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  • What If….The 1994 MLB Strike Didn’t Bench The Montreal Expos?

    The 1994 Montreal Expos are one of the greatest “What If” questions for many baseball fans. The team with the best record in all of baseball was denied a playoff appearance due to the player’s strike, which cancelled the 1994 World Series. In this week's "What If" series, we’ll lay out the evidence and leave you to decide for yourself what might have been. Check out our hypothetical opinion and then leave your own feelings in the comment section after the jump.

  • 5 Obstacles Preventing The Yankees From Winning Their 28th World Series

    The Yankees have played in 16 of the last 17 postseasons; a feat 29 other fan bases would kill for. Except Yankee fans aren’t satisfied. Success isn’t defined by making it to October, it’s defined by World Series rings. And one World Series title in the last decade just isn’t going to cut it. The problem is, there are five main obstacles that they need to overcome to get number 28. "Tri-State Sports Guys" co-host, Mike DePalma, breaks it down after the jump.

  • Sexy Superfans of the 2011 MLB World Series [PHOTOS]

    I don't know that many experts had the Cardinals and Rangers facing off in the Fall Classic. Apparently the baseball gods favor Jesus Freaks and yanking your starting pitcher halfway through the 5th inning. We're no strangers to hot Rangers fans - Amber Leigh Hartman and Miss COED Heather O have shown off their Texas-sized allegiances, but we don't have any COED models repping the Lou-birds. Hopefully, these photo galleries of each team's sexiest superfans will inspire the lovely ladies of St. Louis to break out their gear and deliver their hottest self-shot pics? Check 'em out then vote for the team you think has the hotter fans in our poll after the jump.

  • How Long Were Your MLB Team’s Games In 2011? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    This infographic comes to us from Flip Flop Fly Ball, the visually stimulating creation of Craig Robinson... no, not THAT Craig Robinson. The site contains baseball infographics and "other visual treats" like the Mets and Yankees logos but in the other's teams color schemes. Mind blown yet? Anyway, I'm a Mets fan. Occasionally, I watch the Yankees. Mets games take like 2 seconds. Everybody strikes out then someone sac flies a guy who got on because of a three-base error to win the game. Meanwhile, Yankees games are like epic Roman tragedies with 8 intermissions. I have to shave once the final out's recorded. Well, I finally have proof that Yankees games should only have 6 innings. Check it out after the jump.

  • Sexy Superfans of the 2011 MLB Wild Card Race [PHOTOS]

    This is it, folks. The 2011 playoff slate is just about set - the Yanks, Phils, Brewers, D-Backs, Tigers, and Rangers have clinched their respective divisions. Now, all we need are our 2 wild cards. After 161 games, four teams' fates come down to the last game of the season. After looking like a sure thing, the Braves and Red Sox have blown considerable leads allowing the Rays and Cards back in to the race. If all teams win, they'll enter into head-to-head one game playoffs. What's more exciting than this photo finish? How about photos of their fine female superfans? Check 'em out then vote for the teams with the hottest fans in our poll after the jump.

  • Mariano Rivera Breaks All-Time Saves Record at Yankee Stadium [VIDEO]

    If you haven't heard yet, Yanks closer Mariano Rivera notched his record-setting 602nd career save today as he closed out a 6-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins. We were there to capture the final historic out at Yankee Stadium. Check it out after the jump.

  • 10 Little League World Series Players Who Made the Bigs

    Right now, the best little leaguers from around the country are competing for tiny stardom in the 2011 Little League World Series. Which got us thinking, what major league players cut their teeth swinging bats in the LLWS? Turns out, there's quite a few. Here are the 10 best MLB players that got their first taste of baseball stardom in the Little League World Series.

  • Prime Time: The Very Best of Neon Deion Sanders [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

    There wasn't a NFL player on Earth who was more beloved and loathed than Deion Sanders. When he was with the Falcons everyone wanted to high step and show boat and return punts. Then, he goes to the 49ers and Cowboys, two of the more hated franchises in the league and people can't stand his glitz and flash. Deep down, though, he's not like Terrell Owens or Chad Ochocinco or Desean Jackson. He's on another level. His physical skills are unparalleled. Sure, he couldn't tackle for sh*t, but he was fun to watch. As a tribute for his birthday today (August 9th), we've curated his best highlight reels, photos, and little known facts. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Apps of the Week [BASEBALL]

    In today’s world, there’s an app for pretty much anything. And within these ‘anything’ categories, there are hundreds of individual apps to choose from. What should you buy? What should you try out? COED sorts out the best from the rest in our Apps of the Week feature. This week, we focus on things that will help you become a baseball legend. Swing batta batta swing!

