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    Are These Leaked Nude Photos Of Glee’s Heather Morris?

    It would seem that phone hackers have been working overtime this month. Last Sunday, we bore witness to the release of po…

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    Update: So The Olivia Munn Photos Are Real?!?

    Courtesy of our friends at Egotastic, it seems like these Olivia Munn photos could be the real deal. A sleuth who shall re…

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    Are These Leaked Nude Pics of Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Real?

    Every once in a while, some shady sh*thead hacks into a celebrity’s cell phone and leaks their nude pics all over t…

  • University of Bristol’s Naked Netball Calendar 2012 Is Now Available [PHOTOS]

    Previously, we'd shown you the Women of Oregon State bikini calendar. It was hot and for a good cause, but the University of Bristol's "netball" team just one upped the sh*t out of 'em with a "naked" calendar that features the squad topless. Lose the tops, cop more cream I always say. Where's Bristol and what the filk is netball? Bristol's in the UK (Simon Pegg graduated from there) and netball's like basketball without a backboard. Now, if only the WNBA could play without backboards and without tops, then we'd tune in. Check out the best unis in the world after the jump.

  • Raphael Mazzucco Shoots Nude Photos of Your Favorite Supermodels

    The only Raphael I knew prior to today was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. That all changed when I found these pics he took of Alessandra Ambrosio, Chrissy Teigen, Bianca Balti, Kate Upton, and Nicole Scherzinger in their birthday suits on Celebutopia. Turns out Raffy's responsible for raising the profile of the handbra pose (major props for that) and is well known for his work for Guess and the iconic Marisa Miller iPod shot. Dude's just poppin' off famous photos of nude supermodels like it's time to make the donuts. What a horrible existence. Anyway, check out his latest pics for some 200+ page coffee table book of naked models after the jump.

  • Tiffany Crystal Takes A Shower For #TiffanyTuesday

    It is Tuesday again COED readers. And although this week isn’t filled with some exciting shenanigans at the Play…

  • Busty Japanese Babe Bonanza

    Japanese people are fascinated by weird things and anomalies. I happen to be fascinated by Japanese people who are fascinated by weird things, but I totally agree with them when it comes to their taste in big breasted women. With that in mind, we searched out the fifteen largest-chested women from Japan that exist on the interweb. Some of them are porn stars, some of them are "gravure models," all of them are f*cking MASSIVE. Check out our lovely 'amasians' after the jump!

  • T*ts for Tats: 100 Hot Girls With Tattoo Sleeves

    There's something about tattoos on bangin' babes that just makes them... hotter. A chick wearing nothing but a tattoo sleeve? Game over. I mean, look at Janine Lindemuler, she's like the epitome of "Don't-take-me-home-to-your-mom-take-me-into-this-bathroom-instead-hot." I mean, you're looking at pictures of chicks on the internet - so the dirtier the better right? Check out these hot photos in the gallery after the jump!

  • Tiffany Crystal Is Arm-Bratastic & Side-booberrific For #TiffanyTuesday

    We asked you guys to tweet questions to our newest sexpert Tiffany Crystal (@Tiff_Crystal w/ hash-tag #TiffanyTuesday) in exchange for a new super sexy pic of her posing with an “I ♥ COED” sticker. You guys came through and so did our Miss COED with solid answers and a scintillating sidebooberrific photo. In this week's Q&A session, Tiffany gives hints as to how to pick up a girl like her, how to broach the topic of sex, and oral sex from strangers. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Really Ridiculously Hot Redheads [87 PHOTOS]

    Redheads have been a really hot topic recently, thanks to Jim Carrey and his confession of love for Emma Stone. I contemplated not breaking some tough information to you, but I felt it was my duty as a "journalist" to tell you the truth: Emma Stone isn't a natural redhead. I know, it's like hearing that Santa isn't real. In order to help you cope with the difficult truth, we've brought you 89 pictures of the real deal. Check out the gallery below.

  • Lady Gaga Goes Nude In Bondage Outtakes From Vogue Japan Shoot NSFW [PHOTOS]

    Though it feels like we've seen Lady Gaga naked a bunch of times before, nothing can compare to these leaked behind-the-scenes outtakes from her photo shoot with Vogue Japan. Straight bondage, homey. Even if it is Lady Gaga on the receiving end, it's still somewhat shocking / arousing. She's a mysterious chick who continues to find new ways to entertain us. Dare we say she's outdone Madonna? Check out the pics and let us know who ya got in the comments after the jump.

