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  • 44 Hotties with Hand Bras for the Holiday Season

    It's beginning to get a little chilly outside, and we at COED have something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! The hand bra has not only become a phenomenon, it has also become quite the art form and let me tell you, the girls in this gallery are nothing short of a masterpiece. This gallery of hand bra hotties is sure to get to you in the holiday spirit, and if it doesn't go sit in a corner and sip on some eggnog you Debbie Downer. Check out 44 of the sexiest holiday hand bra hotties that the world has to offer, you won't regret it. Consider it an early present from COED to you...enjoy!

  • A Slew of Sexy “Sidewinders” [77 PHOTOS]

    The sidewinder: what a thing of beauty. Over the years, it seems that guys get a new type of boob to drool over every so often. We've always had the standard cleavage, but babes have been finding more and more inventive ways to expose themselves as much as possible. The sideboob and the underboob are classics, but what we here at COED call the Sidewinder boob is really something special. Not every girl can successfully pull it off, but these ladies are sidewinder ninjas. Keep an eye out for the chicks who can pull of the double sidewinder, because that's no joke. Check out the newest trend in awesome boobage after the jump!

  • Alice Goodwin’s Goods Will Make You Dump Your Fiancee & Miss Your Son’s First Birthday

    The Daily Mail reported that Premiere League (that's soccer) star Jermaine Pennant dumped his fiancee and missed his son's first birthday to be with 25 year old model (and COED favorite) Alice Goodwin. Apparently, the dude has a sorted past, at one point cheating on sexy WAG Amii Grove who then destroyed six figures worth of his designer clothing. He then courted Hollyoaks actress and former Miss COED Jennifer Metcalfe and went back and forth between her and Grove and was even engaged to the model. Dude's doing something right. It'd be wrong of us to deprive you of Alice Goodwin's hottest handbras. Check 'em out along with the other girls he banged then vote in our poll to see who's hottest after the jump

  • 50 Nifty Knee Bras [PHOTOS]

    We'd like to think that we're professional posers... wait a minute, that came out wrong. What we mean is we're pros at pickin' out poses. Sh*t, every dude off the streets knows the hand bra, arm bra, sand bra, and the hair bra. But what about the Vilena? The Alba Ass? The Point of Boob? The Poon Dune? Yeah, we take posing to a whole 'nother level. Well, one of the poses that gets overlooked is the knee bra. Let us draw  your attention to this underappreciated nipple blocker with the photo gallery below.

  • A Freakin’ Lotta #FriskyFriday Handbra Photos [77 PICS]

    What started with Playboy model Shera Bechard and this picture has blossomed and blown up into a regular, recurring Twitterrific feature in which hot chicks post their most provocative pics under the #FriskyFriday hashtag! You could go aimlessly searching through Twitter for these risqué pics or you could just sit back and enjoy the hottest, hand-picked handbras  in the photo gallery after the jump.

  • 104 Big Breasts at Rest [PHOTOS]

    Every quality big breast needs a good rest. But traditional bras are so Spring 2011. This summer we're all about using recyclable, resuable, organic materials to hold up our favorite women's breasts. From utilizing a tandem boob press to picking out a supportive hand bra, we're here to show you the most modern and most boobastic bra alternatives out there.

  • 44 Self-shot Handbra Hotties [PHOTOS]

    You meet a girl, you hit it off, and it gets sexual QUICK. Before you know it, you're sexting like crazy. She says she's taking a shower, you tell her to take a pic and send it. Some guys are eerily successful in their attempts to get chicks to send them nude or topless candids while others are forced to make the first move and send c*ck shots to entice reciprocation. If you're more Brett Favre than Blake Lively's boyfriend, we've got the photo gallery for you - self shot handbra hotties. Reluctant ladies, take note and send us your best shots to editor@teamcoed.com. See the pics after the jump.

  • 50 Epic Demotivational Posters About Lesbians For Gay Pride Month [PHOTOS]

    June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. In June 2000, Bill "Bubba" Clinton declared June "Gay & Lesbian Pride Month", which was revised to "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month" by Barack Obama. Why June? Well, it was chosen to commemorate the 1969 riots in Greenwich Village that sparked the modern LGBT liberation movement in the U.S. Throughout the month, GLBT groups and associations hold pride parades, picnics, parties, and memorials (in addition to each other - ZING!). We honor the L word in GBT with a month's worth of demotivational posters celebrating girl on girl. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • The 40 Hottest Heidi Klum Handbras for Her 38th Birthday [PHOTOS]

    June 1st is Heidi Klum's birthday. The now 38 year old  international supermodel is featured in a new "Got Milk?" ad, whichs shows her getting ready for the red carpet with the signature white milk mustache on her upper lip. Those ads make us think dirty thoughts, but we have one suggestion for the wiz kids behind the campaign - MORE HANDBRAS. Heidi's the reigning Queen of the Handbra, so it's only fitting we celebrate her birthday with her hottest holds that will make you hold your breath. Check 'em out in our gallery after the jump. That Seal is one lucky dude.

  • Topless In Tight Jeans [82 PHOTOS]

    On May 20th, 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a U.S. patent for their brand of blue jeans with copper rivets. We honestly can’t thank Levi and Jake enough for their epic contribution to the fashion world. Because of their efforts, women everywhere have the ability to show off their curves and look hot while keeping it casual. In the case of this photo gallery we pulled of girls in tight ass jeans, we’re keeping it REAL casual – like tops-are-optional casual. Sure they might be hard to get on and off but it’s worth it. Don’t worry, we didn’t include mom jeans.

  • Bar Refaeli ‘Yacht’ to Forget About Leo in Cannes [28 Candid Bikini PHOTOS]

    You say Cannes (Kahn), we say Cannes (can). Last week, we published a photo gallery highlighting the "goods" of fine French women. Today, we catch a glimpse of Leo DiCaprio's former flame Bar Refaeli in a black bikini on a yacht in Cannes. If your monitor is still intact and hasn't blown up, congratulations. Some people take breaks up poorly. Others, like Bar, flash their flesh and toothy smile all over the place in what has to be the sexiest advertisement to promote one's availability we've ever seen. Check out more Bar below!

  • 60 Babes Sporting Boxing Glove Bras [PHOTOS]

    The much-anticipated Manny Pacquaio vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley Welterweight championship fight takes place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 7th. Pacquiao's heavily favored to win and Mosley's stated if he loses badly, he'll retire. If Manny loses, he might not fight Mayweather. Each fighter will earn 7 digits, possibly 8 for this match. We decided you, the fans, should feel like a millionaire, so we now have this fightin' photo gallery of babes sporting boxing glove bras entering the ring. Ding ding! Alright gentlemen, come out clickin' after the jump!

  • 76 Super Sexy Secretaries for Secretary’s Day [PHOTOS]

    April 27th is Secretary's Day (or Administrative Assistant Day to all you PC sissies).  When we think of secretaries, our minds drift to Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance in 2002's "Secretary". Keep in mind, every time she came on the screen during The Dark Knight, someone in the theater made a fart noise with his mouth. However, in "Secretary", she got placed in our fantasy file. That brings us to the purpose of this post - secretaries are super sexy. There are a few fantasies every man would love to fulfill: schoolgirl, cheerleader, teacher, and SECRETARY. Maybe because it's against company policy or we seek the sense of empowerment. Regardless, we've grabbed a ton of sexy secretaries for your enjoyment. Happy Secretary's Day! Check out the pics after the jump!