  • The 18 Losingest Teams In Major League Baseball [SUCK IT, PHILLY]

    July 15th marks the anniversary of the Philadelphia Phillies losing their record 10,000th game, which at the time was the most in MLB history. A quick check of the books shows that despite their recent streak of consecutive division titles and playoff appearances they still hold that top spot for losingest pro baseball team of all-time. Of course, losingest can be taken in a variety of ways - could mean most losses or it could mean worst win/loss percentage. So, we've taken both into consideration when running down the losingest teams of all-time, past and present. Check out the full rundown after the jump.

  • COED Presents The MLB All-Star Cheerleading Squad

    On July 3rd, Major League Baseball announced the rosters for the 2011 MLB All Star Teams.  On July 4th, America celebrated our Independence Day. On July 5th, everyone realized the lack of beautiful women in professional baseball. While hot cheerleaders have been a staple of the NFL and NBA for decades, MLB's first cheerleading team was apparently the Marlin Mermaids in 2003. Step it up, MLB! In the hopes of getting teams to realize how important these ladies are, we've compiled the following list of sexy all-star spirit leaders. Check it out after the jump.

  • Major League Baseball’s 19 Weirdest Players Of All-Time

    Professional athletes are the most superstitious people on Earth. It makes sense since their lives are driven by routine and repetition. But out of all the sports, baseball might have the most superstitious. Remember Major League? As boring as most casual fans believe the game to be, they might change their minds after seeing what these ballplayers do behind the scenes. The eccentricities range from peculiar clothing to unusual pre-game rituals, running the gamut from quirky to crazy. To celebrate what makes us all 'special,' COED's compiled a list of the strangest / nuttiest players from baseball's past and present. Check it out after the jump.

  • Home Run Derby: COED vs. Playboy’s Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmondson [POLL]

    Last week, Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmondson squared off against Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina in a Home Run Derby contest. After suffering a close defeat, she's now challenged us. If she thinks we're gonna take it easy on her, she's in for a big surprise! The rules are simple: Whichever team gets the most home runs between Monday and Sunday wins. If we win, we get to shoot her (whoa!)  in Cam Newton’s game-worn BCS championship game pants (oh, okay). Check out our draft picks along with her selections and sexiest pics then vote for the team you think will reign supreme after the jump.

  • MLB Teams That Need a New Stadium

    If you followed COED's 30 Stadiums in 30 Days trip last summer, then you know there are some state of the art, super awesome stadiums out there in the MLB. However, there are some stadiums that fans should avoid entirely; they make the gameday experience so miserable that you're better off just watching the game on TV. The stadiums listed after the jump are those ones; the stadiums that players are embarassed to call home and that fans should avoid at all costs.

  • I Am The Best MLB2K11 Player In America

    On May 27th Steve was lucky enough to attend the Phillies vs Mets game at Citi Field with 25-year-old Brian Kingrey of Hammond, La. Who is Brian Kingrey you ask? He is this year's $1 million winner of the annual MLB 2K11 Perfect Game Challenge. The guy never played a baseball video game in his life and pitched a Perfect Game with Roy Halladay on the All-Star level within two hours of unwrapping the game. I'm not a video game judge but I'm pretty sure this makes him the best MLB2K11 player on Earth. I got to play an inning against Brian who was pitching with Halladay and with two outs and the odds against me I ripped a double in the gap. I'm pretty sure that makes me the best MLB2K11 hitter in America. Check out pics from my trip after the jump.

  • 6 MLB Teams That Need New Uniforms

    There is no sugar coating it, Major League Baseball on television is boring. Actually attending a ballgame is not that m…

  • COED’s Guide To The 101 Sweetest Things About Summer

    You've been waiting for this weekend all year. Now, with Memorial Day right around the corner, everyone's making plans for the best season of the year: Summer. Your plans should obviously include the B's of Summer: brews, broads, barbeques, baseball and the beach but you're missing something else. Have no fear, the professional partiers here at COED have pulled together over a hundred different activities that can help you make this the best summer ever.

