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  • NSFWednesday with Kirill Was Here: SET & Mokai in Miami

    We love Kirill Was HereĀ at COED for being pretty much the best party photographer of all time. So we are very excited to in…

  • Little Stickers On Big Boobs [120 PHOTOS]

    I'm not trying to ruin any fantasies you might have, but more often than not if a famous actress is doing a nude scene and you don't get to actually see anything, she's wearing pasties. You know, those little bits that cover just her bits. Apparently, the actresses are nervous about having nude footage released on the web (although where this fear comes from I have no idea). The girls in this gallery aren't nervous about anything, they're just wearing the stickers so they can show you all of what they're working with. That's so thoughtful, ladies. Check out the gallery after the jump!

  • Gorgeous Girls Giftwrapped 2010 [56 Photos]

    The best part about the Holidays - besides the parties - is tearing through the wrapping paper on your gifts. The anticipation nearly always outmatches the item revealed. Now, in an effort to be more green consumers are replacing single-use paper gift wrap with repeat-use canvas. How the HELL are you supposed to tear through that?! Well, at least, you can always tear through this repeat-use photo gallery of Gorgeous Girls Gift Wrapped that features a couple of our very own Miss COEDs. Can you guess which ones?

  • Babes With Boob Stickers [120 Photos]

    In college football, coaches often give players helmet stickers for each accomplishment on the field whether it̵…

  • Babes With Boob Stickers [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Pretty pics of pasties.…