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  • Who Should Be Miss COED August 2011? [POLL]

    Who Should Be Miss COED August 2011? [POLL]

    This past weekend we crowned Corissa Furr as our Miss COED July 2011. The competition for Miss COED August 2011 is fierce with 7 FINALISTS: Ralina Lia, Chrissa Carolyn, Carol Seleme Daniel, Miranda Lewis, Dylan Fitzpatrick, Cosette Jarrett, and Christy Lee. These women were your favorite Miss COEDs from July. A lot of people think we're strictly all about big breasted blondes, but as you'll see, we've run the gamut from red hot redheads to voluptuous vixens to tattooed dimes. Take a look at their profiles then vote in our poll at the bottom after the jump.

  • Miss COED July 2011 Is…

    Miss COED July 2011 Is…

    After we crowned Elizabeth Marxs as our Miss COED June 2011 back in early July, we asked you who should Miss COED July 2011. Your finalists were Alexis Boyett, Devrie Townsend, Lauren Waugh and Corissa Furr. So, who CRUSHED the competition with 60% of your votes? Well, she’s been a spokeswoman for NOS Energy Drink, and she's been featured on Spike’s MANswers and HBO’s Entourage (with Eminem). She was also voted Strikeforce’s Knockout Ring Girl. Find out who our Miss COED July 2011 is after the jump!

  • Nikita Penalosa

    Nikita Penalosa

    Nikita's a 19-year-old from Santa Clarita, CA who's a Hooters girl by day and a sexy bikini / import model by night. She's currently featured in the Crokini Swimwear line, MB (Mercedes Benz) Junkies, and was a finalist for Miss Redline Time Attack 2012. Currently, Nikita's working on reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter - at which point she'll make another awesome video. Help out the sexy Filipino here, then check out her modeling reel, pics and stats after the jump.

  • Chelsea Marie Goff

    Chelsea Marie Goff

    Chelsea's a 20-year-old model who's a student at UCF but is currently living in Miami Beach for the summer. Her life sounds pretty boring: dual citizenship in England, traveling around Europe, jet skiing, South Beach, and living with a Playboy Playmate (Miss October 2011 Amanda Cerny). Yep, pretty lame. She's been featured in STARE Magazine, did a stint with DayGlo Miami, and was a part of the massive Miami Wines and Spirits convention (yawn). In case you can't sense sarcasm, I'm laying it on pretty thick. I'm in love. Check out her pics and stats after the jump..

  • Erin Heatherton’s Stunning Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Shoot [13 PHOTOS] Girls

    Erin Heatherton’s Stunning Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Shoot [13 PHOTOS]

    There are so many sexy Victoria's Secret models that sometimes we lose track of 'em all. One such model who's not given enough spotlight is Erin Heatherton. She's got freckles and she knows how to use them. In a recent interview, she stated that she needs "to pay people to make me work out or I wouldn’t do it". Of course, we'd like to pretend these girls works their asses off to maintain that body but let's be real, they're genetically superior. I saw a 200+ lb girl at my gym every single day of the frickin' week and she didn't lose a single ounce. Cue Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and check out the new pics from her latest Victoria's Secret shoot after the jump.

  • Elle Liberachi’s 59 Sexiest Topless Photos Girls

    Elle Liberachi’s 59 Sexiest Topless Photos

    We have to admit Elle Liberachi could be one of the most underrated models in the game. She literally can't NOT be hot. Every time she does a photo shoot, it's amazing. But, we honestly don't feel like we see enough of her. Regardless, we're pleased to see she's on the cover of FHM Netherland's August 2011 issue, which is essentially the same cover and feature as the FHM May 2011 issue. Are we complaining? Negative. We'll never tire of her poses, especially the topless ones. That's why we've put together this gallery of her sexiest topless photos for you to disrobe. Check it out after the jump.

  • Jolene Sattarelle

    Jolene Sattarelle

    Jolene's an incredibly gorgeous  20-year-old Italian-Filipino model from Struthers, Ohio who majors in Communications and minors in Theatrical Arts at Youngstown State University.  She just started modeling this year, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her portfolio. Her credits include a feature on Soletron and an appearance in the February 2011 issue of Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine. Right now, Jo's trying to get to LA and needs a little help. When she blows up big time, you can take partial credit for getting her there! Donate then check out her stats and pics after the jump.