  • 56 Texas Thong-Horns [PHOTOS]

    With all the offseason scandal and controversy that went down this year, it's safe to say everyone and their den mother is dying to get the the college football season started. Come Thursday, September 1st, all the illegal booster and agent gifts, prostitutes, yacht rides, and abortions will be momentarily forgotten and we can get back to the glory of the game. One of the teams missing from this preseason top 25 rankings is Texas. While expectations might be low, we'd like to give them some motivation that's A) completely legal and B) won't injure them. Needless to say, we wouldn't mind hookin' the thong-horns in the gallery after the jump.

  • Twins’ “Twins” for Tuesday [96 PHOTOS]

    Why twins and why Tuesday? Well, Tuesday's the second day of the work week, and two girls are better than one, right? What's better than two girls? TWINS! So, in our "2 for Tuesday" special, we're giving you a double dip of some of the hottest twins' twins (read: boobs). And since Tuesday's usually election day in the U.S. and the 2012 presidential race is heating up, we nominate Tuesday be known as Twins Day from now on. Check out our gallery then let us know if you can ID any of the girls in the comments section after the jump.

  • Hot Model Update: Danielle Kn is Actually Danielle Knudson And She’s Not Afraid To Pose Nude [48 PHOTOS]

    Brobible first introduced us to a hot - reportedly South African - model named Danielle Kn whose Zuegari Swimwear photoshoot was lights out. We were so impressed we named her to our list of Emerging Hotties for 2012. Today, we come to find out she's actually Canadian and goes by the name Danielle Knudson. After some digging, we discovered the mystery model who's repped by Sutherland isn't afraid to pose nude. She's been featured in "Push It" magazine and appeared in a commercial for LG Mobile. Needless to say, she needs to be everywhere starting right f***ing now. Check out our gallery of her hottest pics after the jump.

  • The 50 Sexiest Halle Berry Photos for Her 45th Birthday

    August 14th was Halle Berry's birthday. The former fashion model, beauty queen, and actress turned 45 years young, which is hard to believe considering she looks way hotter than most college freshman. The Oscar winner has two films scheduled for release in 2011 - the star laden romantic comedy "New Year's Eve" and the thriller "Dark Tide" - along with the comedy "Movie 43" due in 2012. Hef named her one of Playboy's Sexiest Celebrities of 2011 and it's easy to see why: she shows no signs of aging. Maybe she's one of those aliens from The Event. Check out this superhuman's hottest pics after the jump.

  • The 61 Sexiest Photos of Eva Mendes

    Eva Mendes is currently filming The Place Beyond The Pines with every girl's wet dream Ryan Gosling and recently shared her fitness secrets with Zest magazine. Whatever she's doing, it's working. We're constantly amazed at how the 37-year-old actress refuses to age. We're also thoroughly impressed with her appearances on the late night talk show circuit. In one interview with Marie Claire, she stated, "I don't wanna have kids ... I love sleep so much." We do, too. We should probably set up a nap time or something. Anyway, check out her 61 sexiest photos along with some little known facts after the jump.

  • Ex-”Sibling Fugitive” Lee-Grace Dougherty’s Topless and Bikini Pics [32 PHOTOS]

    If you're not a news junkie, your might've missed the story about the three siblings who went on a robbery spree then went on the run for 8 days, which eventually culminated in a high speed car chase and crash. Turns out one of the siblings is a stripper (who's ENGAGED). You know when stripping's involved, we're gonna cover it. They each face a $1.3 million bond for the robberies in addition to attempted murder and assault on a police officer. Damn. The trio, known as "The Doughtery Gang", consists of Ryan, Dylan, and the hottest one of the bunch, Lee Grace. Check out their mugshots along with Lee Grace's AWESOME quote & finest pics after the jump.

