• Sexy Superfan Showdown: Giants vs. Jets – NY Pooper Bowl Edition

    When the schedule first came out, fans creamed in their collective pants when they saw the Jets-Giants matchup on Christmas Eve. But over the last month or so, Big Blue and Gang Green have almost completely blown any shot they had at making the playoffs. The game's now been dubbed "The Pooper Bowl". Though the play on the field might be sh*tty, we can always hope the camera pans to sexy fans in the stands (Kate Upton maybe?). To get you excited we're presenting each team's sexiest fans and asking you to vote for the hotter squad. Click through to review.

  • AXE College Football Bucket List Week 3: Oklahoma vs FSU [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

    We thought it would be hard to beat last weekend's Notre Dame vs. Michigan game at The Big House, but then we found ourselves at the Oklahoma-FSU game in Tallahassee for one of the best tailgate experiences we've seen to date. Leading up to the game, Quinn the AXE mannequin hit up ESPN College GameDay, met a few Doak Show Smoke Shows, second string Stergers, and crossed off more incredible AXE College Football Bucket List items. Check out pics and vids from the day after the jump.

  • TV

    When Sportscasters Get Sexy Off The Field [113 PHOTOS]

    It's no secret female sportscasters and hotness tend to go hand in hand. Think about it- guys are already judging you for being a girl talking about sports. If you're not easy to look at, you're going to be fighting a serious uphill battle. Luckily for us, the networks are aware of the fact and cast some pretty serious hotties to stand on the sidelines. If you love watching girls like Jenn Brown and Ines Sainz on TV, just wait until you see them when they're off the screen. Sports and girls - it doesn't get much better than that. Check out our massive gallery of off-the-sideline sweetness below.

  • Genevieve Morton Shows You Her Place(s) For Esquire

    • Genevieve Morton Puts Her Body On Display For Esquire • How to make an ass out of yourself in 18 seconds • 29 Greatest Thong Scenes in Movie History • Rays manager Joe Maddon Explodes, Ejects Entire Umpire Crew • Too Much Kate Upton? NEVER! • 12 Of The Best TV Bromances Of All-Time • Bikini-Clad Kristen Bell Hits The Beach See more awesome links after the jump!

  • Colossal Cleavage Collection: Jenn Sterger Edition

    Jenn Sterger's scheduled interview with ABC's Good Morning America about the Brett Favre scandal is getting a lot of attention. So far, she's stated, "I haven't made a dime", "I am not a gold digger" and "I just want my life back". Some would argue her actions say otherwise. She initially gained fame because of her breasts and cowboy hat. She went on to pose for Playboy then got a gig as a sideline reporter for the Jets. That's when she met Brett Favre and his "goal post". She didn't reveal this until she told Deadspin in February 2010. Part of us thinks it was a ploy to keep her career going. Anyway, since she had her implants removed, we travel back to the good ol' days when she was just a face (with big boobs) in the crowd with this collection of colossal cleavage shots. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • 2010: The Year in Celebrity Cleavage [296 Photos]

    We think it's safe to say Katy Perry / Katy Brand absolutely dominated the year in celebrity cleavage. Yes, Christina Hendricks got things off to a voluptuous start, Diora Baird threw her sweater kittens into the ring with this Twitpic, Rosie Jones showed off her heavy artillery, and Adriana Lima might have flaunted the most expensive cleavage, but in terms of consistently making headlines with her rack in 2010, the Teenage Dream Queen squashed the competition. As we dust off the cobwebs from New Year's Eve, we take a look back at the very best in celebrity cleavage from the previous year. Who will dominate 2011?

  • 2010: The Year In Handbras [96 Photos]

    We consider ourselves connoisseurs of cupping the boob. Go ahead. Google "Hand Bras". I'll wait. See? 2010 was a helluva year for hand bras. It seemed everyone was getting in on the hot hand bra action from Heidi Klum, Karla Spice, and Vikki Blows to Lucy Pinder, Olivia Munn, and Jenn Favre-Sterger. Considering its popularity Victoria's Secret might want to consider making one. The best part about hand bras, they're really not that hard to unhook, just hold a Louis Vuitton bag over their head.

