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    Trivia nights and Quizzo nights have become a staple during weeknights here in America. We here at COED are all thirst fo…


    Trivia nights and Quizzo nights have become a staple during weeknights here in America. We here at COED are all thirst fo…

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    Watching this video almost makes us forget how annoying Simon Cowell is.

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    Trivia nights and Quizzo nights have become a staple during weeknights here in America. We here at COED are all thirst fo…

  • Hot Girls Giving You Useless Random Facts [Trivia Tuesday]

    Trivia nights and Quizzo nights have become a staple during weeknights here in America. We here at COED are all thirst fo…

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    Believe it or not, Rosanna Davidson is the first Miss World winner (2003) to ever make it into Playboy USA. The 29-year-o…

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  • Blackboards in Porn, The Likeable Bible, Hot Girls of #OccupyWallStreet [Websites of the Week]

    At COED we try to pay homage to the funniest and most WTF sh*t on the interwebs. With our “Websites of the Week” column, we’ve done just that. If you’re looking to murder some time, you can’t do any better than our suggestions. This week’s sites feature pornographic chalkboards, some d*mn good Bible verses, and the hottest hippies down with OWS. Check out this week’s top suggestions then submit your nominations for future WOTW in the comments section after the jump.

  • Sexy Superhero Underwear Girls Kick Off New York Comic Con 2011 [67 PHOTOS]

    Starting today in New York City, Comic Con is making its' way to the Javits Center until October 16th. From either your own personal knowledge or our previous posts about Comic Con, you know that there's gonna be nerd-porn galore: comics, video games, movies, and hot girls dressed as fictional characters they wouldn't be caught dead in unless they were paid. Don't get me wrong: hot girl geeks exist, they're out there. Just check out our gallery of girls rocking Superhero undies after the jump!

  • Rosh Hashanah Hotties Make Us Say Oh My Gosh [76 PHOTOS]

    Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown today (September 28th). It marks the start of a new year in the Hebrew Calendar, which is why it's referred to as "Jewish New Year". While the Gregorian New Year is celebrated on January 1st with one night stands, vomiting, regrets, defecating, and crying, the Jewish version features prayer, a whole lotta eatin', and blowing of the Shofar - a pretty bad-ass looking horn. Try not to blow as you get horned up from our photo gallery of gorgeous Israeli beach babes after the jump.

  • 142 Super Sexy Sweater Kittens [PHOTOS]

    Thought most of us think Summer ends with Labor Day Weekend, it actually continues on 'til the third or so week in September. We hate saying goodbye to the hot season because we'll get to see less skin. But, with the weather cooling and girls covering up, there's still something to be said about super tight sweaters and the "kittens" they contain. Cats might suck in real life but the ones in our photo gallery are purrrrrrrfect. You'll pop your top waiting for these tops to pop off. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Dope Smokeshows Smoking Dope [71 PHOTOS]

    There's been a lot of coverage in the news lately about professional sports players getting busted with pot. First, Bengals player Jerome Smith was arrested with 8.5 pounds of pot at his home. Then, Marcus Camby single-handedly tried to bring back the Portland Jail-Blazers when he was arrested for marijuana possession in a drug-free zone. Don't get it twisted though, COED isn't getting on them for smoking ganja - we support the movement whole-heartedly. Any time you have hot girls like the ones below taking part in an activity, you can be sure that it gets our seal of approval. Check out our smokeshows smoking bud after the jump.

  • Hot Pieces Giving Peace Signs For World Peace Day [76 PHOTOS]

    September 21 is World Peace Day or International Peace Day. This year (2011) marks the 30th anniversary of the UN General Assembly's declaration that was supported by the UK and Costa Rica. New Yorkers really f***ing hate this day because it causes an absolute clusterf**k throughout the city. Ironic how a day of peace usually causes hoards of people to lose their sh*t and fight everyone. To those hotheads, we say, "Slow your roll and check out these hot girls giving the peace sign". PS - Chicks love doing the duck face with it. What up with that? Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Gorgeous Girls Grab Assing [46 PHOTOS]

    If you've ever had a hard-nosed gym teacher or fiery football coach or bad-ass dad, you've probably heard the term "grab-assing". "Quit grab-assing!" would be the best use in a sentence and it usually comes when he's fed up with your shenanigans. But, what about when it's a bunch of smoldering hot smokeshows laying hands on each other's lady lumps? We're pretty sure he'd bite his tongue. Have fun controlling yours as you view our gallery of gorgeous girls grab-assin' after the jump.

