin, Kimberly Phoenix, and Carolina Del Fuego. They're the smoking hot spokesmodels of Curve For Men and they're looking to ring in the New Year right proper. So, what turns them on? How can a dude like you land one of these chicks on one of the greatest hook up nights of the year? Check out the girls' pics and review our tips and you might just smell the sweet scent of victory come January 1.

  • Drunk New Year’s Eve Party Girls 2009

    Happy New Year's everybody. Auf uns, Na zdorovje and Salud to the passing of an incredible decade. New Year's Eve is, hands-down, the biggest bash of the year - the night when most of world's population celebrates the chance to forget the sins of the past and begin anew. But before the clock strikes 12, anyone can get away with damn near anything - and that usually means more sexy, drunken debauchery...

  • Ringing in 2K9

    Another year has come and gone and by all accounts 2008 was a good year. If you haven’t secured New Years plans then…

  • Drunk New Year’s Eve Party Girls

    New Year’s Eve is, hands-down, the biggest bash of the year – the night when most of world’s populat…

  • The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Concert Guide

    New Year’s is coming up fast, and that means you need to get your Eve party plans in order. To help you get things sta…