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  • Sexy Girls Shipping on National Free Shipping Day [63 Photos]

    Today's Free Shipping Day, so if you slept in on Black Friday and went kayaking on Cyber Monday, now's your chance to buy those last minute holiday gifts and avoid absurdly excessive shipping and "handling" charges. Close to 1,800 stores participate in Free Shipping Day including JCPenny's, Macy's, Sears, Puma, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, and Sofa King. Here at the office, COED employees are so pumped we're shipping each other gifts. Yeah, Steve sits right next to me but it's FREE SHIPPING! Anyway, to honor this frugal date, we put together this lavish photo gallery of pretty postal ladies and shipping goddesses.

  • Gorgeous Girls Giftwrapped 2010 [56 Photos]

    The best part about the Holidays - besides the parties - is tearing through the wrapping paper on your gifts. The anticipation nearly always outmatches the item revealed. Now, in an effort to be more green consumers are replacing single-use paper gift wrap with repeat-use canvas. How the HELL are you supposed to tear through that?! Well, at least, you can always tear through this repeat-use photo gallery of Gorgeous Girls Gift Wrapped that features a couple of our very own Miss COEDs. Can you guess which ones?

  • Miss COED: Julie Galindo

    Is 25-year-old Julie Galindo the sexiest player in the Lingerie Football League? I would say the San Diego Seduction star is right up there with her Los Angeles Temptation rivals Niki Connor and Niki Ghazian for certain. When you're done oogling her Miss COED pictures below take a quick look at 50 Lingeirie Football Players on Twitter.

  • Miss COED: Carrie Minter Lagree

    Carrie Minter Lagree's exotic look comes from her diversely mixed heritage of Scandinavian, Indian, English, Dutch, German and Irish and that smokin' hot body comes from her passion for yoga and tennis. If this 24-year-old blond Los Angeles bombshell look familiarize you've probably seen her photos in Playboy or numerous other lad mags.

  • The 60 Most Beautiful Breasts of All-Time [PHOTOS]

    Unless you're Osama Bin Laden, you've probably noticed everyone's wearing a lot more pink than usual. Even NFL teams that played this weekend donned pink gloves, chinstraps, hats, or cleats. It's all part of an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we'd like to call attention to this extremely important issue by saluting the best breasts of all-time. When you're done drooling, GET INVOLVED AND DONATE!

  • Sexy Superfans of 2010 MLB Playoffs [PICS]

    The opening round of the 2010 Major League Baseball postseason begins on Wednesday when the Rangers travel to Tampa to t…

  • Miss COED: Lisa Angeline

    Yowzah! This here is bikini and glamour model hottie, Lisa Angeline. Hailing from Newport Beach, California, the 27-year-old smokeshow has won armfuls of bikini contests, including multiple Miss Hawaiian Tropic competitions, and most recently won's Las Vegas Hot 100 contest. But with a body like that, how can anyone else compete?

  • Miss COED: Camila Mendes

    Whatever the hell it is that they're putting in the water, or the plantains, or whatever, down in Brazil to make women like this (and all the others), well, they need to implement that addition here in the US as quickly as possible. This incredible hottie is 22-year-old bombshell, Camila Mendes. She's appeared in tons of ads, in music videos, and on HBO's "Forbidden Science." But she's left all that behind to study in Thailand.

  • Miss COED: Nicole Brewer

    After college 27-year-old Nicole Brewer started cheerleading professionally part time and naturally fell into this industry. She is now located on the West Coast cheering for the Los Angeles Clippers. Fitness is her full time second job and she loves the adrenaline rush attributed to her favorite hobby, extreme sports.

  • Miss COED: Jessica Renee

    Jessica Renee should be a late addition to our 50 Sexiest Calendars of 2010 feature as she will be featured in this year's Hootiers calender, I can't wait to see the pictures! This 25-year-old from sunny Orlando, Florida is a promotional model by trade and has done work on the West Coast with the LA Galaxy.

  • Larissa Riquelme’s Boobs Shill for Nokia [VIDEO]

    Larissa Riquelme's boobs are back in the news. Apparently the busty Paraguayan lingerie model has signed a deal to become the new face and boobs of the Nokia C3. She recently appeared in Guadalajara, Mexico for the launch of Nokia's newest phone.

  • The Babes of America’s Biggest Breastaurants [Photos]

    When it comes to Breastaurants, Hooters leads the way with their barely-dressed waitresses. But they're not the only ones who know how to dress their ladies in titillating outfits. Imitators have popped up across the country and we've done the hard work of figuring out which ones also have...great wings.

  • Miss COED: Georgie Marie

    Georgie Marie is a 5'5 curvy UK model that loves risky looks. She doesn't have a problem breaking out whips, and the occasional gun to get stuff empty....I mean...done. She is currently venturing out to glamor and commercial photography. Not only that but she's also just signed a record deal. This definitely won't be the last you see of Georgie.

  • Miss COED: Christine Mendoza

    This Filipino American vixen is best known for her modeling work on the import auto circuit, but is rapidly building a diverse fan base. Christine is a self proclaimed "Girl Next Door" and has been giving her neighbors heart attacks ever since she first splashed on to the scene.

  • Miss COED: Mckenna Ashley

    McKenna is working glamor model in sunny Phoenix Arizona. She says, "I love everything having to do with fashion, styling, glamor -- anything that stimulates my artsy side!" It would be nice if she got real artsy and shed all of her clothing in a photoshoot, just sayin'.

  • Miss COED: Lilia B

    This 25-year-old smokeshow calls Jacksonville, Florida home. Lilia B recently entered the South Padre Island, TX Miss Hawaiian Tropic and landed 1st place! When she isn't modeling, she's doing hair and makeup to pay the bills.

