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  • Chris Bosh’s Screams Get The Jurassic Park Treatment [VIDEO]

    Late in the fourth quarter, Chris Bosh had two absolutely huge consecutive plays that put the Miami Heat over the Spurs…

  • A Disgruntled Heat Fan’s Observations From Game 5 in San Antonio

    San Antonio, first of all, congrats on your successful blackout. Wait, nevermind.

  • Roy Hibbert Drops A “No Homo” At Post-Game Press Conference [VIDEO]

    Roy Hibbert is as dumb as Jason Collins is gay…

  • Yvette Prieto: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]

    Michael Jordan’s second wife is first rate…

  • Our Favorite YouTube Comments On The Miami Heat “Harlem Shake” Video [PHOTOS]

    The Miami Heat’s “Harlem Shake” video might be the best of the bunch.…

  • 5 Reasons Why The Oklahoma City Thunder Will Win The 2012 NBA Finals

    As the Oklahoma City Thunder appear to be on death’s doorstep as the squad is one loss away from losing the 2012 NBA…

  • Dancers of The NBA Finals: Miami vs. Oklahoma City Thunder [PHOTOS]

    If you love NBA Dancers like we do, there aren’t many teams you’d rather realistically see in the NBA Final…

  • Are The Miami Floridians Ready To Boogie? [14 PHOTOS]

    From the looks of these photos, I’d say that they are. As much as I hate the Heat (not including D-Wade), it’…

  • 5 Books That Lebron James Needs To Read Besides “The Hunger Games”

    Before the start of Game Four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Pacers, Miami Heat star Lebron James was…

  • Amare Stoudemire Played Shane Battier, Gets Insulted By Heat PA [VIDEO]

    Just like everyone else last night, we called that the New York Knicks would get ousted by the Heat. All things considere…

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    10 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [January 16th - 22nd]

    Now that the college football season is over and people are still recovering from MLK Weekend, we begin to enter the most…

  • 8 NBA Teams That Benefit Most From The Lockout

    Now that the NBA's Nazi Commissioner David Stern has officially cancelled the first two weeks of the NBA season, all we can do now is pray that a season actually starts. The L and the players did just have 16 hour talks yesterday, so it's nice to know that they're at least making it seem like they give a f*ck. I'd be happy with a shorter season anyway because it's the playoffs that really matter. Even if the season doesn't happen, at least we have NBA 2k12 to fill the void. I'm sure that a few NBA teams are actually happy about the lockout - there are a bunch that actually benefit from a shorter regular season. Check out who those teams are after the jump.

  • The Miami Heat’s Post-Game Locker Room Playlist According to Twitter

    Last night, the Mavs avenged their '06 Finals loss to the Heat with a decisive Game 6 victory over the Big Three in Miami for their first NBA title. It seems everyone and their Delonte West-banging mother rooted agaisnt the cHeat, painting Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh like immature, taunting, childish, crybaby super villains. We feel Twitter is always a good measuring stick / barometer for public reaction, so it's no surprise that #heatlockerroomplaylist is trending. People are more pumped to see the Heat lose than the Mavs win. We sifted through the piles of suggestions to come up with the best of the best. Take a listen then suggest your own in the comments section below our partner links after the jump shot.

  • 2011 NBA Finals WAG WAR: Dallas Mavericks Vs Miami Heat [PHOTOS]

    Grab a cold one because this is going to be a brutal NBA Finals match-up. Game 2 was a real barn-burner and the temp's only going to get higher. At COED, we're trying to add a little fuel to this fire by holding a little finals of our own focusing on what we know best: girls. We've already shown you the team's dancers, but which city's players have the hotter wives / girlfriends? It's a tough call: while Miami's full of supermodels and beach babes, Dallas has decided to recruit some foreign talent. Take a look for yourself and decide which team is the real winner. Check out the pics and vote after the jump!

  • Dancers of the NBA Finals: Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat Showdown

    The 2011 NBA Finals begin Tuesday with the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” and crew battling the Dirk Nowitzki-powered Dallas Mavericks. Each team took care of their Conference Finals matchups in five games, though the Mavericks had to come back a couple times to advance. Previously, we showed you the extreme hotness that is the Miami Heat dance team. Now, in true COED form we ask you which team has the hotter dancers. Let us know by voting in our poll at the bottom of the post.

