• Columbus Day Three-Way Melee: Italy vs Spain vs USA [PHOTOS, POLL] Girls

    Columbus Day Three-Way Melee: Italy vs Spain vs USA [PHOTOS, POLL]

    Just think where the world wouldn't be without the United States of America. Actually, don't answer that (because it would be too depressing to think about). To be fair, though, we do owe a lot of credit to Italy (Amerigo Vespucci) and Spain (Christopher Columbus) for first discovering 'us'. That's why we're going to let you, our readers, decide who should lay claim to the Columbus Day Hottie Competition. We've pitted the three countries against each other in an epic showdown, a threeway that's sure to get exciting. Check out the action after the jump!

  • USA vs Italy Model Showdown Sports

    USA vs Italy Model Showdown

    On Monday, the U.S. faced-off against World Cup Champ, Italy in the opening game of the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. Needless to say, the US got their asses handed to them, with only one goal to Italy's three. But since that head-to-head didn't seem like much of a competition, we decided to try to make things a little more fair by putting the hottest Italian models up against American's finest foxes in the sexiest showdown this side of the goal post.

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    Nude Models Strike

    You can take away their clothes, but don’t you dare take away their poor excuse for a job. Nude models are currently on strike, seeking...