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  • Uma Thurman Gets Lesbianic and Exotic for New Campari Calendar [6 Photos]

    2014 already looks great as Uma Thurman goes girl/girl and gets dolled up in crimson for the Campari Calendar!

  • Olivia d’Abo on “ELEMENTARY” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

    [23 pics!] It's a blast from the past as Olivia d'Abo shows up on Elementary--and we look back at some of her sexiest roles!

  • GLEE Star Naya Rivera Makes Cover of Rolling Stone: Here’s Why [37 Photos]

    Naya RIvera's on the cover of Rolling Stone--and these pics will prove why she's always been a rock star to us!

  • Rebecca Mader on DROP DEAD DIVA [See Her Tonight]

    [25 photos!] Sneak a peek at Rebecca Mader as a dominatrix on tonight's Drop Dead Diva--plus plenty more rad pics of the ravishing redhead!

  • October 24, 2013: 35 Pics for Tila Tequila’s 32nd Birthday

    [35 pics!] Tila Tequila was once the reigning bad girl of Myspace, and these photos will make you wish Facebook had never happened!

  • October 22, 2013: Hot Young Pics for Catherine Deneuve’s 70th Birthday

    [63 pics!] Catherine Deneuve is still a sex symbol as she turns 70--but we're celebrating the ingenue's naked past!

  • Sofia Black-D’Elia on BETRAYAL [SEE HER TONIGHT]

    [35 pics!] You'll be betraying your...um, brains if you don't tune in to Sofia Black-D'Elia's luscious work as a lovely lesbian on Betrayal!

  • Syfy Shocker: Three-Breasted Actress Kaitlyn Leeb Rocks Saturday Night

    [30 pics!] Get ready for Kaitlyn Leeb with our gallery of her greatest hits--from her three-breasted hooker in Total Recall to her lesbian loving in Wrong Turn 4!

  • October 17, 2013: 43 Pics As Skinemax’s Shauna O’Brien Turns 43 Years Old

    It was a dark day for men when the Cinemax network announced a recent plan to cut out its late-night erotica. The term R…

  • Sarah Shahi on PERSON OF INTEREST [See Her Tonight]

    [34 pics!] We have plenty of interest as Sarah Shahi joins Person of Interest as a regular cast member--and she's hinting at lesbian action tonight!

  • Meet Ruby Rose: We Like Demi Lovato’s (Alleged) Taste in Lesbian Lovers [PHOTOS]

    So it seems that¬†Demi Lovato¬†might be a Method Actor when it comes to her lesbian love scenes in Glee. That’s acco…

  • October 3, 2013: 40 Pics for Neve Campbell Turning (Yeah) 40

    Get stuck in the '90s as you check out these pics of the Scream Queen and Wild Thing who gave us the best lesbian catfight of the decade!

  • Caitlin Carver on GLEE [See Her Tonight]

    [21 pics!] Tonight's the night for Demi Lovato's lesbian hook up with Naya Rivera on Glee--but we're looking to be distracted by Caitlin Carver's guest turn...

  • Actually, Dating A Lesbian Sounds Like All Kinds Of Awesome [VIDEO]

    I’m not going to lose too much sleep over the whole “gay guys will marry our girlfriends if gay marriage isn…

  • Dalila Ali Rajah [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]

    22 pics + video! It's always a thrill when Dalila Ali Rajah guests on a show like tonight's New Girl. She's so busy as a writer/healer/activist that we forget Dalila still has time to maintain a busy acting career--and, to be honest, we kind of prefer to think of her other pursuits as a lesbian activist and out bisexual. She's sex-positive, too, and we're positive you'll love these pics and video...

  • Emilia Fox [See Her Tonight on UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS]

    Emilia Fox guests on Upstairs Downstairs (9 pm EST, PBS) It doesn’t have the following of Downton Abbey, but the p…

  • Necar Zadegan [See Her Tonight on EMILY OWENS, M.D.]

    15 pics! The CW is gambling that enough people are tired of politics to skip the debate and tune in to Emily Owens, M.D. We were thinking it would take more than Meryl Streep's daughter in the lead to get us to tune in to an Ally McBeal set in a hospital--but that was before we saw Necar Zadegan set to appear in the series. Check out this gallery , and you'll agree that Necar is way more important than some debate over who's the leader of the free world...

  • Hannah Townsend [See Her Tonight on DEXTER]

    Hannah Townsend on Dexter (9 pm EST, Showtime) We’re pretty sure that Dexter is trying to kill us. Not the actual g…

  • Sheetal Sheth [See Her Tonight on NCIS: LOS ANGELES]

    22 pics! She's an exotic beauty, but Sheetal Sheth is actually a New Jersey native who's become an international sensation. She knows how to get a guy's attention, too. Sheetal has starred in two lovely lesbian films, and we're looking forward to her as a swinger in an upcoming comedy--but let's start now with hot pics and video stills...

