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  • LOL Easter Bunny FAIL!

    In addition to all the super hot bunny babes, this holy holiday also brings out a far less sexy segment of the population w…

  • Bulletproof Vest FAIL [Video]

    Some dangerous activities have some leeway in how totally and completely wrong they can go. Rednecks testing out a bulletproof vest is not one of them. Let's just say that any time something goes wrong with a bulletproof vest, it's a very bad thing...

  • Drunk Punch FAIL [Video]

    It's no secret that drinking and motor skills don't mix. And as this video so awesomely demonstrates, that includes trying to punch your friend in the shoulder while being a hilarious high school kid. Not quite so sure why the other dude starts playing the drums on him man-boobs, though...

  • Parking FAIL [Video]

    Sometimes, while hurtling myself down the road at bone crushing speeds, I wonder why driving is even legal in the first place. And then I tell myself that it's a needed danger, that life would be far too complicated without being able to drive. But after seeing this dude's complete lack of skills, I'm not so sure...

  • Mudding FAIL [Video]

    For most people, most days go according to plan - you get up, go to work, do some mindless crap, come home, eat dinner, drink, wack-off to Internet porn and go to bed. But sometimes, this happens.

  • Doing It Wrong: Driving [Video]

    If you've ever needed a reason to not listen to loud music on your headphones while walking down the street, this is it. Some douche-nugget in Turkey makes a very wrong turn into a parked car the smashes in to the front of a liquor store.

  • Pogo Stick FAILs [Video]

    Before watching this video, I had no idea people were so into pogo sticking. I mean, these goofy bastards are jumping over cars, doing backflips andgriding ledges like they're on skateboards - or rather, they're trying to. Thing is, even when you do a pogo stick trick right, you still kind of look like a dumbass...

  • Dorm Stunt FAIL [Video]

    When you're trying a stunt in your dorm hallway, it's best you pick a stunt partner who isn't going to slam your face into the wall when he screws up. But then again, nobody would have cared if these guys would have actually pulled it off - so scratch that.

  • TV

    Will Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Late Night’ Survive?

    Tonight, Jimmy Fallon will take the stage in the first ever episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And needless to say, he's got a big task ahead of him - maybe too big.

  • Why To Not Drinking and Drive [Video]

    Everyone knows drinking and driving is bad. Hell, even drinking and talking can be catastrophic. But sometimes you don't realize quite how badly you can f**k up when you've had a few too many. In this guy's case, he must've had about a bottle of Jack too many before he took this terrible turn into the elementary school parking lot.

  • How Not to Dive [Video]

    If there's one sport that takes serious skills, it's diving. Not only do you have to know how to swim, you have to know how to do amazing flips off a springy board a dozen feet in the air. And sometimes, this happens...

  • Man Arrested For Beating Off In Toy Aisle

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  • Stunt Fail [Video]

    It's one thing to go all out on a big stunt and fail miserably. That happens all the time. It's an entirely different thing, however, to just totally f**k up while you're on the launch ramp.

  • Amazing Faceplanting Acrobats [Video]

    You know, I have to give credit to anyone willing to get up on stage and risk life and limb in order to entertain me. But I have to give a lot more credit to anyone who can get up and keep performing after doing a double back flip to the face.

  • Why take diet pills when you can enjoy AYDS? [VIDEO]

    If there's one company out there that regrets its name, it's the AYD'S diet plan. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it just sounded exactly like the disease. But the whole weight loss thing is just too much to handle. Congrats, AYD'S, you FAILED!!

  • Double Drag Race Fail [Video]

    As if wrecking a super expensive motorcycle in the middle of a drag race isn’t failure enough, biting it in respon…

  • The Year In Sports: Substance Abuse Edition

    2008 was a year of great accomplishment for many professional athletes. For others it was a year of total FAIL! Sure, many failed on the field, but it was their idiotic actions in the off time that we will remember for years and years to come. From steroids and pot to the unfortunate DUI, let us remember: The Year in Sports: Substance Abuse Edition.

  • The Year In FAIL [VIDEO]

    2008 was undoubtably the biggest year of FAIL in quite some time. From the economy to the automakers to the Republican party, everywhere you turned it was one big effing FAIL! But not all FAIL was bad for everyone. As you will see in this compilation of videos, some FAIL can be beautifully hilarious and awesome to watch. Thank you all you goofy bastards for making FAIL so painfully fun.

  • Border Patrol Fail [Video]

    If anybody wonders why there’s an issue of illegal immigrants entering this country, I think we might have just f…

  • Winter Dive FAIL [VIDEO]

    Now, I’m a complete wussy when it comes to cold water, so I will never understand why anyone would purposefully ju…

  • 20 Most Painful Moments in Gymnastics

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  • Epic Balloon Fail

    more about “Epic Balloon Fail“, posted with vodpod First of all, this guy has to be the most bored person on…

  • Massive Shopping Cart FAIL

    Massive Shopping Cart Fail by Two Morons – Watch more free videos In this video, the two stupidest chain-store em…

  • Vide-O-Gazm: Bikini Beach Brawl

    Nothing starts out the morning better than a little bikini beach brawl. Then Bert and Ernie get their rave on. This two-h…

  • Epic Squat FAIL

    Moron Fails on Terrible Squat Thrust – Watch more free videos I’m not much of an exerciser. Sure, I underst…