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    Knock someone straight into the next dimension then apologize for it immediately after. Canadians are way to nice.

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  • The Jersey Shore Isn’t Ready For Winter [VIDEO]

    If you're a kid, of course you're gonna be interested in a snowman on the boardwalk of the Jersey Shore. Maybe if you were dropped as a child, you might think that it's real. As an adult, though, you need to be more aware that something's amiss. I'm not saying you need to possess a ninja-like "I-can-hear-someone's-heart-beating-inside-the-costume" awareness. Maybe we just start with something simple like it's warm outside - that snowman probably isn't real. Watch as this pony-tailed father protects his son from the very-real threat of a snowman after the jump.

  • 50 Athletes Getting Knocked The F**k Out (Pics)

    The highly anticipated UFC Undisputed 2011 gets released today and we're celebrating in true COED style with photos of people getting punched in the face. These photos are so graphic and so gory that you'll be wincing in pain as you look through. Don't believe us? Check them out and try to tell us you didn't spend the whole time clutching your face protectively.

  • The 5 Most Brutal UFC Knockouts of 2009 [Videos]

    The end of the year is the perfect time to celebrate America’s pastime: watching people get their heads smashed in. The UFC definitely brought it this year with some awesome face restructuring performances. Here are the five most brutal knockouts of 2009.

  • 10 Stupid Things Girls Like

    10 Stupid Things Girls Like • Best Knockout You Will Ever See • Holly Madison Attacked By Shirtless Douchebag • Thank You Lingerie!Hottest College Babe Of Fall 2009 • Super WAG

  • Devastating Flying Knockout Kick [Video]

    They say that people who are good at martial arts will still lose in a street fight because streetfighters don't follow the same rules of fighting as someone skilled in martial arts. So I thought, Well, then you should probably just be a streetfighter! But after seeing this awesome flying knockout kick to the neck, I'm not so sure that theory is correct.

  • Brock Lesnar Acted Like a Classless Punk

    Hey Brock, you are not in the WWE anymore. You are not fighting Papa Shongo. You, in one night, set the MMA world back 10 years. Brock is everything that no one wanted to see in MMA, a big burly white trash over-steroided douchebag who has no respect for the discipline and sport of martial arts.

  • Pitbull Knocks Out Stupid Fan [Video]

    If you ever find yourself at a reggaeton rap concert where Pitbull is performing, I think it's probably a good idea not to climb on stage and get in that dude's face. Because when you do, you get knocked the f**k out.

  • Pacquiao Knocks Out Hatton in 2nd Round

    I've never been one for little guys fighting, but Saturday Night's Pacquiao Vs. Hatton fight in Las Vegas had me goin' pretty good. Sure, HBO's Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7 helped to build the hype, but Hatton had no chance from the get go. Hatton went down twice in the 1st round and met his fate with a last minute left-cross in the 2nd to end his title run.

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