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  • So ‘Milking’ Is A Meme That Just Started [VIDEO]

    Since this meme just started in England, it’s tough to tell if it will catch on or not. I guess we’ll just hav…

  • Brown Cow, Sticki Palmer, Cherry Bomb [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

    Let’s get one thing straight—we don’t test and review hundreds of brands of liquor each year because we li…

  • Hot Movie Milfs for Mother’s Day [VIDEO]

    Is it movie milf-tastic or milf-rific? A fab way to enjoy Mother’s Day is by checking out COED’s video:…

  • Who Was the First Person to Think of Milking a Cow? [VIDEO]

    I never really thought about this question before I saw this commercial, usually my limited brain is too concerned with other things. I have to admit this video made me laugh out loud when the ghost cow appears, legit spit out my egg white (I care about my health) sandwich. Check out the video after the jump!

  • 53 Maids-a-Milking for National Dairy Month [PHOTOS]

    June is National Dairy Month. The "Got Milk?" campaign could be one of the best and most effective in the ad biz; it's short, sweet, and to the point. Since we're not your mother (father maybe), we can't make sure you drink your milk, but we can make sure you have a steady diet of super sexy women who've "Got Milk". It's scientifically proven these pics will help grow at least one of your bones. Check 'em out in the gallery after the jump!

  • Adult Chocolate Milk Takes us Back to the Playground

    If you think Four Loko, Sparks, and Joose are marketed towards people under the age of 21, you haven’t seen everything yet. Yes, the curiously dubbed Adult Beverage Company is unleashing a brand new line of sweet, adolescent-esque drinks, beginning with their inaugural Adult Chocolate Milk. Claiming to “have the tastes that instantly bring you back to your innocence,” this brand new liqueur is the latest in sweet, alcoholic treats.

  • Movies This Week: August 27th, 2010

    Vampires Suck surprisingly didn't suck at the box office, sucking its way to numero dos. Proof yet again that America can't get enough of Twilight even when it's mocked for 90 minutes straight. Lottery Ticket didn't really hit the jackpot but still beat out Piranha 3D, which WILL HAVE A SEQUEL despite coming in at #6. I don't think that's ever happened in the history of flesh-eating fish pics. Nanny McFartface banged her way to the eight slot right under The Switch.

  • The 10 Weirdest Fetishes in the World

    I once knew someone who made his girlfriend hold his junk when he took a leak. While there's no name for the firefighter-esque peeing routine, there are names out there are all the weird fetishes you thought existed in only in your dreams. After a lot of Google searching (hint: turn safe search off), I've discovered the 10 weirdest fetishes in the world.