  • Colossal Cleavage Collection: NBA Conference Finals Dancer Edition [113 PHOTOS]

    For the first time in what feels like a long time, the Los Angeles Lakers won't be in the NBA Finals. We WILL have a new league & Western Conference champion. Thought a lot of haters are glad to see them go, we have to admit we're going to miss them, strictly because we won't be able to ogle their dancers during timeouts and before/after commercial breaks. But, no worries, we've discovered the remaining 4 teams have some pretty decent talent as well. Yesterday, we showed you the Miami Heat dancers doing burlesque. Today, we broaden our scope with a gallery of well-endowed dancers from the Mavs, Bulls, and Thunder that'll make you want to bang from way downtown. Check it out after the jump!

  • 2011 Miami Heat Dancers Do Burlesque [67 PHOTOS]

    The Bulls dominated the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and we have to believe it was due in part because Miami didn't have their dancers court side to distract D Rose and crew. We previously showed you the hotness that is the Heat squad back when Melo first joined the Knicks. Now, the dancers have turned up the heat with these pics of them doing Burlesque. Yeah, the movie starring Christina Aguilera sucked but this should more than make up for it. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • Best Bets to Win the 2011 NBA Title

    It's NBA playoff time and what better way to get into the action than by throwing down some wagers on the teams you think can take down the title.   Will LeBron's "Decision" pay off?  Will the old guard Celtics prove they are still the class of the East?  Is Derrick Rose poised to take his team all the way to the Finals?  Are Kobe and the Lakers ready to get to the finals for an amazing fourth straight year?  Do the Spurs have anything left in the tank?  Will Dallas finally make Mark Cuban's dreams come true?  It should be an interesting ride. Check Casino Steve's playoff predictions after the jump!

  • Cheerleader Showdown: Miami Heat VS. New York Knicks

    With Melo making his way to the Knicks, it appears the Heat have some serious competition in the Eastern Conference. We've shown you how excited the Knicks dance team and the crowd at Madison Square Garden were. Apparently, that positive energy is working as the Knicks pulled off a nice upset win over the Heat over the weekend. We asked our followers on Facebook to vote on a series of Miami Heat and New York Knicks cheerleader photos. See who's winning and vote for your favorite after the jump!

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    How Did I Miss The “Like A Bosh” Craze?

    This morning, I asked BroBible via their Facebook wall, "What's the best thing you've seen all week?" A dude named Jeremy Chaput from Toronto responded with a link to this "Like a Bosh" video by The Basketball Jones. You might recognize the beat and rhythm - that's because it's a parody Slim Thug's "Like a Boss", which was also spoofed in the Saturday Night Live Digital Short called, "Like a Boss" featuring Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg, which you can view below. Somehow this "Like a Bosh" clip slipped under our radar. We're sure a few of you have seen this before but we definitely think it's worth another view.

  • Lil Wayne “Green & Yellow” vs. Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” vs. EVERYONE ELSE [23 VIDEOS]

    By now, you've probably heard Wiz Khalifa's song "Black & Yellow" about 1 brahgrillion times. As with most anything that blows the eff up in pop culture, it usually gets the spoof or parody treatment. The deluge began with Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks aka Chet Haze with his Northwestern Remix "White and Purple". Since then, many more have stepped up to the plate with the most notable remix coming from Lil Wayne with "Green and Yellow". So, we scoured za YouTube to collect the very best remixes to ask you guys which one is most legit. You know a song's blown up when UPS and Black & Decker throw their hat into the ring. Btw, be prepared to HATE this song once you're done reviewing our entries. Vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • NBA Roundup: Griffin Makes Clippers No Laughing Matter

    As we head into the second half of the NBA season, there are still a number of teams vying for a playoff spot. The biggest storylines of the past week include the surging New Orleans Hornets, the still-on-pace-for-70-wins Spurs, the vulnerable Heat dropping a handful of games, the Knicks falling back to Earth, Blake Griffin bringing the Clippers back to respectability and the pathetic Cavaliers losers of 28 of their last 29. Read more after the jump!

  • NBA Roundup: The Australian Assassin’s Creed – Stay Out The Paint!

    As first semester comes to a close, students around the country wrap up final exams and head home for the holidays. What better way to celebrate the season than by hitting up a few Christmas parties and rocking out with a top flight NBA game on in the background? Miami's hitting their stride while Carlos Boozer and The Australian Assassin Andrew Bogut dominated the hardwood. More NBA reactions, analysis, and predictions after the jump!

  • NBA Roundup: When The Man Hits In Your Eye, That’s Amare

    Round One of The LeBron Hate Parade 2010 is in the books as he and his buddies shattered the Cavs in a demoralizing 118-90 victory that was nowhere near as close as the score indicates. The Heat are finally clicking and have won five straight heading into a west coast trip with stops in Utah, Golden State, and Sacramento. The smart money would suggest that the wins will keep piling up. See more reaction and analysis after the jump!