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  • Kate Upton On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [See Her Tonight]

    End the workweek on the highest note possible by gazing at the gorgeous Kate Upton on an all new Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

  • Arcade Fire Following SNL Appearance With 30-Minute TV Special

    New season, new cast members and now a new-ish band will be making their big breakout during and after the season premire…

  • Katy Perry On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno [See Her Tonight]

    Katy Perry on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (11:30 PM EST, NBC) End the week on a high note by tuning in to stare at the gorge…

  • Danica Patrick On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno [SEE HER TONIGHT]

    Tune in late night this evening to check out the drop dead gorgeous Danica Patrick who is a guest on an all new The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

  • Olivia Munn On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno [See Her Tonight]

    Olivia Munn on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (11:30 PM EST, NBC) It’s an absolute no brainer to tune in tonight to c…

  • Heidi Klum On America’s Got Talent [See Her Tonight]

    Heidi Klum on America’s Got Talent (9 PM EST, NBC) Be a man or a woman who is there for your man tonight and tune in to g…

  • TV

    See Her Tonight: Gabriella Pession Of “Crossing Lines” [PHOTOS]

    The show could be dumb as rocks but we’d still watch it for Gabriella Pession…

  • See Her Tonight [Bitsie Tulloch On GRIMM]

    It's your God given right to tune in this evening to gaze at the drop dead gorgeous Bitsie Tulloch on an all new Grimm.

  • See Her Tonight [Lara Jean Chorostecki On HANNIBAL]

    Take a load off this evening and check out the beautiful Lara Jean Chorostecki on an all new Hannibal.

  • See Her Tonight [Kacey Rohl On HANNIBAL]

    Cure your thirst this Thursday by kicking back a few brews and checking out the beautiful Kacey Rohl on the all new series, Hannibal.

  • See Her Tonight [Allison Miller On GO ON]

    Allison Miller on SHOW NAME (9:30 PM EST, NBC) It’s time to relax tonight and simply sit back and gaze into the beau…

  • TV

    Fallon Will Definitely Replace Leno Until Leno Finds a Way to Throw Fallon Under the Bus

    The world has been wanting to know who will replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show ever since, well, ever since Jay Leno took…

  • See Her Tonight [Hannah Simone On 1600 PENN]

    Take a break from your brackets tonight with Hannah Simone on an all new 1600 Penn.

  • See Her Tonight [Kelli Giddish On LAW & ORDER: SVU]

    Kelli Giddish on Law & Order:SVU (8 PM EST, NBC) Have a spectacular hump day and make sure you check out the beautiful…

  • See Her Tonight [Claire Coffee On GRIMM]

    Claire Coffee on Grimm (10 PM EST, NBC) End the week the right way by gazing at the beauty that is Claire Coffee on an all new…

  • See Her Tonight [Majandra Delfino On THE OFFICE]

    End your Thursday in style by gazing at the beauty that is Majandra Delfino on an all new episode of The Office.

  • See Her Tonight [Krysta Rodriguez On SMASH]

    Krysta Rodriguez on Smash (10 PM EST, NBC) Be sure tonight to check out the beauty that is Krysta Rodriguez on an all new ep…

  • See Her Tonight [Bree Turner On GRIMM]

    Head into the weekend feeling magical tonight by staring at the beauty that is Bree Turner as the supernatural hit Grimm finally returns on NBC.

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    NBC Ratings So Low, Cleveland Affiliate Airs ‘Matlock’ Instead Of ‘The Office’

    NBC’s primetime programming has been in a harder free-fall than a skydiving expedition with Louie Anderson wea…

  • See Her Tonight [Tricia Helfer On COMMUNITY]

    Before you head out on your Thirsty Thursday adventure you best not miss the beauty that is Tricia Helfer who is guest starring on Community this evening.

  • See Her Tonight [Ella Rae Peck On DECEPTION]

    Start the week off the right way by gazing at the beauty is Ella Rae Peck on NBC's new show, Deception.

  • See Her Tonight [Ruta Gedmintas On DO NO HARM]

    It's comforting to know that after another long day at school or work you can come home to just relax your eyes and mind to the beauty that is Ruta Gedmintas on the new show, Do No Harm...

  • See Her Tonight [Shiri Appleby On CHICAGO FIRE]

    Shiri Appleby on Chicago Fire (10 PM EST, NBC) Reward yourself for getting through half of the week by gazing at the beaut…

  • See Her Tonight [Alison Becker On PARKS AND RECREATION]

    Feeling thirsty this Thursday? Check out Alison Becker who is guest starring tonight on Parks and Recreation.

  • See Her Tonight [Georgia King On THE NEW NORMAL]

    Blondes. Is there anything better in life? The beauty that is Georgina King helps prove that thinking as she stars in the new NBC hit show, The New Normal...

  • See Her Tonight [Jamie-Lynn Sigler On GUYS WITH KIDS]

    Start your 2013 TV life off right by checking out the beauty that is Jamie-Lynn Sigler in the first season of Guys With Kids...

  • See Her Tonight [Olivia Culpo On THE MISS UNIVERSE PAGENT]

    U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Check out the gorgeous Olivia Culpo tonight as she represents America in the Miss Universe Pageant...

  • See Her Tonight [Martha MacIsaac On 1600 PENN]

    Canadian actress Martha MacIsaac stars as the President's oldest daughter on the new NBC comedy, 1600 Penn.

  • Bree Turner [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]

    14 pics! She's not a household name, but we're very happy to see Bree Turner showing up in our households as a cast member on Grimm. The quirky cutie now has a regular role as a spice shop owner who has a shady past--and a weird family background as part of a clan of foxy creatures. We're more into Bree's foxy features, and there's plenty to enjoy with these pics that'll leave you feeling anything but grim...

  • Shantel Wislawski [See Her Tonight on UP ALL NIGHT]

    7 pics + video! Tonight's episode of Up All Night is called "Swingers," so we're hoping for the best as the new mom played by Christina Applegate sets out to prove that she's not boring. We'd be convinced if she'll just end up doing some lesbian swinging with guest star Shantel Wislawski. Or maybe we're hoping for too much there. At least you'll understand why after you check out these pics that'll keep you up all day...

  • Tammy Jean [See Her Tonight on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT]

    Tammy Jean on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9 pm EST, NBC) The new Fall season is gearing up, but we can’t m…

  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler [See Her Tonight on GUYS WITH KIDS]

    21 pics! NBC is already showing reruns of the premiere of their new Guys With Kids sitcom. That's okay. We're still trying to grasp that Jamie-Lynn Sigler is now old enough to play a MILF. It seems like only yesterday that we were watching The Sopranos and trying to figure if we'd risk our lives by dating a mobster's daughter. Now let's look back at when Jamie-Lynn was worth getting fitted for some cement shoes...