  • Texas Rangers Smokeshow Amber Leigh Hartman Featured By BarstoolSports

    Last fall we posted a still frame of a group of hot girls sitting behind home plate during the ALCS game between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. One of the girls, Amber Leigh Hartman, saw our post and quickly identified herself as one of the smokeshows. I was on BarstoolSports today (typical) and saw a picture El Pres posted of a pretty familiar face. The girl in the story on Barstool looked very similar to Amber so I took a pic (of the picture), sent it over to Amber and got confirmation. She is starting to blow up again so let's feature her pictures again!

  • Marisa Miller’s Grand Slammin’ Body Kicks Off The 2011 MLB Season

    March 31st is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. There are 6 games on the docket with the Tigers-Yankees and Braves-Nationals games kick starting what is sure to be another sensational steroid-less season. Many believe the Braves will beat out the Phils while the Yanks will be locked into another heated divisional race. Judging from her multiple promo appearances related to our national pastime we have to assume Sports Illustrated / Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller is a huge baseball fan. So, we're celebrating MLB's Opening Day with a photo gallery of her enthusiastic support that will make you wanna go 'round the horn.

  • Best Bets To Win The World Series [MLB]

    The 2011 MLB season starts Thursday, March 31 at 1 p.m.  Before C.C. Sabathia throws out the first pitch of the season on ESPN, take some time to get your bets in on the outcome of the World Series in October.  A small wager now can pay off big time and it adds excitement to watching your team all year. See favorites, value picks, long shots, and one trendy team to stay away from after the jump!

  • Pro Athlete Salaries in 1987 [Infographic]

    Pro athletes make crazy amounts of money. Even the lowest of the low on an NFL roster (practice squad) make what the rest of us would consider an excellent salary (minimum of $4700/week, which adds up to $79,900 over the regular season). It wasn't always this way though. Back in the 1980's salaries were much more modest. Here is an inforgraphic from a 1987 issue of Fortune Magazine that shows just how much average salaries in the four major sports have increased over the years. When your done reading this check out How Much Money Do You Make Compared to the Athletes? and The 10 Best Sports Jobs for Non-Athletes.

  • Rihanna’s Bringing Sexy Back to Vogue

    Rihanna Bends Over Backwards for Vogue • Prof Romeo Von Sexhaver on How To Get The BitchesFootball VS Futbol: Money In The Game (Infographic) • Photos From BroBible and Windows Phone's Epic "From Austin With Love" Party • Old Wonder Woman On The New WondermanGreek Soccer Matches Aren't Completely Sh*tty See more links after the jump!

  • TV

    5 Things NFL Players Can Do During The Lockout

    Last week, we brought you the 30 expensive things you could buy with the estimated $12B that could be lost during the NFL lockout. With football no longer on their schedule, players must seek alternative means to pass the time and, in many cases, make a buck. Before we were internet moguls... we were career consultants! That's why we'd like to offer our services to the hundreds of pro football players who have grown tired twiddling their thumbs. As Tim Tebow or Kurt Warner can attest, idle hands are the devil's tools. See our top suggestions for things NFL players can do during the lockout after the jump!

  • 6 Athletes Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

    There have been reports Mark Wahlberg has stated he wants to turn "The Fighter" into a trilogy. Is this the next Rocky franchise? Most likely not, since this one's based on actual events, but one wonders if Mickey Ward's story warrants three feature length films? Prior to The Fighter's release, his name rang few bells, but judging by its critical and box office success, one has to take a look around at other sports figures to see who's ripe for the Hollywood treatment. In April 2009, Bleacher Report published their list of athletes who deserve celluloid dedications, now we have our list. See our selections after the jump!

  • 2011 Is The “Year Of The Beard”

    • "Year of the Beard" is a front-runner for Best Picture at next year's Oscars • Megan Fox's bikini body foxes up a new commercial for Armani jeans • Quentin Tarantino's "Star Wars" • Hottest girlfriends of MLB's leadoff hitters • 9 ‘Tim and Eric’ Regulars Who Need A Cameo In ‘Billion Dollar Movie’ • South Carolina's hottest Asian? • London ice cream shop serving breast milk ice cream