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  • The Fratossary AKA The Fraternity Glossary [FRAT SLANG] WTF

    The Fratossary AKA The Fraternity Glossary [FRAT SLANG]

    Frat life can be a hard life if you're not familiar with its terminology. Like any other organization, if you can't speak the language ("talk the talk"), you can't walk the walk. So, to excel in your fratty endeavors, we decided to drop some bro-knowledge aka brah-ledge on your faces with this extremely useful and up-to-date glossary of fraternity terms. Some are well known, formal, and recognized by school boards everywhere while others have been cooked up in the moldy Gatorade bucket of the foul-smelling back room located in a dirty, beer-covered basement. Even if you're aren't in a frat, but embrace your fratty side, feel free to throw these terms around. Just be prepared to be confronted with inquiries about the secret handshake and multiple other code questions. See the full list after the jump!

  • The Frat-rat. Every House Has One News-ish

    The Frat-rat. Every House Has One

    Frat-rat (frat rat) n. 1: a girl that spends exorbitant amounts of time at a frat house, usually with the intent to slut it up with one or more of the fraternity brothers; a girl that bangs a different frat guy every week. Any way you slice it, the term 'frat-rat' is far from endearing. Yet there is always that girl who seems proud to make it her reputation.