NCAA Basketball
Nov 11, 2016

Top 10 College Basketball Teams For 2016-2017 Season

Today marks the beginning of college basketball and this year’s season is sure to be one to watch. Last year’s...

Oct 31, 2016

When Does The College Basketball Season Start? 2016-17 Season Tipoff

The start of the college basketball season is rapidly approaching, as we are now less than a month away from...

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Oct 15, 2016

Wisconsin Basketball Player Nigel Hayes Uses Clever College Gameday Sign To Criticize NCAA

College Gameday is famous for its hilarious signs by college students, but Wisconsin basketball star Nigel Hayes opted to use...

Apr 5, 2016

UConn vs. Syracuse: TV Channel, Date & Start Time Of Women’s NCAA Championship 2016

The women’s college basketball season is coming to a close, but not before the UConn Huskies and Syracuse Orange face...

Apr 4, 2016

UNC vs. Villanova Betting Guide: Opening Line, Odds & Betting Info

I’ll never understand how people can watch sports and not gamble. It’s like baking cookies and not eating the icing...

Apr 4, 2016

NCAA Championship Live Stream 2016: How To Watch UNC vs. Villanova

The National Championship is finally here. And I say finally because we’ve been building to this point since early March....

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Apr 4, 2016

UNC vs. Villanova: Start Time, Date & TV Channel Info

UNC vs. Villanova in the Final Four Championship game is going to be must-watch television tonight. The two remaining March...

Sweet 16 Schedule 2016: Dates, Game Time & TV Channels

In the last 22 years of my life, I would say that I’ve only been excited for the Sweet 16...

Mar 24, 2016

Here Are The Biggest Sweet 16 Upsets In March Madness History

I live for a good upset. It’s half of the reason I watch March Madness. I can watch a number...

Mar 24, 2016

Here Are the Sweet 16 Teams To Dump Your Money On Right Now

At the end of the day, sports are only really good for two things. What are those two things? Drinking...

Mar 24, 2016

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Mar 17, 2016

March Madness Scores 2016: Results & Must-See Info

March Madness scores are hard to keep up with, so we’re going to do our best to keep you updated...

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Mar 17, 2016

March Madness Results 2016, Week 1: Scores & Bracket

March Madness is one of the best times of year for sports fan around the country. This weekend will bring...

Mar 17, 2016

NCAA Basketball Scores 2016: Results & Complete Recap

The time has finally come for the NCAA Tournament to begin and with that comes the First Four games and...

Mar 15, 2016

NCAA First Four 2016: Date, Start Time, & TV Channel

It’s here, sports fans. March Madness is back in all of it’s chaotic glory. The NCAA Tournament, which is arguably...

Mar 14, 2016

Vegas Bookmakers Like Kansas To Win The Tournament This Year

March Madness predictions are probably the next thing you’re going to want to know now that the NCAA Basketball Tournament ...

Mar 13, 2016

March Madness Schedule 2016: Game Times, Dates & Bracket

After the announcement of the 68-team bracket for March Madness, the next order of business was finding out when the...

Mar 13, 2016

NCAA Basketball Schedule 2016: Tournament Times & Dates

The NCAA basketball schedule was supposed to be announced over the course of a 2-hour CBS special on Selection Sunday,...

Mar 13, 2016

Printable NCAA Bracket 2016: Mens Basketball Bracket

Sunday brought one of the biggest days in all of college basketball all season with the announcement of the bracket...

Mar 13, 2016

NCAA Tournament Bracket 2016: Blank NCAA Mens Bracket

Sunday was the official beginning of the American phenomenon known as March Madness, with the release of the NCAA Tournament...

Mar 1, 2016

When Is Selection Sunday 2016? Date, Time & TV Channel

March Madness officially kicks off on Sunday, March 13, 2016, with this year’s bracket being revealed on Selection Sunday. CBS...

May 28, 2015

Ex-Baller Garrick Sherman Drunk Tweets Violations Against NCAA

Garrick Sherman, former college center for Michigan State and then captain for Notre Dame, went HAM on the NCAA after...

Mar 23, 2015

Rick Pitino Thinks Kids Should Be Able To Jump Straight To NBA

Many people would love to see the NBA put rules in where college basketball players have to stay in college...

Mar 22, 2015

WATCH: Louisville Proves Women’s College Basketball Just As Unsportsmanlike [VIDEO]

Louisville was going up against Brigham Young last night during the Women’s College Basketball NCAA Finals last night, which are...