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010

    This is about that time when every site releases their annual lists of the best and worst that went down in the calendar year. It’s a time for everyone to reflect on all the memorable moments; to place a bow on the past and send it packing as we welcome Baby New Year. For the past couple years, COED has released our annual “Women That Wowed” list (here’s 2008 and 2009). It’s a rundown of the females in pop culture who made an impression on us – whether it was for posing nude, declaring their sexuality, or for demanding oral sex. Is it always about sex? No. Some of the ladies on this list might surprise you. They sure surprised us.

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 9 – 1

    Natalie’s always been a favorite here at COED – just look at some of our posts: we’d cast her in the All Female A-Team movie…

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 23 – 10

    Mexico’s Hottest Sportscaster and FHM’s fifth sexiest female sports reporter caused waves when reports that the Jets…

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 37 – 24

    This 25 year old UFC Ring Girl, Need To Know Personality, and Miss COED made her debut in 2006 but for some reason always to…

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 51 – 38

    This 23 year old actress first caught our eye in “Hot Tub Time Machine” back in March playing the Great White Buffalo (Joh…

  • COED’s Letter to Brett Favre’s Wife, Deanna Favre

    With Brett Favre slowly 'fessing up to his extramarital affaris with former New York Jets reporter Jenn Sterger, COED decided to write a letter to Brett's wife Deanna Favre to lend some support. As George Michael once sang, "You Gotta Have Faith." Place your faith in us, Deanna!

  • COED’s Pinheads of Pro Sports: Volume 1

    Nobody’s perfect.  Mistakes are bound to happen and so long as you learn from them, there’s opportunity to grow.…

  • TV

    Brett Favre’s Balls: Big Enough For A Threesome With Jenn Sterger And Ines Sainz?

    On Monday Night Football, the majority of viewers will be starving for details on Favre's sexts with former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger. The question COED has is: Are Brett's balls big enough to parlay a threesome with Sterger and Azteca TV reporter, Ines Sainz, who was recently harassed by the Jets a few weeks ago.

  • Douche-Off Week 2 Courtesy of “Douchebag” The Movie

    In this week's Douche-Off, we wanted to go with douchebaguette Karen Owen, but, upon further review, we've all done the same thing - just not in PPT (excellent presentation, btw). So, who did we pick? Read on THEN VOTE, DOUCHES!

  • Brett Farve Sent Cock-Shots to Jenn Sterger? [56 Photos]

    Brett Farve is about to get a few more minutes in the spotlight, despite "retiring" earlier this week. Jenn Sterger, known primarily for being busty, claims that Farve sent her cock shots when she was a reporter and he was a member of the Jets. Even though they never hooked up, this still makes Farve a potential candidate for the "skeezy athletes who cheat on their wives" club.

  • COED Mail: Who Is The Sexiest Saints Fan?

    The Super Bowl was a few weeks back and I hate to digress but a dude named Elton dropped us a line this morning saying, "I think Natalie Graves is the Sexiest Saints Fan I have ever seen. Would COED Magazine consider her for a Sexy Saints Fan shoot?"

  • 88 Bull Riding Bucking Beauties…Yee-Haw!

    If you’re a fan of crazy bastards riding violent beasts with nothing but leather and a giant pair of balls between life an…

  • Belt Buckles & Mooseknuckles

    If you’re a fan of crazy bastards riding violent beasts with nothing but leather and a giant pair of balls between…

  • Urban Meyer’s Daughter Is a Yellow Jacket

    Urban Meyer’s Daughter Is a Yellow Jacket Abigail Clancy Strips Down For Germany Tina Fey Does Vanity Fair Janua…

  • Boston College In Hot Water Over Victoria’s Secret

    Boston College In Hot Water Over Their Relationship with Victoria’s Secret Boston College’s merchandising de…

  • The Definitive 25 Sexiest Sportscasters

    In the world of sports, you have the athletes and then you have the female sportscasters. Not only do these vixens of stat…

  • Why Can’t I Use My Cell Phone on a Plane?

    Why Can’t I Use My Cell Phone on a Plane? Strangely Sexy: 5 Fetishes You Might Have Missed Little Girl Owned By Benc…