  • Jessica Princes

    Jessica Princes

    Jessica's a 27-year-old blondie from Toronto whose pictures have been featured in Hockey Hot ChickTO Sport Magazine (March '09), Royal Magazine, Dorogaroad Mag, and Total Fashion Magazine. She also does double duty as the official spokeswoman for Maxine Morgan and Doublevision DVJ. We've experienced double vision on many occasions... sh*t, I'm staring at two things right now. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Get Spanked In Lingerie For GQ [31 PHOTOS] TV

    Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Get Spanked In Lingerie For GQ [31 PHOTOS]

    It's no secret we're big-time-mega-super-huge fans of Alison Brie (see our posts on her most boob-tastic animated GIFs and sexiest Facebook photos). Her doe-eyed pouty face, the scrunched up annoyed face, her pretend-to-be-a-buttoned-up prude act - they do wonders for our libido. But, we feel bad we've excluded her Community co-star Gillian Jacobs. Luckily, AlBrie was nice enough to bring her into a playful photo shoot with GQ. Their characters rarely get along on the show, so the actresses decided to take out their frustrations on each other in the form of light, girl-on-girl S&M. Very therapeutic. Check out the pics after the jump.

  • Caitlin Wynters Heats Up As ZOO’s New Covergirl [61 PHOTOS] Girls

    Caitlin Wynters Heats Up As ZOO’s New Covergirl [61 PHOTOS]

    Yesterday, ZOO announced their newest covergirl is Caitlin Wynters. She was chosen not by editors but by ZOO readers after the mag asked them to submit nominations then vote on a group of 25 finalists. If you've ever seen the British "show" Babestation Daytime (NSFW) or Party People, you might recognize her. I used to call those 1-900 numbers in high school but never spent a dime. Back when I thought being "quick" was to my advantage. Anyway, check out her stats and pics after the jump.

  • Dixie Sway

    Dixie Sway

    Dixie's a 22-year-old model from Omaha, Nebraska who's been modeling for over three years and has been featured in Maxim's Hometown Hottie Contest, fIXE magazine, and I-Candy. I've never traveled to her part of the country, but if all the girls from Nebraska looked like her, I might change my tune. Until then, I'll have to just stick to 'Whistling Dixie.' PS, I'm 100% unapologetic for that awful pun. Check out Dixie's pics and stats after the jump.

  • Who Should Be Miss COED July 2011? [POLL]

    Who Should Be Miss COED July 2011? [POLL]

    Yesterday (July 9th), we crowned Elizabeth Marxs Miss COED June 2011. The red hot Houston redhead narrowly beat out the Bosnia-born brunette stunner Dina Pandzic for the crown. That makes back to back months where a redhead's won out. That won't be the case this month as we have three blondes - Alexis Boyett, Devrie Townsend, and Lauren Waugh - going up against the lone dark-haired hottie Corissa Furr. Can Corissa defy the odds and beat out the blonde mafia? Or will one of the sun-kissed cuties carry away the title? Take a look at their profiles and pics then vote in our poll after the jump.

  • Miss COED June 2011 Is…

    Miss COED June 2011 Is…

    In early June, we asked you to decide which one of our finalists should be Miss COED June 2011: Bosnia-born Dina Pandzic, NJ native Lindsey Rose, or Houston hottie Elizabeth Marxs. I know I said last month's voting was close, but this one beat it. The wildly hot winner edged out the runner up by a mere dozen votes or just around 1% differential. Who took the crown? Well, just like last month's Miss COED, she's another Playboy product, having been named their Cyber Girl of the Week in late May. Find out who it is after the jump.

  • Ralina Lia

    Ralina Lia

    Ralina's a 26-year-old model from the Bay Area who's posed for Dirty Shirty, Working Show Truck Magazine (2009), and Lowrider Magazine. She's also appeared on Playboy TV. We've seen a lot of hot models here at COED, but Ralina really sticks out to us... one particular section of hers really sticks out... we're talking about her chesticles. We think Dave Chappelle would say she has, "Great San Fran boobs". Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend Stuff

    How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

    Every guy loves lingerie. If your chick's wearing it, you know things are gonna get good. However, girls rarely break that sh*t out. So, to give them that extra nudge, you figure I'll just buy her some. Then reality sets in. Guys hate shopping in general, but shopping for "the unmentionables"? Even worse. You feel so uncomfortable walking into a store that sells women's underwear, you might not know what to ask or look for. Don't worry, if you follow our guide, you'll be in and out of that store (and in and out of your lingerie-rocking girlfriend) in no time. Check out our full guide after the jump.