  • 69 Cleverly Covered Nudes [PHOTOS]

    It's a given that we all want to see nude chicks. It's like that scene from 40 Year Old Virgin when they're playing poker and the guys ask Andy what kind of nipples his sex partner had. Are they like Hershey's kisses? Like baby toes? Pencil erasers? Long National Geographic nips? But, sometimes, we have to applaud the models and photographers who give us "nude" pics with all the naughty parts covered. Although that Heidi Montag pictorial in Playboy sucked balls, we think you'll enjoy these cleverly covered nudes. Check 'em out in the photo gallery after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Jessica Daniels [20 PICS]

    Jessica's a 25-year-old model from Buffalo who was a Hawaiian Tropic Model and a Buffalo Bills Cheerleader (Buffalo Jills) for the 2006-2008 seasons. She was also a semi-finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hotties competition and was featured in STARE magazine's March 2011 issue. It seems that she's a pretty athletic chick because she enjoys kickboxing, skydiving, and working out - so I think it's safe to say that she's glad Ralph Wilson Stadium will be open again for some football. I wonder what she drank in celebration. Perhaps some Jack... Daniels? Kudos to Greg Woodson for hooking us up with these never-before-seen photos of her. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Jesse Jane’s 30 Hottest Photos For Her 30th Birthday

    July 16th is Jesse Jane's birthday. In 2011, Jesse turns the big 3-0. I remember the first time I saw Jesse. It was... intense... and kinda scary. She attacked with such vigor and was basically sh*t talking the entire scene that I really felt like maybe I need to train for this type of video viewing. Anyway, the mini blonde bombshell has won numerous AVN Awards and has even crossed over to the mainstream with parts in Middle Men and Entourage. We celebrate the birth of one of the sexiest adult film stars ever with 30 of her sexiest pics. Check it out in the gallery after the jump.

  • The Girls of Playboy’s REAL Top Party School The University of Western Ontario [73 PICS]

    Playboy's Top Party Schools list featured a familiar "faces" like Wisconsin, UT-Austin and Georgia along with a couple newcomers like Colorado and... The University of Western Ontario? Playboy's notorious for throwing at least one curveball at us each time they release the rankings, so we decided to dig a little deeper to see just what made this school the place to party. We asked you guys who should be the top party school and UWO got 43% of the total vote, far outpacing Colorado and Penn State. So, what makes UWO the S-H-*-T? Check out some of their hottest student bodies, their hottest cheerleader, and a girl who goes by the name "The Saugeen Stripper" after the jump.

  • We’re High On Daisy Lowe Posing Nude For Playboy’s September 2011 Issue [45 PHOTOS]

    If Daisy Lowe doesn't ring a bell at first, you might want to check out our 20 sexiest rock star spawn - she's #11 on that list. Anyway, Luuux is reporting that Gavin Rossdale's 22-year-old offspring will appear nude in Playboy's September 2011 issue. This news comes two months after Mick Jagger's daughter (#17 on our list) bared all for the men's entertainment mag. To get you amped for her upcoming pictorial, we've gather her finest, fleshiest work in the photo gallery after the jump.

  • Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke Fired For Leaked Nude Pics [16 PHOTOS] reports that Paige Duke was fired from her position as Miss Sprint Cup in late June after nude pics of her when she was 18 leaked on to the internet thanks to her ex-boyfriend. The nude pics were briefly posted on a couple sites, but are now gone thanks to her lawyers. However, thanks to Jockpost, there are censored versions of the nude pics available that you can see after the jump.

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    20 Babes We Want To See In Playboy

    During our Hugh-mongous Hugh Weekend back in April, we posted Playboy's Sexiest Celebrities 2011 list and asked you who you thought was the sexiest. The top 3 vote getters? Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Olivia Wilde. None of the 3 have ever posed totally nude nor have they posed for Playboy. While Playmates are hot, nothing's hotter than seeing a celebrity pictorial. Why? We don't know. Maybe because it's so rare? Maybe because it's taboo? Maybe it's the grand reveal? Whatever the reason, we decided to release our wish list of female celebs we'd like to see nude in Playboy. Check out our selections after the jump.

