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    The Daily Snapshot is our rundown of the day’s hottest women on the web. In this edition, we feature the 20 hottest photos…

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    Babes of the 20 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

    An estimated 100 million viewers will tune into the Super Bowl this year as the Patriots try to exact revenge on the team t…

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    The Daily Snapshot is our rundown of the day’s hottest women on the web. In this edition, we feature the 20 hottest photos…

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    Happy Kris Humphries Meme Wants You To Sign The Boycott Kim Kardashian Petition

    Hey y'all, so at our happy hour with Crown Royal last night, we were talking about one of our most popular stories - the Megan Fox Boycott boycott - and I proposed we boycott Kim Kardashian. Turns out this isn't a novel idea - thousands of fed up peeps have signed a petition to boycott the sex tape star. Then I read about Kris Humphries getting booed at the Garden before the Nets-Knicks game. So, I created the Happy Kris Humphries meme. Our mission is twofold: help us blow up our Happy Kris Humphries meme and boycott Kim. Click through to make a difference.

  • 70 Sexy Magazine Covers for National Magazine Day [PHOTOS]

    November 7th is National Magazine Day. When you're looking to buy a magazine, the first thing you see is the cover (editor's note: Duh). If you happened to see the covers of the 70 issues here, you might have bought the mag without even opening the pages; they're that amazing. You can forget the phrase "you can't judge a book by its cover" for now because, well, they're not books (editor's note: double duh). From Lindsay Lohan to Victoria Silvstedt, from GQ to Playboy, we're looking at 70 of the sexiest magazine covers in honor of this special, glossified day. Check out the hottest covers to ever grace newsstands and mailboxes in our gallery after the jump.

  • TV

    Saturday Night Live’s Kardashian Divorce Special

    It's nice to see that Saturday Night Live can still bring the heat. Those of us who tuned into the comedy sketch show this weekend were treated to a complete destruction of the entire Kardashian family in their Kardashian Divorce Special. Since some of you might have been watching the LSU / Alabama game or just been crushing beers while doing something else, we're posting the video for you to see here. I don't want to ruin any of the jokes for you, but this is absolute comedy gold.

  • Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Was a Scam, BUTT We Forgive Her [68 PHOTOS]

    So, Kim Kardashian's marriage to New Jersey Nets center Kris Humphries is officially done-zo. While our "brother" site Busted Coverage is super pissed about the wedding gift they bought (and subsequently won't get back), we can't really stay that mad at Kim. Why? Well, let's think about it. Most chicks get hitched and they just flat out stop being sexy. They'll gain weight or not go out anymore. It's a tragedy. The last thing we'd want is to lose her butt. There are so few robust rumps left and we'd hate to throw all our chips on Coco. Anyway, check out her sexiest butt poses in our gallery after the jump.

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    The 60 Best Natural Breasts of 2011 [PHOTOS]

    Seeing a lot of pink lately? Even though the color doesn't exist, it's for a good cause - breast cancer awareness. October's slowly becoming our favorite month, between the World Series, Halloween, and all this talk about boobs. In previous years, we raised your awareness with the best breasts of all-time. This year, we've decided to keep the list to 2011's top news-making, buzzworthy women with 100% real racks. There are a couple of surprising newcomers, a few consummate vets, and one (or two?) big ol' glaring omission(s). See if you can find out who and feel free to let us know if we missed any in the comments after the jump.

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    Nick Swardson’s Mr. Creepy Photobombs The Most Iconic Pics From The Past Year

    The second season of Nick Swardson's Pretend Time premieres Wednesday October 5th after South Park at 10:30pm ET / 9:30pm CT on Comedy Central. Though we hear Gay Robot won't be returning, we're still pumped for more doses of Wheelchair Cat, Lady Gaga's brother Garry Gaga, and the most disturbing breakfast cereal mascot of all-time, Mr. Creepy. We thought we'd celebrate the second season debut by creepifying 2011's most iconic pics. Refresh your memory of Mr. Creepy with the Creepios commercial then check him out chillin' with Casey Anthony, Nancy Grace, Anthony Weiner, Courtney Stodden, Kim Kardashian, and ScarJo after the jump.

  • Jo Garcia Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s gallery features Jo Garcia the hot gamer chick you wished lived next door, Maxim's chick of the day Noelle Scaggs, bra-less beauties, reasons why redheads are God's gift to humanity, Dorothy Mays and other throwback Playboy Playmates, Kt So should never put clothes on... ever, Kim Kardashian is just as hot as you remember, and Ashley Tisdale has some white stuff around her mouth. Check out the hot pics after the jump!