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  • COED’S Easter/Passover World Record Challenge!

    Oh dearest COED reader – it’s time to go mano el mano! Are you ready for a holiday World Record Challenge!!?…

  • The Most Popular Holiday Toys of the Past 30 Years

    The good peeps at UltimateCoupons whipped up this nostalgic infographic that takes a look at the most popular holiday toys of the past 30 years. After glancing at the items, I now realize how good I had it as a kid. I got just about each and every top toy each and every Christmas. I don't know that I can promise the same to my kids - illegitimate or otherwise. Take a stroll down memory lane after the jump (*cue "Back in Time").

  • 14 High School Classmates You’ll See Over Winter Break

    You're back home for winter break and ready to show off your new partying abilities. Time to reconnect with the old crew from high school and tear sh*t up. Maybe you've heard rumors about some of the crap that happened to your classmates while away at school, or maybe you just completely cut yourself off from that world. Either way, it's time to find out who's been up to what. Thanksgiving break was short-lived, but winter break gives you plenty of man hours to catch up. To prepare you for what's in store, we put together this guide of cronies, phonies, and baloney riding ponies you'll see out and about. Check it out after the jump.

  • Sexy Delivery Girls Remind Us To Avoid Extra Shipping Costs [63 PHOTOS]

    Free Shipping Day was Friday, December 16th. If you missed that opportunity, there's still hope. For many outlets, today is the last day to have your order delivered before Christmas without incurring extra shipping charges. If you're a grinch like me, then you don't have to worry about shipping because there won't be any gifts. Suck on that... right after you stuff your stocking with pics of sexy shipping girls. Click through to deliver blood flow to your

  • COED’S Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2011

    Newsflash big guy, you've got less than the 12 days of Christmas before the big day is here and if you're someone who celebrates Hanukkah, then you've got even less time. If you haven't figured out what you're getting, don't worry. Take a deep breath and check out our gift guide. We've got something for pretty much everyone, separated into six different categories: DVDs, Videogames, gifts for the nerd, swag for those who need to stay fresh, gear for those outdoorsy types, and some sound products for the audiophile. Check it out after the jump.

  • Top 10 Most Talked About Tech Gadgets This Holiday Season

    We've been throwing a ton of gift ideas and tech sh*t your way in the past couple weeks, but it's for your own good. This is your one chance to score that out of your price range gadget you wanted or to completely blow your friends and family's gifts away. HighBeam Research has determined which tech gadgets are getting the most media buzz this holiday season. Of course, Apple's gonna be a hog about it, but what other brands and products are peeps chirping about? Find out in our slideshow below.

  • Hold+Touch This Jack Spade Dopp Kit Giveaway

    The holiday season is all about giving but now it's time to cash in. We are going to hook up one lucky COED reader with a slick Jack Spade dopp kit ($155 value) filled with three AXE Hold+Touch styling products and a $50 iTunes gift card. This way you could look like a stud when the family stops by to drop off gifts. It's really easy to enter, check the details after the jump!

  • Tiffany Crystal’s Top Gifts For Girly Girls [#TiffanyTuesday]

    Our guest correspondent Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week Tiffany Crystal gives you her top gift ideas for the "Girly Girl" - you know, the girl who loves shopping, doing her nails, getting dressed up, getting her hair did, putting on make-up - the works. So, if your wifey, f*ck buddy, or out of your league hot chick you fawn over on Facebook falls into this category, check out Tiff's suggestions. If not, well, we always have Ms. Crystal's most recent sexy twitpics. Take a look after the jump.

  • 7 Essential Gifts for Beer Drinkers

    We love beer as much as the next lush, but some people take their passion for the nectar of the Gods to a whole 'nother level. Some may call them conossiuers, others might call them snobs. Either way, a simple coozie, hat, keychain, or t-shirt with their favorite beer logo on it ain't gonna cut it, broham. So, if your bud's finicky about his Bud, we've got a list of seven essential items that'll drown his sorrows. Check out which boozy products made the cut after the jump.

  • Enter The Ultimate Regifter’s Gift Basket Giveaway

    If you're anything like us, you're either too busy or too lazy to go holiday shopping. You slept through Black Friday and you looked at porn on Cyber Monday (thanks for the patronage, btw!). You're so overwhelmed by the merchandising madness that you'd rather suffer the wrath of angry friends and family then chance getting them something they'll throw away when you're not looking. You're also poor. Well, our sister site has the solution - a gift basket containing all the gifts you need to give over the holidays. BOOM. Done-zo. The best part? They're giving it away. You spend $0 and look like a champ. Find out how to enter after the jump.

  • Gorgeous Gift Wrapped Girls [50 PHOTOS]

    If you're a little nervous or unsure of what to get that special slampig in your life, you can always fall back on getting her some sexy lingerie. By getting her sexy lingerie, I mean buying some ribbon and asking her to wear it. If she starts flapping her gums about "I bought you blah blah," remind her that it's the thought that counts. Straight from the heart, here's an early Holiday present for you all you guys out there. You're probably going to want to keep the tissue that these girls were wrapped in.

  • The Top 5 Holiday Traditions in Sports

    The two things we can count on to bring people together are holidays and sports. Everyone likes a day off from work and when you couple that with a sporting event, you’re staring down at a pair of aces. For some families, watching sports can be a bonding experience while others use it as a diversion or escape from family issues. And, if you don't have a fam, these sports will keep you company. Tri-State Sports Guys' Mike D has 5 great marriages of holidays and sports - check 'em out after the jump.

  • 5 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Easiest Holiday To Hook Up

    Don't worry you've still got time. I'd say around 4 weeks. That's when "cuffing season" begins. What's cuffing season? It's when you "hole up" for the winter; when you're more likely to end up locked / knocked up than hooking up. Halloween's your last (and best) chance to have the hook up of the year. So, get your True Blood inspired costumes on and covered in (probably) fake blood for my top 5 reasons why Halloween is the easiest holiday to hook up.