Hayley Quinn
Jul 10, 2011

26 Sexy New Photos of British Bisexual Babe Hayley Quinn

Since February, dating & sex advice columnist Hayley Quinn has clued you in to what works on the women you hope to whack with your wang. Well, we just wanted to remind you where these words were coming from, so she's been kind enough to give us 25+ pics of her bisexual boobs and butt in lingerie. In the coming weeks, she'll be delivering even more tasty treats with hook up stories that'll put tales of getting handies in the parking lot to shame. Check 'em out after the jump.

Mar 12, 2011

How To Pick Up A Chick Without Pissing Off Her Friends

We've all been there: you saunter over to the cute girl you've been meaning to ask out for a while then out of nowhere comes her colossal BFF with an attitude. Best friends of the girl you are into can be your worst enemy: they will drag your "target" away, shoot you down and do everything to abort your chances of asking her to go on a date. Here are my top three reasons why this always happens and how you can handle picking up the girl of your dreams, whilst dealing with the girl of your nightmares. Read bisexual British babe Hayley Quinn's tips after the jump!

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Feb 24, 2011

5 Ways To Turn A ‘No’ Into A ‘Yes’ When Hooking Up

You’re back at her place, shirt off, making out like the plane's crashing, then she says, “I don’t think I can do this.” Buzzkill, right? Time to give up on the thought of hooking up with that chick, right? No way. A woman’s last minute uncertainty about doing the dirty deed is known as "Last Minute Resistance" ("LMR"). Here are five top tips from our pick up artist and British bisexual babe Hayley Quinn to reassure her that she should bone you. See the pointers after the jump!