  • Hot Girls In Funny Tees [70 PHOTOS]

    Thankfully, girls need a guy that can make them laugh. I can't imagine how many guys have been saved from a life of virginity by this little rule. What do guys need? You already know we like big boobs and tight butts, but we can appreciate a good laugh, too. That's why we celebrate the use of these girls' chests as billboards for funny shirts: it gives you a totally legit excuse to stare. Check out some seriously funny Tees&A after the jump.

  • Jessica Jane Clement Tops The Week-In-Reboob

    There's a whole lotta boob on the internet, and you probably missed a pair or two. We're offering you the chance to check out all the great photos released on the interweb before a whole new onslaught hits you next week. It's hard work, but we think you're up for it. Just take it one click at a time. This week, we feature Jessica Jane Clement, a "glamour model" who's bringing the heat all the way from across the pond. Check her and a bunch of other hotties after the jump!

  • The Most Outstanding Handbra Extravaganza Ever! [PHOTOS]

    Armbras are cool and all, but we'd prefer handbras hands down. They're just more versatile, the handbra's owner can wiggle, jiggle, squish, mash, and tease to her heart's content. Women like Jessica Burciaga, Jessica-Jane Clement, and Heidi Klum have crafted careers simply by grabbing their own boobs. If they ever get tired we'd be more than willing to lend them a helping hand. Check out our handy gallery of hot handbras after the jump.

  • High Heels & Hot Wheels: 96 Gifts for General Motors’ Birthday

    It's no secret that ladies love fast cars, which is one of the reasons that we, as men, (hope to) own them. On September 16th, 1908 a dude named William Durant created a motor vehicle company for the sole purpose of trying to get as much turn-of-the-century tail as possible. He originally called the company Getting Muff, but had to change the name once his mom bought one. To celebrate the birthday of what is now known as General Motors, we're showing you some top-of-the-line ladies posing with some true American muscle. Check 'em out in the gallery after the jump.

  • I See A Pole in Your Future [60 PHOTOS]

    Recently, we gave you 10 surefire signs your girlfriend used to be a stripper. While those were certainly handy, we totally missed the most telltale of indicators - she takes photos like the ones you're about to see. In our opinion, every girl has a little bit of stripper in them. Girls have adopted "pole dancing" classes as a "fun, alternative" workout, but deep down we know these chicks desperately want to swing their nipple tassels as they pick singles off a bro's nose with her bombs. Well, break out the umbrellas, because the ladies in our gallery will make you wanna make it rain. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Tonya Michelle Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Tonya Michelle does Girl on Girl, frickin' hot females in football jerseys, Mind the Gap Mondays, Rihanna is now modeling for Armani, Miranda Kerr is still unfairly attractive, the 20 hottest photos of Keira Knightley, Tancy Hanna gets saucy for Mixed Mag, Amy Paffrath is Maxim's hot girl of the day, and the Lingerie Football League is back and they got back. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

  • Hot Chicks Chompin’ Popsicle Sticks [55 PHOTOS]

    September is Blueberry Popsicle Month all across the country, all month. I can't say with any certainty that I've ever had a blueberry popsicle in my life, but watching these girls do it is probably much more... refreshing. C'mon, you don't have to be a feeder to admit that watching chicks put sticks in their mouths is sexy as h*ll. So, since we East Coasters have pretty much ignored the crippling heat wave out west, we thought we'd dedicate this post to you. For those without power, HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS?! Check out the hot pics after the jump.

  • Jessica Jane Clement Is Today’s Daily Snapshot: September 9

    Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Jessica Jane Clement getting busy and busty, sexy girls' bellies, Adrianna Lima blows you (a kiss), Amanda McCarthy and other great looking WAGS, Tiffany Roth has two hands on the stick, reasons why #FriskyFriday is the best day ever, Reese Witherspoon in Marie Claire, and Emmanuelle Chriqui is too good for E. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

  • 57 Bettys Wearing Teddies For National Teddy Bear Day [PHOTOS]

    September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day. It's a scientific fact chicks LOVE teddy bears; probably moreso than flowers or chocolates for the simple fact the huggably soft furballs last longer (in bed... what's their secret!?). Buy a girl a teddy bear and she's more likely to show her appreciation by rockin' a teddy - the bodysuit-like lingerie, which combines a camisole and panty in one piece. We've never wanted to be a teddy bear more than after seeing these pics of hot girls in teddies. We knew being a furry would pay off eventually. Check out the girrrrrrrrls after the jump.