  • Cecilia Wang

    Cecilia Wang

    Cecilia's a 22-year-old model who just graduated from the University of Michigan. She grew up in Rochester, MI but is currently living in Miami Beach, FL. According to her Facebook profile, she likes watching "Archer" and on her Twitter she proclaimed her love for HBO's Game of Thrones. She also said she and her roommates should have their own TV show "Bad Girls Club style". Ummm, yes, please. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

  • Lauren Waugh

    Lauren Waugh

    Lauren's a 22-year-old model from Tulsa, Oklahoma who's been featured on as their Cyber Girl of the Week (NSFW) and in Playboy's Special Editions magazines like Fresh Faces (NSFW) and Natural Beauties (NSFW) under the equally cool-sounding alias Addison Miller. She also competed in Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest, and appeared in the Campus Girls USA 2008-2009 calendar and three issues of Hooters magazine. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

  • Devrie Townsend

    Devrie Townsend

    Devrie's a 23 year old from Webster, TX, which is about 30-40 minutes outside of Houston by car. She's one of Maxim's Hometown Hotties this year and has been featured as the cover model for Blitz Weekly, which you should definitely pick up. Get it? Model? Blitz? Pick up? We really hope the f***ing NFL ends the lockout soon. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Tempe12 Has 67 Hot Reasons To Transfer To ASU [PHOTOS, VIDEO] News-ish

    Tempe12 Has 67 Hot Reasons To Transfer To ASU [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

    If haven't noticed recently, Tempe12 models have been showing COED a lot of love. Apparenlty, we turn them into sex panthers, which is pretty sweet. Of course, we love 'em right back. What makes us love 'em? Well, these aren't just any hot chicks, they're the real deal - all Tempe12 models must be enrolled at ASU and maintain a minimum GPA of at least a 3.0. I've had the opportunity to see, and yes even talk to, some of these girls and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. Check out a behind the scenes video from their casting call in April and 60+ pics of their hottest models after the jump.

  • A Freakin’ Lotta #FriskyFriday Handbra Photos [77 PICS] Girls

    A Freakin’ Lotta #FriskyFriday Handbra Photos [77 PICS]

    What started with Playboy model Shera Bechard and this picture has blossomed and blown up into a regular, recurring Twitterrific feature in which hot chicks post their most provocative pics under the #FriskyFriday hashtag! You could go aimlessly searching through Twitter for these risqué pics or you could just sit back and enjoy the hottest, hand-picked handbras  in the photo gallery after the jump.

  • Corissa Furr

    Corissa Furr

    Corissa's yet another model who lives on the opposite side of the country. I would be more upset if this girl wasn't everywhere that I look. She's been a spokeswoman for NOS Energy Drink, and has done a bunch of print work, including the Import Tuner 2011 Calendar and an American Curves photoshoot. She's on the boob tube also, having been featured on Spike's MANswers and HBO's Entourage (with Eminem). Most recently, Corissa was voted Strikeforce's Knockout Ring Girl, which made her ring girl for Strikeforce's March 5th event. Chick's a knockout for sure. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Sara Renee

    Sara Renee

    Sara's a 19 year old model from Richmond, Virginia who's a promo girl for H2Ocean. In addition to being featured in Krown Magazine, she was named the Super National Pinup Girl of 2011, and 93.x's Hot Chick of the Day. She likes riding horses, driving a lifted F-150, and has one of the most bad-ass and original tattoos I've ever seen. The guy who inked that must have nerves of steel or isn't into chicks. I'd be distracted as f***. Anyway, check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Lindsie Herring

    Lindsie Herring

    Lindsie's a 23 year old model from Huntington Beach, CA who currently lives in Durango, Colorado. She was in two episodes of Entourage Season 7 (Ep. 3 & 7) and the feature film From the Head. In terms of print work she's been in the Keepin it Real Calendar, the cover model of Social Magazine, and Nor'easter Magazine. She was also a promo model at Maxim's Hot 100 party in 2010. Here's to hoping Maxim puts her in the 2012 edition. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Hot Girls, Cold Fridge [69 PHOTOS] Girls

