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  • This Is What The 2013 NBA All-Star Jerseys Look Like [PHOTO]

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  • Sexy Smokeshows in Shoulder Pads [31 PHOTOS]

    I wish that all forms of protection were this sexy. Sure we've already hit you guys with sexy girls rocking the football jersey, but we're taking it to another level: chicks in shoulder pads. While this uniform is pretty much the standard for the Lingerie Football League, seeing these girls on TV versus seeing HQ photos makes all the difference. "Why have the shoulder pads when you can just take them off?" you might ask. Dudes, the pads are for your protection, not theirs. That's how powerful this gallery is. Check it out after the jump!

  • One of the Swedish Soccer Slitz Locks Up a Little Nookie After Her Soccer Game [VIDEO]

    I used to play sports at a big prep school, so I know what it's like to play on the level of the women's world cup. It didn't happen that often, but if I'm was talking to a chick after the game - it was understood by both parties that I was getting to second base. This soccer player Josefine Oqvist can be seen moving in on this male fan for the same reason. I don't doubt the fact that she'll probably dominate him, but that's probably what he wants. After all, he can't be that manly - he's at the women's world cup. Check out the Swedish hottie locking down some D after the jump.