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  • Actually, Dating A Lesbian Sounds Like All Kinds Of Awesome [VIDEO]

    I’m not going to lose too much sleep over the whole “gay guys will marry our girlfriends if gay marriage isn…

  • Wrap It Up: The LA Dodgers Are Bankrupt Edition

    Wrap It Up is COED's end of the day feature in which we highlight the day's best, buzzworthy, most WTF pics, vids, stories, and headlines on the internet. Today's items feature the Dodgers going broke, Jose Canseco getting ejected, Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket 7 figure price tag, Billy the Kid's only known photograph selling for 7 figures, a drunk woman spraying breast milk at cops, Karen Gillan stumbling through hotel hallways nude, Rosario Dawson planking, the Shannon Twins mesh dresses, Sara Jean Underwood's bikini, Charlie Sheen goddess-less, the whitest colleges in America, gay pride and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump!

  • 5 Reasons Why Pot Will Be Legalized Before Gay Marriage

    There are two issues that get constantly put in front of congress. The right to smoke pot, and the right for gays to marry.…