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Jul 6, 2015

GoPro’s New Camera is Tiny, Compact, & Perfect For Your Next Adventure

GoPro‘s latest model the GoPro Hero4 Session is tiny, compact, and ready to take on your next adventure. Coming in...

Feb 10, 2015

WATCH: Owl Dance Battle Caught On GoPro [VIDEO]

This is what the internet is made off – cute animal videos, and frankly, this is by far the cutest...

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Sep 17, 2014

Globetrotting Man Wearing GoPro Gets Robbed At Gunpoint [VIDEO]

The GoPro camera has captured all sorts of amazing sights but a man in Argentina caught something that no one would wish to witness: a robbery.

Sep 8, 2014

GoPro Footage of Texas A&M Running Onto The Field Is Most Exciting Thing You’ll See Today

If this GoPro video of the Texas A&M Aggies rushing out of the tunnel and onto Kyle Field doesn’t get...

Jul 2, 2014

It’s Impossible Not To Love This GoPro Footage Of Dogs’ Faces [VIDEO]

Need we say more? This compilation of GoPro dog footage is one of the cutest things we’ve seen in awhile–and...

Mar 23, 2014

Watch A Grizzly Bear Eat A GoPro Camera [VIDEO]

How did people ever film animals before the GoPro camera? People have strapped one to an eagle, strapped one to...

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Jan 12, 2014

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Use A GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop [VIDEO]

Sometimes it takes a while for a new technology to be used properly. Now that some genius has attached a...

Some Post 4th Of July Fireworks Fun: Matrix Style [VIDEO]

GoPro cameras + fireworks. Who knew they would make such an awesome combination? Oh, everyone knew. The perfect team....

Jul 5, 2013

The First Parapalegic To Do A Sit Ski Flip Ever [VIDEO]

[springboard id=”cdmg006_ccc774826624281f9075b77319ffa77d” src=”” width=”590″ height=”451″] While I consider myself a very good skiier, I’ve never gotten the courage to even...

Feb 10, 2012