Fantasy Football

Sep 15, 2017

Fantasy Football Ranking: Top 10 Best Quarterbacks In 2017

Fantasy football has been a part of American sports for years. Year after year NFL fans gathers together to see...

Sep 5, 2017

Fantasy Football Rankings 2017: Top 10 Quarterback Poll Week 1

What quarterback is the best ranked in the fantasy league? Who would know best, a person or a computer? Why...

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Aug 15, 2017

Top 5 Most Overrated Fantasy Football Players This Season

Fantasy football leagues are drafting all across the country, so in honor of that, we bring you the five most...

Jul 12, 2017

Peyton Manning On What He Loves (And Hates) About Fantasy Football Fans

Peyton Manning stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night where he discussed his post-NFL life and opened up about what...

Feb 21, 2017

Michigan Student Reenacts Cassie’s “Me & U” Music Video After Coming In Last In Fantasy Football League

A University of Michigan student finished in last place in his fantasy football league, so he was forced to do...

Dec 16, 2016

Frustrated Fantasy Football Owner Wants To Fight Todd Gurley & Gurley Seems Very Willing

Last night, Todd Gurley rushed for 38 yards on 14 carries in the Los Angeles Rams 24-3 loss to the...

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Oct 21, 2016

This Is The Worst Fantasy Football Setting Of All-Time

I’m not a snob when it comes to fantasy football. I think people should play with whatever settings, rules, and...

These Are The Biggest Disappointments Of The Fantasy Football Season So Far

Fantasy Football is heading into the heart of it’s season, and finally, the contenders and pretenders are starting to shine...

Oct 6, 2016

‘Gotta Catch Jamaal,’ And The Rest of the Best 2016 Fantasy Football Team Names

The NFL regular season is just around the corner, which means that a ton of people are trying to figure...

Aug 23, 2016

Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 14; Playoff Week 1

For the many millions of fantasy football players around the world, Week 14 of the NFL season is a very...

Dec 9, 2015

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Dec 15, 2014

Adult Film Star Lisa Ann Retires to Focus On Fantasy Football (With Epic Farewell Note)

Adult film star Lisa Ann–who broke into the mainstream as Sarah Palin in Who’s Nailin’ Palin?–just provided the most unexpected...

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Nov 4, 2014

Adrian Peterson May Plead No Contest Today, Here’s Why You Should Pick Him Up

Update: We were right! He pleaded no contest and now the NFLPA will likely push for his reinstatement as soon...

Sep 19, 2014

Fantasy Football Advice From Jay Glazer, Pirate Style [INTERVIEW]

Seeing as how today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we thought it’d be a good idea to ask...

Aug 26, 2014

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names, Ordered By Team

Everyone knows that fantasy football team names are just as important as the actual team you draft. And because most...

Sep 11, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 1 Recap And Must-Make Adjustments: Presented By Jenny [PHOTOS]

The 2013-2014 NFL fantasy season got off to one of the most exciting starts in recent memory (unless you have...

Sep 4, 2013 Is A Sports Lover’s Dream Come True [PHOTOS + ADVICE]

Every week will be providing us with all the NFL Fantasy Football advice you need, with some smokeshows sprinkled in for good measure.

Dec 14, 2012

The 14 Biggest Fantasy Football Busts Of 2012

Why didn’t you make the fantasy playoffs this year? Probably because you suck at fantasy football....

Nov 18, 2011

10 Types of People In Your Fantasy Football League

What once was restricted to a select few college dorms and hedge fund offices has spread like wildfire: Fantasy Football isn't just a hobby played for fun anymore, it's a part-time job. Admit it, you've probably already checked your team at least two or three times this week, am I right? Did you already scour the waiver wire, propose 8 different trades and set your lineup for next week? This billion dollar empire has driven us bananapants and devoured our beer money for years. In every fantasy football league, there are at least 10 different types of people that help or hinder your chance at championship glory (and keg investments). Check out the roster after the jump.

Nov 14, 2011

Fantasy Chix, Facts and Chicks, Is It Old [Websites of the Week]

At COED we try to pay homage to the funniest and most WTF sh*t online. With our “Websites of the Week” column, we’ve done just that. If you’re looking to murder some time, you can’t do any better than our suggestions. This week's sites feature girls from your fantasies giving you fantasy football advice, the best thing to read on the toilet, and a cheat-sheet to whether or not a website is so last week. Click the link to check out this week’s top suggestions then submit your nominations for future WOTW to with the subject line “Websites of the Week”.

Aug 20, 2010

Surefire Tips to Win Your Fantasy Football League

The dog days of summer have always been a downtime for sports fans. With LeBron's "Decision" finally past us, ESPN can now focus on Brett Favre's "Decision" (take 5), but since it is now August, only one thing matters: Fantasy Football and your draft day decisions! I have gone undefeated over the last six fantasy leagues I've been a part of, including football, baseball and basketball, and want to share some helpful tips I use during each draft to the COED Community.

Dec 30, 2008

NFL Fantasy File Complete Video Collection

The 2008 regular season has come to an end, but fear not fantasy football fans, we’ve got ya covered! Check...

Sep 21, 2008

Later Yankee Stadium… Catch You On The Flip-Flop

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Yankee Stadium, Goodbye Led Zeppelin to tour with or without Robert Plant?...

Sep 14, 2008

Reef Girls and The Week That Was…

Bringing you all the highlights from the past week are the ever-awesome Reef Girls. I’m not sure where they find...

Nov 15, 2007

Scott Boras Suffers from Rosenhaus Syndrome

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Scott Boras, douche to the athletic-stars who personally leaked the LA Dodgers “A-Rod news”...

Nov 12, 2007

The History of Fantasy Football

Football covercoming baseball as the national pastime in the United States can be directly attributed to gambling and fantasy. Seriously,...

Oct 30, 2007

Britney…Keep Your Damn Hands off Romo!

Look, you little bitch…you can bang, blow, snort, suck and skank around with any Hip-Hop-Wanna-Be you can find – leave...