Heather Marter
Aug 2, 2011

Heather Marter of MTV’s Real World Facebook Photos Revealed

The 4th hottest Real Worlder of all-time has hooked up with a fellow female castmate and a dude who used to be in softcore gay porn, so you know she's gotta be wild. We could honestly have made a gallery devoted to her bonging beers out of different tools: pool noodles, whiffle ball bats, beer bongs, paint sticks... the list goes on. Instead, we decided to unleash the fury, Mitch, with all her craziest Facebook photos. It's easy to see why MTV picked her to go to Sin City. Check out the wild child's pics after the jump.

Apr 13, 2011

The 16 Hottest Girls Of “The Real World”

For nearly 20 years now, The Real World has entertained viewers worldwide with drunken screaming matches, hot tub orgies and other moments of complete and unbridled “realness.” This season in Las Vegas has really turned up the ante, providing conflict, drama, and plenty of eye candy. To celebrate the series that started this whole reality show craze, we take a look at the show's hottest girls who range from crazy to quiet, virginal to "casual", bitchy to bitchin'. Check' em out below and vote for the chick you think is the hottest after the jump!

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