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  • 40 Hot Heidi Klum Hand Bras [PHOTO GALLERY]

    A sexy selection of Heidi hand-bras.…

  • 42 Super Sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Animated Gifs

    The beauty of animated GIFs is you don't have be a master of the remote control (or the mouse) to rewind and play, rewind and play, rewind and play. Some of us, COED staff included, have spent hours staring at them, in awe of their majestic simplicity. Five seconds of bliss repeated ad nauseam. Previously, we brought you sexually suggestive Katy Perry gifs, jigging boobs, and bad-ass bouncing butts. Now, we present animated gifs of sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit models rolling around, jiggling, gyrating, shaking, and wasting the rest of your day. See ya tomorrow!

  • Hellaciously-Hot Hair Bras 2010 [68 Photos]

    Adriana Lima debuted the new Bombshell Fantasy Bra, a collaboration between Victoria's Secret and Damiani's, today. The "undergarment" is not only heavy but expensive. Shed that shiznit and get with the hair bra, ladies! Last June, we featured more than 40 pics of hellaciously hot hair bras. This year? 68! If you still want jewels, we have some from the family you might be interested in.

  • Hellaciously-Hot Hair Bras 2010 [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Photos of disarmingly hot women in hair bras.…

  • Seriously-Sexy Sidewinder Boobs [PICS]

    The most recent episode of "South Park" introduced us to a new term: "Muffcabbage." It made us think of another term we've never heard of before, "Sidewinders." Sounds like a shot, right? Well, it's not, but you can still drink in these pictures that depict the sides of breasts as viewed from behind aka "sidewinders".

  • A Helluva-Lotta Handbras [320 Photos]

    When it comes to bewbs, we have a tendency do over-do things a bit here at COED (ie. Denise Milani Overdose, Underboob Overdose). The truth is, some things are just so awesome, 20 or 30 pics just ain't gonna cut it. So when we we started pulling together a few pics for a new handbra post, lets just say things got a bit out of 'hand'. We doubt you'll be complaining.

  • The Girls of Piranha 3D [Photos]

    Once in a long while, a film comes along that is so emotionally moving that it restores hope and faith in all humanity. Piranha 3D is not that film, but as Yahoo! news describes it, "It's Bloody Awesome." This film is getting insanely good reviews by the nation's top critics and is being dubbed as what 3D is meant to be. And we couldn't agree more. I mean, with this stunningly sexy cast of some of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood / the adult film industry, alongside an absurd amount of sex and gore thrown gratuitously in your face... and in 3D!?!?!

  • Underboob Overdose [204 Photos]

    Summer is all about going to the extreme. Whether you're spending all day on the beach without sunscreen or you're skipping work for the World Cup, you're making sure every moment counts. That's why we're taking the time to go to the extreme by compiling every soccer related underboob photo we could find. And since it's an overdose, we're even throwing in a few "non-World Cup related" underboobs (200 hundred) just to make sure you get extra high.

  • 44 Hellaciously-Hot Hand Panties

    I think we can all agree that it's getting too hot outside to be wearing accessories like underwear around. But what's a modest girl to do when it gets too steamy for her to put on her panties? Why slip on her hand panties of course! It's not only the easiest way to brave the summer heat without getting those pesky underwear tan lines, but it's also the only all-natural lingerie product (besides the hand bra and the more classy helping hand bra) guaranteed to get men in the mood.

  • 104 Big Breasts at Rest

    Every quality big breast needs a good rest. But traditional bras are so Spring 2010. This summer we're all about using recyclable, resuable, organic materials to hold up our favorite women's breasts. From utilizing a tandem boob press to picking out a supportive hand bra, we're here to show you the most modern and most boobastic bra alternatives out there.

  • 48 Hot Helping Hand Bras

    It's clinically proven that boobs need to be supported. We're not talking about the kind of support you show every day by checking out posts like the tandem boob press and 100 hottest handbras . No we're talking about bras -- and there's no bra more supportive bra than a hand bra. And there's no friend more supportive than one who is willing to lend her hands to give her a friend a bra.

  • Tribute to the Glorious Underboob: 2010

    Some things in this world are indisputable, like gravity, death and the incredible, inexhaustible awesomeness of boobs. So from the people who first brought you the glory of the side-boob and the hand-bra, we proudly present to you the latest in our unending quest for hot ass pictures of chicks wearing nearly nothing - the quintessential Tribute to the Glorious Underboob!

  • Girls Wearing Only Suspenders

    We enjoy exploring the various types of bras girls can wear. The hand bra, arm bra, hair bra, and these 14 different types of bikinis..they all hold a special place in our heart but the hot new item on the market are suspenders. Yup, you heard it here first. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the suspender bra is all the rage this summer.

  • 77 Sexy Sidewinder Boobs Revisited

    When you see as many pictures of boobs as we do here at COED, you start to look at things in a new light. You start to appreciate this perfectly sexy body part in new ways, from new angles. And the best new angle we've seen recently is the glorious "sidewinder." Because, to be able to view a girl's sweet puppies from this angle, you know they have to be good.

  • Sexy Sorority Slumber Party Girls [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Photos from sexy sorority sleepover sessions.…