• Ben & Jerry’s Has Rolled Out Brand New ‘Anchorman 2′ Flavored Ice Cream

    Yesterday we brought you the official Anchorman 2 trailer for the much awaited sequal set to be released on Christmas. N…

  • Sweet Guinness World Records for National Dessert Day

    Happy National Dessert Day! We obviously love talking about food at COED, especially when we’re talking best, b…

  • Who Wants Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream? (No, Seriously)

    Weird ice cream flavors are nothing new. Ever since the world went food crazy (about the time when the Food Network reali…

  • Scream For Hot Ice Cream Girls [50 PHOTOS]

    Girls and ice cream cones. What is it about this equation that sets the bells ringing? Let’s dissect this scenari…

  • 5 Flavors Ben & Jerry’s Should Make

    Stoners the world over think Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors are the greatest thing since sliced bread. With names like "Magic Brownies" and "Half Baked" it's no wonder why this frozen treat is a favorite amongst music fest goers. If you're an ice cream fan (and I'm sure you are), you've probably come up with your own flavor names that you think Ben & Jerry's should have invented. See the ones on our list after the jump!

  • We Cream For Hot Ice Cream Queens During National Ice Cream Month [50 PHOTOS]

    One of the most underrated gifts the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan gave us was naming July National Ice Cream Month. Ice Cream is the greatest dessert ever. It cools you down, makes you feel better, and helps you recover from many of life's problems. Think about it. Your buddy steals your car then wrecks it. Where's he taking you? To get ice cream. How do we honor this great month? By checking out the women who put fire in loins eat ice cream, of course! Check out the gallery after the jump.

  • COED’s Guide To The 101 Sweetest Things About Summer

    You've been waiting for this weekend all year. Now, with Memorial Day right around the corner, everyone's making plans for the best season of the year: Summer. Your plans should obviously include the B's of Summer: brews, broads, barbeques, baseball and the beach but you're missing something else. Have no fear, the professional partiers here at COED have pulled together over a hundred different activities that can help you make this the best summer ever.

  • 7 Tasty Snacks Fit For A Drunk

    It’s been a long day, and an even longer night - filled with frosty pints of beer and dizzying shots of booze; only interrupted by the less-than-intelligent conversation with the nearest co-ed at the bar. On that hazy and winding stroll home, your group of drinking buddies begins to realize that recognizable feeling of the "drunken munchies," stricken with the desire to eat nearly anything and everything in sight. Whether you’re passing through the glorious fast food district, digging through a pile of take-out menus, or ransacking the fridge, there’s bound to be something which appeals to your inebriated appetite! Hit the jump to see COED's list of 7 tasty snacks fit for a drunk!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Gucci Mane’s Face Tattoo, Last Supper Lint, and One Foxy Shooter

    Today's WTF news items feature a rapper's cute yet cold-blooded tattoo on his mug, a new use for lint that has all the Jesus freaks rushing to the laundromat, and an animal that's seen "Furry Vengeance" one too many times. Read more after the jump!

  • 15 Big-Ass Record-Breaking Junk Foods

    It's only a matter of time before the Government starts dictating what we American's can and cannot eat. Before consuming our favorite foods becomes a criminal act we pay homage to the Super-Sized foods that has made this country great.

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