  • Miss COED: Paola Corvea

    Paola Corvea is a feisty red-blooded Latina reminiscent of a more athletic Britney Spears. Especially sucking on that pink lollipop - Oh Paola! Don't tease me! This 26-year-old bombshell is rock hard in the abs, and soft to the touch.

  • Miss COED: Jestina Tran

    25-year-old Jestina Tran calls Philadelphia home but spends much of her time of the road doing promotional work at various import auto shows around the country. She is Asian in heritage so if we ever decide to revive our Amasians feature in the future she will certainly make the cut.

  • Miss COED: Katie Montgomery

    Katie Montgomery is a 19-year-old sophomore attending Indiana University studying fashion merchandising, business, and studio art. She considers fashion her number one passion and is involved with it every day of her life.

  • Miss COED: Bethany Rein

    23-year-old Bethany Rein from Wisconsin is a beautiful girl for a beautiful summer! She has been in the modeling industry for nearly two years and has quite the extensive resume. She will spend the rest of 2010 traveling the globe modeling and doing promotion events, ahh the life of a smokin' hot blond. It must be nice.

  • Perpetuating The Stereotype in NYC [Photo]

    I came across this group of Asian tourists in Washington Square Park on Saturday proving once and for all that the old stereotype is absolutely true... that Asians don't know how to wear backpacks.

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Dutil

    21 year old Jennifer Dutil from Augusta, Maine is a student studying dietetic technology. She makes some extra cash by working as a nanny. She's the first to admit that above all else, she loves being in the spotlight.

  • Miss COED: Lauren

    23-year-old Lauren is well known in the Los Angeles sports scene. And by well known, we mean she has been tied to numerous major sports stars in Southern California. We'll keep our opinions to ourselves on this one...because hey if it scores you high class living, why not?

  • Miss COED: Cassandra Robertson

    Growing up as a little girl, Cassandra Robertson never aspired to be a model or even thought it was something she could do. Fast forward many years later, and this 20-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona turned out to be an absolute smokeshow who looks like a young January Jones.

  • Miss COED: Kristin Gustafson

    Kristin Gustafson is just about the most famous Miss COED you'll ever see on our site. Just last month she was voted the 2009 Maxim Hometown Hottie but thousands of readers. She has also worked with major companies like Harley Davidson, Three Olives Vodka, Blurr, and Axe hair. In the end her goal is to be featured by Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated.

  • Miss COED: Ali Heighway

    This bombshell hails all the way from New South Wales. Still new to modeling, Ali looks forward to a long career of making guys gush over her. Not that way….er….right? Try to hold in the joy, and check out some photos from her first shoot. And here’s a few more for the hell of it.

  • Miss COED: Elle Liberachi

    23-year-old blue eyed British model Elle Liberachi is one of the freshest faces to hit the modeling industry and marks the return of the "sexy" model with her exotic looks hailing from her French Italian heritage. Elle currently splits time between Europe, US and her hometown London.

  • Hillary Fisher Is Perfection (PICS)

    There’s hot, and then there’s Hillary Fisher hot. For looking so F’ing smokin’ in a bikini this sexy South Carolina native won the titles of Miss Budweiser Bikini Bash, Miss Hawaiian Tropic South Carolina, was top 4 in the Hawaiian Tropic US Finals, has appeared in the pages of magazines like Maxim and Playboy‘s Book of Lingerie and was just named one of Playboy‘s Top 10 Special Edition models of 2009.

  • Miss COED: Amanda Duncan

    Look at 24 year old Amanda Duncan. OMG she is hot! Best of all if you scour the internet for a few minutes you can find scandalous photos from her 2008 nude photos shoot with Playboy! Happy searching!

  • Miss COED: Katie Uhlaender

    Katie is a 25 year old skeleton racer who has competed since 2002, which I'm guessing was straight out of high school. Skeleton is an event where athletes ride head first down an icy track experiencing forces up to 5 G's. After finishing 6th in the 2006 Olympic games, Katie received a medical waiver to compete this year due to a snow mobile accident that left her knee injured. Oh yeah... and she knows how to chug.

  • Miss COED: Anneka Rai

    Twenty-two year old Aneeka Rai describes herself as exotic, creative, and confident all good traits for a model looking to make it in the big city that in NYC.

  • Miss COED: Brittney Berault

    To 19-year-old Brittney Berault, modeling is absolutely everything. She considers it her passion and dream in life. Being from Huntington Beach, California should help her realize her dreams because one of the modeling capitals of the world, Los Angeles, is only a short 40 minute drive to the north.

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Anders

    Instead of giving you a lame write up about 23-year-old Jennifer Anders we're just going to give you a list of interesting facts: At 5' 11'' he has legs for days. She has a real southern accent and calls South Carolina home. Huge Peyton Manning fan. And she loves road trips but prefers to fly.

  • Miss COED: Megan Fowler

    Megan's an aspiring model who loves outdoor sports and has no problem getting dirty. She doesn't do nudity but her tattoo reads, "The body was meant to be seen, not all covered up." Maybe she'll live up to that credo one day.

  • Uruguay Has A Topless Larissa Riquelme Too! [NSFW Photos]

    It's safe to say that the Guay's are out of control. Just this weekend, Paraguyan hottie Larissa Riquelme said she would get naked despite the fact her team lost their game. And just now we came across this anonymous Uruguayan sexpot who's already naked! She's so excited that she can't even keep her clothes on. Fingers crossed that a Uruguay win means we'll get a 2 Guays, 1 Vuvuzela sex tape.