Mar 22, 2015

WATCH: Wisconsin Badgers Marveling At the NCAA Stenographer [VIDEO]

The Wisconsin Badgers defeated California Coastal 86-72 last night, advancing to take on Oregon–which is good news for the college,...

Mar 20, 2015

WATCH: NC State Student’s Reaction To LSU Win [VIDEO]

I’ve lost count of how many times I wished I was back in school, but moments like this scene from...

Mar 19, 2015

WATCH: Georgia State Coach Fall Off Stool Celebrating Buzzer Beater [VIDEO]

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter fell out off his courtside stool after his own son hit the game winning 3-point...

Mar 19, 2015

Notre Dame Super Fan At March Madness [PHOTO]

Who says that St. Patrick’s Day gear is only good once a year? Check out this Notre Dame super fan...

Mar 19, 2015

March Madness Live 2015: How To Watch Stream Online

Trying to watch March Madness 2015 live? Learn how to watch and stream all the games online right here. Luckily,...

Mar 17, 2015

NCAA Basketball Bracket 2015: Schedule, Date & Time

March Madness is finally upon us my collegiate basketball fans, and we want to help minimize any chance of missing...

Mar 17, 2015

March Madness Schedule 2015: Bracket, Game Times & Dates

March Madness has taken ahold of everyone, so make sure you know the bracket back-to-front with game times and dates....

Mar 14, 2015

WATCH: 2015 Big Sky Conference Semifinal Ends in Friday the 13th Mayhem [VIDEO]

Friday the 13th had a big finish with the 2015 Big Sky Conference Semifinal between Montana and Northern Arizona–culminating in...

Mar 21, 2014

NCAA Dancing Mercer Player: Didn’t Score, Doesn’t Matter, Won [GIF]

Here’s some literal March Madness, courtesy of Mercer senior guard Kevin Canevari–who didn’t actually score during his team’s big win...

Feb 13, 2014

New Four-Team College Basketball Event Coming in 2018

There are times where athletic directors think outside the box. That’s what Michigan State AD Mark Hollis did in coming...

Mar 31, 2012

The Top 5 Reasons Why Kentucky Will Not Win The NCAA Basketball Championship

As the NCAA men’s basketball tournament shifts to New Orleans for the Final Four, the odds on favorite to win...

Mar 15, 2012

8 Best Excuses To Watch The NCAA Tournament

As the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is set to begin; everyone and their cousin will be coming up with creative...

Mar 12, 2012

Babes Of The Bottom Bracket 2012

One of the many reasons that March Madness is such a great tournament isn’t because of the big name schools...

Feb 13, 2012

17 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [February 13th-19th]

Last week was the week of Asians in basketball, but we’re looking for a return to normalcy as the ladies...

Apr 5, 2011

Brooklyn Decker vs. Katrina Bowden > Butler vs. UConn [WHO YA GOT?]

Last night's NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship was weak sauce. At one point, Bulter was 2 for 23 from the field. I'm fairly confident I could hobble onto the court with my shredded ACL and hit a few J's from the elbow. The word "forgettable" comes to mind. But, to compensate for that poor display of athleticism, Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Madness has given us a national championship worthy of e*** proportions: Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker vs. 30 Rock assistant Katrina Bowden. In this matchup, we'd say Bowden's like Butler (underdog) and Decker's like UConn (favorite). Unlike last night's brickfest, this one should be close. Last week, we posted a bunch of Katrina's Facebook photos along with a recap of her road to victory. We're confident she won't sh*t the bed like the Bulldogs. Vote for your favorite after the jump!

Apr 4, 2011

Kemba Walker & UConn Will Dougie To Victory Against Butler [BETTING]

After reaching an amazing second championship game in two years, Butler has become America's darling.  A real Cinderella story that's proved last year was definitely not a fluke.  They came within an inch or two of knocking off powerhouse Duke for the title last year and will look to avenge that loss tonight by taking down another perennial powerhouse, Connecticut. So, why is COED's bettin' man Casino Steve taking UConn? Find out after the jump!

Mar 27, 2011

VCU Stuns Kansas to Win Final Four Birth

• 11th Seeded VCU Stuns Kansas with 71 to 61 Win.

Doesn't Julian Assange already have his own secret, underground home?

• He Died For Your Flame Broiled Whoppers!

• GOOOAAAL... To The Face

• 28 Vintage Book Club Mailers

• The 7 Most Heroic Con Artists Of All Time