  • Playboy’s Miss July 2011 Jessica Lynn Hinton Talks Sex Tapes, Threesomes, & Masturbation With Our Facebook Fans

    Yesterday, we showed you Playboy's Miss July 2011 Jessa Hinton's sexiest mobile uploads. That was merely a glimpse into the Playmate's provocative lifestyle. Last Thursday, we asked our Facebook followers if they had any questions for the  Vegas vixen and, to our surprise, she answered them all. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Hinton talks sex tapes, porn, orgasms, threesomes, bisexuality, blonde jokes, masturbation, plastic surgery, and v-cards. Get to know more about Jessa after the jump!

  • Dr. Who’s Karen Gillan Found Naked in New York Hotel Hallway [18 PHOTOS]

    As we stated last night in "Wrap It Up", Doctor Who cast member Karen Gillan was found naked and whimpering in the hallway of a New York City hotel over the weekend. Those redheads sure know how to party. We'd never heard of Karen before yesterday, but we're hoping to see much more of her in the future. You can see more of her now with our photo gallery featuring the gorgeous girl that's sure to make YOU whimper. Put your clothes back on and check out the pics after the jump.

  • 38 Sexy Sunglasses and Handbra Combos for Sunglasses Day [PHOTOS]

    June 27th is Sunglasses Day, a day in which everyone's encouraged to sport creepers. Sunglasses are a perfect example of fashion meeting function. They shield one's eyes from harmful UV rays and diminish the chances of crow's feet, but they also look pretty bad-ass and can make girls with f***ed up eyes and questionable noses look like supermodels. One could say handbras are just like shades, they shield peepers from seeing nips and they look hot as hell. We salute both in a gallery that's so bright you might have to break out the Ray-Bans. Check it out after the jump.

  • A Colossal Collection of Katy Perry Cleavage Photos [96 PICS]

    Katy Perry, named the hottest woman in the world by Maxim Magazine, is having quite the year. Not only is Last Friday Night expected to be a huge summer hit, but so is her colossal cleavage. And if these boobalicious photos don't prove that she's the hottest babe around, then just consider the fact that she's willing to sleep  (and marry)  Russell Brand -- a man who brags that he slept with 80 women a month before settling down with her. Enjoy.

  • Stripping Down Sarah White, The Naked Therapist

    I always thought therapy sessions were meant to strip the patient down but apparently I was wrong. Meet Sarah White, the founder and ingenious creator of Naked Therapy™. This librarian-hot therapist gets naked then listens to your problems (there shouldn't be too many if you're in a session with her). As awesome and sexy as this sounds, the sessions are taken seriously and Sarah has seen/been seen by over hundreds of clients. COED got the chance to talk to Ms. White about her practice. Check out our full interview after the jump!

  • 44 Self-shot Handbra Hotties [PHOTOS]

    You meet a girl, you hit it off, and it gets sexual QUICK. Before you know it, you're sexting like crazy. She says she's taking a shower, you tell her to take a pic and send it. Some guys are eerily successful in their attempts to get chicks to send them nude or topless candids while others are forced to make the first move and send c*ck shots to entice reciprocation. If you're more Brett Favre than Blake Lively's boyfriend, we've got the photo gallery for you - self shot handbra hotties. Reluctant ladies, take note and send us your best shots to See the pics after the jump.

  • Happy Double D-Day! [127 PHOTOS]

    June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day aka Operation Neptune, which was the day the Allied Forces invaded and won Normandy, France. The operation was the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with over 195,000 Allied personnel in over 5,000 ships involved. If you've ever seen Saving Private Ryan (or even the Robot Chicken spoof of Saving Private Ryan's beach scene), you might have the slightest understanding of the sacrifices made on that day. We salute their efforts with the largest gallery of gigantor boobs to ever invade your eyeballs. Check it out after the jump.

  • Topless Pics of Hot R&B Singer Cassie Leaked? [15 PHOTOS]

    Complex reports via Egotastic that topless pics of 24 year old R&B singer-model-dancer Cassie have been leaked to the interwebs. The name vaguely sounds familiar, you might remember her first single, "Me & U", which became a major hit in 2006 or as Sophie Donovan in Step Up 2 The Streets. Her second album, Electro Love, has yet to be released. The photos first popped up on and there's some skepticism over whether or not they're really her. All we gotta say is nip piercings? Hells yes. Who's got the better multimedia sexts, though - Cassie or Rihanna? See the topless pic along with a gallery of her hottest photos after the jump!