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  • Sydney Barlette

    Sydney Barlette

    Sydney's a 22 year old model who was born in Fairfax, Virginia and currently resides in Houston. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad in high school, and attended Baylor University. Her favorite hobbies include working out, painting and yoga. She hopes to become a TV host and is pursuing her degree in communications. She's been a cover girl for Playboy's Special Editions and Krown Magazine. She was also Playboy's COED of the Week in April 2010, and COED of the Month in June 2010. She's been featured on Wrockette, HockeyHotChicks,, Men's Fitness,  The Smoking Jacket and competed in Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest in 2010. Check out stats and pics of this Houston hottie after the jump!

  • Miss COED March 2011 Is… [Plus 42 New Photos Of the Winner!]

    Miss COED March 2011 Is… [Plus 42 New Photos Of the Winner!]

    On March 6th, we presented you with the four finalists for Miss COED March 2011Allie Mason, Jenny Kylen, Jacqueline Suzanne, and Kari Nautique - and asked you to vote for your favorite. The winner garnered more than 58% of the vote in a landslide victory. Who is she? Well, she was a semifinalist in Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties, starred in Playboy's 2 Girls, 1 Sub video with Miss June 2004 Hiromi Oshima and appeared on Playboy TV's Beach House. Find out who she is after the jump!

  • Justine B.

    Justine B.

    Justine's an 18 year old model and aspiring singer-actress from Ontario, Canada who's been featured on Brobible, HolyTaco, theCHIVE, BarstoolSports, Gunaxin, Guyism, Bullz-eye, Maxim, and The Smoking Jacket. She's appeared as an extra on Saturday Night Live, CSI, and MTV's Silent Library and she's scheduled to make an appearance in an upcoming film with ASHTON KUTCHER! Her favorite quote is "Never Say Never". Well, pardon us, Justine, but we've NEVER seen a talent as bright and beautiful as you. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Katelynn Ansari

    Katelynn Ansari

    Katelynn's a 21 year old model and student majoring in Public Relations and Communications at Chapman University in Orange County, California. She was Kaboom Magazine's Bombshell of the Day in June 2010 and has appeared in commercials for MTV's Exposed, American Idol's Ford spot, and Dick's Sporting Goods with David Beckham. You can also see her in music videos for Raven Symone's "Supernatural", the Jonas Brothers' "Burning Up", Steel Panther's "Community Property", Leona Lewis' "I Got You", and Snoop Dogg's "Gangsta Luv". See her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Erika Jacobs

    Erika Jacobs

    Erika's a 21 year old from my favorite city in the whole wide world Tampa, Florida. She won the Miss Cinco de Mayo 2010 and has appeared in That's Hot Magazine twice in addition to their calendar. Additional credits include posing for 102.5 The Bone's 2010 calendar, Look swimwear's catalog, and a cover and pictorial in Juicy Mag. It's safe to say Erika is gonna move ya, hit the spot, the kinda girl you feel right through ya. She'll last way longer than Juicy Fruit, that's for sure. See her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Cody Cameron

    Cody Cameron

    Cody's a 22 year old model and senior Business major at the University of Illinois at Urbana. She enjoys listening to Death Cab for Cutie, Interpol, and Radiohead. Some of her favorite movies include Waiting, Pan's Labyrinth, and Empire Records. Here's a healthy slice of irony - she's a vegetarian who's done promotional work for Hooters. They have tofu wings now? See her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Brittany Michelle Miller

    Brittany Michelle Miller

    Brittany's a 22 year old model from Oak Grove, Kentucky who's been featured in the 2009 Hooters Calendar and was a semi-finalist in the 2010 Hooters Dream Girl competition. She also shares the same name as that hot female chipmunk from Alvin & The Chipmunks. It's not weird to think animated female animals are hot, right? I mean, she's female. Thinking Bugs Bunny in drag is hot? That's weird. So, I guess I'm weird. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Nikole Kristine

