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  • The Girls of Skins: MTV vs UK Cast Showdown TV

    The Girls of Skins: MTV vs UK Cast Showdown

    The American remake of Britain’s popular teen drama series “Skins” premieres tonight on MTV at 10 pm ET. Like the UK version the show follows a bunch of high school teens dealing with issues like mental illness, sexual orientation, and substance abuse. The promos and ads we’ve seen over the past month have us hooked. The title alone snagged our attention. While the American remake of The Office far surpassed expectations, the US version of Coupling is proof some series just don’t translate on this side of the pond. We think this Yankee edition will stand the test of time thanks to its female cast members. The big question now is: who’s hotter? Last week, our showdown was Olivia Munn vs. Candace Bailey. This week, it’s the US Skins vs. the UK’s. Cheerio!

  • UK Skins – Larissa Wilson Girls

    UK Skins – Larissa Wilson