  • TV

    Mila Kunis Turns 29 Years Old! Check Out 29 Hot Pics!

    It’s August 14th, and Mila Kunis is turning 29 years old! She’s doing pretty well for herself, too. Nobody…

  • Jessica Clark [See Her Tonight on TRUE BLOOD]

    21 pics! It's hard to keep track of all the hot-blooded babes of True Blood, and tonight's episode is only Jessica Clark's fourth appearance as the vampiric vixen Lilith. She still hasn't wasted any time becoming a real name. It helps that she's a lovely Indian/Nigerian model who's also openly gay. She'll be a lovely lesbian in the upcoming feature A Perfect Ending, but you can start enjoying her lovely looks now...

  • Allison McAtee [See Her Tonight on NCIS]

    42 pics! We knew there was something special about Allison McAttee the moment we saw her in the 2008 biker film Hell Ride. We didn't know she'd become a lesbian sex symbol with her turn as a college professor in 2010's Bloomington. Now the daring gal plays a superhero named Spandaxia in tonight's NCIS. Allison is clearly giving guys what they want, and we've got pics that'll get you wanting more...

  • TOTAL RECALL 3-Breasted Hooker Kaitlyn Leeb Nipples Exposed! [21 PHOTOS]

    The reviews aren’t good for Total Recall, but critics are raving about Kaitlyn Leeb! By “critics,”…

  • Zoie Palmer [See Her Tonight on LOST GIRL]

    Zoie Palmer on Lost Girl (10 pm EST, Syfy) We’ve saluted the amazing Anna Silk as the star of Lost Girl, and now we&#…

  • 50 Body Shots Babes For National Tequila Day!

    Has any alcohol done more for America than tequila? We’re proud to embrace our naughty neighbor from the South as…

  • Kaitlyn Leeb 3-Breasted Hooker From TOTAL RECALL’s Lesbian Scene! [25 PHOTOS]

    There’s no denying who the biggest star was after this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Everyone was talking a…

  • Yes, This WTF Is Happening Here Flying Cat Moment Happened [61 PHOTOS]

    Finally, here’s a cat who really knows how to party down! The timing could be a little better, though. That kitty&…

  • Three-Breasted Hooker From TOTAL RECALL Kaitlyn Leeb–Revealed! [16 PHOTOS]

    How iconic is the three-breasted hooker from 1990′s Total Recall? She’s a big enough character that the m…

  • TV

    Sara Bettencourt: THE REAL L WORD Star’s Real Lesbian World! [60 LESBIANIC PICS!]

    It’s a new season of The Real L Word on Showtime tonight, and the lesbianism gets even lovelier as Sara Bettencour…

  • Lauren German [See Her Tonight on HAWAII FIVE-0]

    21 pics + lesbian video! It seemed that Hawaii Five-0 got off to a good start last season by bringing in Lauren German as Officer Lori Weston--who was your typically hot former FBI agent turned Homeland Security officer. For some reason, though, Officer Lori was really hated by the Five-0 fans. We've got hot pics to prove that Lauren is lovable, though--along with video of her lesbian love for Amy Adams in the 2005 indie Standing Still!

  • Noureen DeWulf [See Her Tonight on ANGER MANAGEMENT]

    28 pics + video! Have you heard about this TV show called Anger Management? It stars the reclusive Charlie Sheen. Say what you will about the guy, but he knows how to cast a sitcom. We were so happy to learn the show had gals like Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith that we completely missed that Noureen DeWulf is a regular. Don't miss out on this amazing gallery--plus video of Noureen's fun lesbian lust!

  • Dilshad Vadsaria [See Her Tonight on MELISSA & JOEY]

    15 pics! You might wonder why we're tuning in to a show that stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. It's because tonight's episode also features a guest turn by Dilshad Vadsaria--who first caught our eye on the ABC Family show Greek, where she was a sexy sorority gal who once even kissed a girl. ABC Family turned into Cinemax so gradually that we barely even noticed--but we've got pics you can't miss, along with that Greek video!

  • THE VIEW Announces Marvel Comics’ First Gay Marriage–We’ve Got Northstar’s Guest List! [VIDEO]

    There’s big comics news today as the ladies of The View announced the gay wedding of superhero Northstar. (It…

  • Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace Indulge Some PASSION [VIDEO]

    Brian De Palma used to be one of Hollywood's hottest directors. He's best known for Scarface, but he had lots of hits in the '80s and '90s. Then he lost his touch. Now De Palma's trying for a comeback with Rachel and Noomi playing lesbian power games in the new Passion. We'll give him a second chance--and so will you after checking out the video of his earlier attempt at a hit with a bisexual Rebecca Romijn.