    Nikole Kristine

    Nikole's a 22 year old model from Tampa, Florida who's got a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Merchandising from the International Academy of Design and Technology. She's been featured in Klazzy, College Mansion, and was WPLR's Babe of the Day. You might've also seen her as an extra on season 4 of USA's Hit Tv Series Burn Notice: Extra. Apply generous amounts of SPF lotion before viewing her scorching hot photos. See her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Heidi Lynn Yates

    Heidi Lynn Yates

    Heidi's a 20 year old model from Vinta, Oklahoma who's posed for Ugly John's clothing and appeared in ads for Kevin Jones photography and She looks just as hot as a brunette as she does blonde. Her name makes me think of William Butler Yeats, famous poet and dramatist. Here's a poem I just wrote: Roses are red, violets are blue, Heidi Lynn Yates, I would totally hook up with you. See her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Brittany Noel Walter

    Brittany Noel Walter

    Brittany's a 21 year old model originally from Ingram, Texas who's making the move back to her homeland after living in Bellevue, Washington. She was named Barbizon's Model of the Year from 2000-2006 and has modeled for Heidi Fish swimwear, GAP, Johnny Rockets in addition to being a promo girl for Rockstar Energy Drink, Hornitos tequila, MGD 64, and Coors Light. Looking at her will definitely give you a Rocky Mountain high. See her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Erin Leigh

    Erin Leigh

    Erin's a 20 year old model and full-time student living in Tempe, Arizona, so I'm assuming she goes to ASU. She used to go under the name Erica Leigh. featured her as their May 2010 Honey of the Month and she can also be seen on Dfined Magazine's site as one of their beauties. We hope to see a helluva lot more of her once she gets this stupid school thing out of the way. We're too school for cool here at COED (whatever that means). See her pics after the jump!

  • Heather Merie

    Heather Merie

    Heather's a 22 year old model who studied at the University of California, Irvine and currently lives in Beverly Hills (that's where I want to be). She's posed for Playboy, Lost Swimwear, and Ed Hardy in addition to appearing on Good Day LA. I'm pretty sure every day is a good day in LA when you have Heather starting off your morning. See her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Nadia Marcella

    Nadia Marcella

    Nadia's a 22 year old model originally from Jacksonville Beach, Florida now living in Phoenix. She was Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week in late October of 2010 and was one of Maxim's Hometown Hotties in 2010. You might've also seen her in Mixed Magazine. A lot of people think she looks like a mix of Julia Roberts and Lea Michele from Glee. See her pics after the jump!

  • Ysania Agurcia

    Ysania Agurcia

    Ysania's a 22 year old model and actress originally from California now living in Las Vegas. She appeared in Maxim's Holiday Hotties feature, Guitar World, and the August 2010 issue of Ultimate MMA Magazine. Her online credits include a profile on Fresh2DeathDaily ("F2DD") and being named October 2010 Bombshell of the Month by Kaboom Magazine. Her commercial work includes posing for "Flying Pasties", starring in a "State Farm" commercial as a "Bond Girl", and playing a Morganette for various Captain Morgan promotions. She was also a Hooters Girl for 2 years and has worked a couple parties at the Playboy Mansion. See her pics after the jump!

  • Who Should Be Miss COED March 2011?

    Who Should Be Miss COED March 2011?

    Last week, we crowned Heather Jo Hughes as our Miss COED of the Month for February 2011. Now, we ask you the user to read through the profiles and peruse the pics of Allie Mason, Jenny Kylen, Jacqueline Suzanne, and Kari Nautique then vote for the model you think she be Miss COED March 2011.

  • Christine Renee

    Christine Renee

    Christine's a 21 year old fetish model who's originally from Indianapolis. She moved to Las Vegas but will be returning to her home state to kick some more ass in the modeling world. Her most notable credit includes posing for Playboy's Fresh Faces site (link NSFW). She loves movies, alternative/rock music, tanning, Jamaica, her dog, Mexican food, dancing, shopping and traveling the world. She might've been around the world but how can you player hate her? She's got a sweet tattoo of ruby red lips on her left buttcheek. Kinda hard not to kiss her can. See her pics after the jump!