    Hot Girls, Cold Fridge [69 PHOTOS]

    Remember that dude who said, the rent is too damn high! Well, with the temperature hitting triple digits in NYC today, we imagine he's saying, the temp is too damn high! There are people scared sh*tless to go outside right now. We've got like 19 fans and an AC pumping and we're still swimming in sweat. What's the last resort for cooling down? The fridge, of course. That's just what the hot girls in this photo gallery were thinking. They cool off and you heat up. Sorry 'bout that. Check out the pics after the jump.

  • 38 Alluring Alektra Blue Photos For Her 28th Birthday Girls

    38 Alluring Alektra Blue Photos For Her 28th Birthday

    June 9th is Alektra Blue's birthday. On this day, the purdy porn star turns 28 years young. The Phoenix-born actress who grew up in Dallas (2 of the best cities for hot chicks) began earning dolla bills for diddling dongs in January 2005 thanks to her bff, Taryn Thomas. In April 2008, she was the Penthouse Pet of the Month then in 2010, she appeared in Lady Gaga's music video for "Telephone". At this year's AVN awards, she won "Best Body" as voted by the fans. We couldn't agree more. Check out her sexiest non-nude pics and video interview for Badcock Apparel after the jump.

  • Is Naomie Harris The Next Bond Girl?

    Is Naomie Harris The Next Bond Girl?

    • Naomie Harris Could Be the Next Girl We Watch Bond Bang (ScreenJunkies) • Rob Corddry is: The Worst Negotiator Ever (CollegeHumor) • Playmate Twitpics. You're Welcome. (theSmokingJacket) • Top 10 Star Wars Characters Not in the Movies (Gunaxin) • 80 New Victoria's Secret Lingerie Pictures (Guyism) • 25 Crazy Celebrity Portrait Tatoos (HolyTaco) • Michelle Hunziker Showering With a Friend in a Bikini (HollywoodTuna) See more awesome links after the jum

  • Happy Double D-Day! [127 PHOTOS] Girls

    Happy Double D-Day! [127 PHOTOS]

    June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day aka Operation Neptune, which was the day the Allied Forces invaded and won Normandy, France. The operation was the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with over 195,000 Allied personnel in over 5,000 ships involved. If you've ever seen Saving Private Ryan (or even the Robot Chicken spoof of Saving Private Ryan's beach scene), you might have the slightest understanding of the sacrifices made on that day. We salute their efforts with the largest gallery of gigantor boobs to ever invade your eyeballs. Check it out after the jump.

  • Who Should Be Miss COED June 2011? [PHOTOS, POLL]

    Who Should Be Miss COED June 2011? [PHOTOS, POLL]

    On June 4th, we crowned Leanna Decker as our Miss COED May 2011. Today, we ask you to decide who of our 4 finalists should be Miss COED June 2011: Bosnia-born Dina Pandzic, NJ native Lindsey Rose, Houston hottie Elizabeth Marxs, and rap video vixen Aniley Perez. Check out their pics and stats below then vote in our poll at the bottom of the post after the jump!

  • Miss COED May 2011 is…

    Miss COED May 2011 is…

    Back in early May, we asked you who should be our Miss COED for May 2011. Our finalists were Ally Vasic, Amanda Kay, Jessica Robinson, and Leanna Decker. This was one of the closest contests I've ever seen with all four ladies only separated by a handful of votes. So, which wildly attractive woman edged out the others? Well, we've got a new behind-the-scenes video of the sexy winner from one of her red hot photo shoots with Jose Luis. Check it out along with her prettiest pics after the jump!

  • Dina Pandzic

    Dina Pandzic

    Dina's a 19-year-old model who was born in Bosnia, but now lives in Toronto. Right now, she's studying cosmetology and hopes to be an esthetician (someone who specializes in beautifying the skin, duh). Judging from some of her interviews, it seems as though she is more of a quiet girl. While I prefer a partier, I'm sure I'd make an exception for this bombshell, eh. Check out her pictures and stats after the jump, ya hosers!

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