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  • The MOGA Android Gaming Controller Would Be Awesome If I Could Get The Damn Thing To Work [REVIEW]

    The Power A MOGA Android gaming controller is conceptually a great idea for hardware for the mobile market. If you don’t…

  • Verbatim’s Mobile Keyboard Is The Best Alternative To Onscreen Typing [TECH]

    I was pretty jazzed when Apple made a word processing program (Pages) available for my iPad; now I can really use this tablet on-the-go and forget about lugging a laptop around. Of course that didn't take into account the whole onscreen keyboard thing that makes typing more "thumbs" than QWERTY. I needed a change and I found it in Verbatim's Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard. Check out our review after the jump.

  • 5 Essential iPhone Apps for a Night Out

    Whether it’s a night of drinking or a road trip to a new adventure, there are some essential apps capable of keeping you on track and prepared for almost anything. Lost on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere? About to run out of gas, but your pockets are nearly bare? We've got solutions to cover it all.

  • 6 Random Must Have iPod Accessories

    Sure, nearly everyone already has chargers, headphones or docking stations, but the seemingly limitless amount of crazy iPod and mp3 player add-ons doesn't stop there. As if people weren’t already helplessly addicted to their favorite music player, ingenious gadget companies are finding ways to lure us into spending more of our hard-earned cash on pimping out our iPod.

  • The Coolest Console Games for Your iPod

    Since not everyone is into 1000 different mind numbing point and click puzzle games, the iPod app developers are expanding more and more every day into actual console gaming. Using the original game as a jumping off point, software engineers are turning console blockbusters into mobile games. Just think, next time you’re falling asleep while you're doing work, you can kill some time with an awesome game...instead of just counting the minutes to happy hour.

  • Boobs, Beer, and Baubles

    Two out of the three are favorites of men everywhere and the third can lead to more of one of the others during a certain tim…

  • Coed Magazine’s 14 Days of Valentine Gifts Guide!

    Everyday we’re bringing you an assortment of Valentines gift ideas for that “soon to be the bane of your ex…

  • 14 Rad Viral Video Ringtones

    Being the internet junkies that we are, we've noticed that there's always at least one audio clip from viral videos that makes us here in the COED office laugh harder than any other part. Which got us thinking, wouldn't it be awesome to have viral video ringtones? Well, now we do! From Rimjobs to Bill O'Reilly, here are 14 rad viral video ringtones...