  • Jess Snyder

    Jess Snyder

    Jess is a 24 year old model originally from Middletown, NY who currently resides in Clearwater, Florida. She's been been modeling for about 6 years now and has appeared on the covers of Pulse Magazine and MMA Magazine. She was also a semi-finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hotties and is one of FHM's Digital Darlings. Bleacher Report called her, "New York Giants' Sexiest Superfan". Personally, I thought I held that title, but whatevs. Reby Sky might have something to say about that. I propose a New York Giants Sexy Superfan Challenge - Jess vs. Reby vs. Tehmeena Afzal to see who should take the crown. See Jess's pics after the jump!

  • Meghan LeBlanc

    Meghan LeBlanc

    Meghan's a 24 year old model from Houston who started modeling when she was 17. Her first gig was at Hot Import Nights. In her interview with TSB magazine, she says she's "always had a need for speed, which is probably what landed me on the back of a street-bike wearing tiny shorts and hooker boots". She's been told her eyes are her sexiest feature and we don't disagree. Aside from hot wheels, she's into classic rock, hip hop, and country music. You can see more of her on Urban Male Magazine ("UMM"). Even if she's not related to Matt, we think we'd make good friends. See her pics after the jump!

  • Jenny Arzola

    Jenny Arzola

    Jenny's a 22 year old Cuban model who won the Miss Cuban American competition and is currently studying journalism. She also won the title of 2010 Reina Mundial del Carnavales and competed in the Miss Caribbean World pageant. She's a big fan of the Miami Heat and Florida Marlins and enjoys listening to Lil Wayne, The Beatles, and David Guetta. Her favorite TV shows include True Blood, Hung, and Sabado Gigante, which is literally one of the most insane shows I've ever seen. See her pics after the jump!

  • Jillian Jordan

    Jillian Jordan

    Jillian's a 22 year old French, German, Italian, and Apache Indian model who's into fashion, baking brownies, belly dancing, golf, kickboxing, bowling, volleyball, Nintendo Wii, and playing with her kittens. She's been featured on, and was named one of FHM's Top 100 Digital Darlings and Top 8 Girls of MySpace by WGN Morning News. See her pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED February 2011 Is…

    Miss COED February 2011 Is…

    A couple weeks ago, we asked you to vote for Miss COED of the Month for February 2011. Your finalists were Melanie Riley, Angel Nicole, Kimberly Heart, and Heather Jo Hughes - four foxes that could thaw out the chilliest of souls. As we close out the loneliest, loveliest, shortest month of the year, we also must close our poll. With 43% of the total votes, the winner of our Miss COED February 2011 vote is...

  • Brittany Rotto

    Brittany Rotto

    Brittany's a 23 year old model from the Pittsburgh area who's also a licensed hair and make-up artist. She enjoys traveling, photography, painting, yoga, board games, and movies. Though she doesn't list video games as a hobby, she has dressed up as Danger Girl gone bad Natalia Kassle for a shoot. If you saw "Sorority Row", you might've caught a glimpse of Brittany during a party scene. No need to rewind and pause with our photo gallery. For that, we say domo arigato, Brittany Rotto. See her pics after the jump!

  • Alex Gameson

    Alex Gameson

    Alex is a 19 year old model from just outside Sacramento, California who won Miss Photogenic at the Miss California National Teenager pageant in 2008. She's been featured in Maxim's "Red Hot Valentines" pictorial and claims to be NO FEAR's first ever Hot Chick of the Week. She's also been an Infineon Raceway Girl and modeled for Georgiou, a boutique clothing retailer. Her event work includes the World Superbike Championship, and a couple events at the Playboy Mansion including the Fantasy Island and Arabian Nights parties. We wouldn't mind being stuck on an island or in the desert with her. See her pics after the jump!

  • Jessica Sisk

    Jessica Sisk

    Jessica's a 23 year old model from Johnson City, Tennessee who's been featured in the 2010 Hooters Calendar, the July/August 2010 issue of Hooters magazine, and on Hooters "Fire and Ice" playing cards. In addition to competing in the 2010 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant contestant, she's done promotional work for Budweiser and Rockstar Energy and appeared in commercials for CMT, Spike, and, surprisingly, Hooters. See her pics after the jump!

  • Daphne Joy

    Daphne Joy

    Daphne's a 24 year old Filipino-Puerto Rican model and actress currently residing in Los Angeles. She's appeared on MTV's Wild n Out and in commercials for Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards and AXE. You can see her in the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides. She's also a renowned hip hop / rap video vixen having appeared in E-40 "Wake it Up", Jamie Foxx's "She Got It", NeYo's "Miss Independent", Daddy Yankee's "Pose", Flo Rida's "In the Aye"r, Colby O's "What U Got", Rihanna & NeYo's Hate That I Love U, Dream's Shawty is Ten, Chrisette Michele's "Be Ok", Omarion's "I'm Tryna". Check her out in TMZ's coverage of Wet Republic's Hot 100 Bikini Contest. See her pics after the jump!

  • Cassie Cassell-Cutler

    Cassie Cassell-Cutler

    Cassie's a 24 year old model from Puyallup, Washington who was a semi-finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hotties 2010 contest. She's also been featured on WWS magazine, DLIST magazine, and Nine5Four. Her commercial work includes promotions for Harley Davidson (which she LOVES), RockStar energy drink, Heidi Fish swimwear (their suits are in SI's 2011 Swimsuit Issue), and Look swimwear. She's gone on record to state, "I don't think sex could ever be boring with me." Make sure to vote for her in Sports Illustrated's New Model Search! See her pics after the jump!

  • Lisa Michelle Dixon

    Lisa Michelle Dixon

    Lisa Michelle's a 23 year old model from California who started modeling at the age of 12. She's been featured on Game Room Haven, All Access Magazine, Fastlane Magazine, High Speed Magazine, and was a finalist in Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties Contest. Her commercial work includes print ads for Wet Republic and  she includes two reality shows among her TV credits, "Runway Chronicles" and "Hair Battle Spectacular". You can also see her in calendars for DivaMania, Jimmy Thomas, and Venstar or on the cover of several romance novels. We know how much you love that softcore erotic literature. See her pics after the jump!

  • Amanda Gist

    Amanda Gist

    Amanda's a 24 year old model, actress, and writer who resides in Los Angeles. In addition to her runway and promotional work, she's had appearances on a couple CSI's, Entourage, Cougartown, and How I Met Your Mother. She's also been featured in a commercial for Six Flags Magic Mountain and a print ad for Hustler's Hollywood Boutique. As for film roles, she can be seen in the upcoming films "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt, and "Friends With Benefits" starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Currently, she's filming "Where Were You When The Lights Went Out In Rio". Read her thoughts on her personal blog, "Life 'n Lipstick". See her pics after the jump!

  • Kristi Michelle

    Kristi Michelle

    Kristi's a 23 years old model from Valparaiso, Indiana who's studying Fashion Business at Columbia College Chicago. Before becoming a Miller/Coors promo model,and an Octagon girl for Hoosier Fight Club, she was a Hooters Girl. She was Febuary 2010 Q101's Token Hottie and was one of 8 finalists in Playboy's "Hottest College Girl" contest. Since then she's been named Playboy's COED of the Week in November and was recently voted COED of the Month for January 2011. You can also see her on See her pics after the jump!

  • Our 2010 Miss COED of the Year Is…

    Our 2010 Miss COED of the Year Is…

    More than 1,000 votes were tallied in our Miss COED 2010 poll. The 12 finalists were Carolina RuscoCandace CookCourtney ShoemakerMaya Michelle RewJesse PrestonSara BalintHaley KateStephanie BelknapHeaven SappLexi RayKayla Love, and Skyler Haze - all beautiful women who blessed us with their bodacious bodies and uplifting personalities. But, like Highlander, there can only be one! So, who took the crown? Well, it really boiled down to 2 ladies, both of whom have posed for Playboy. See the winner after the jump!

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