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  • 20 Beer Bong Fails (PICS)

    Why would any sane, rational person drink out of a glass when there's a beer bong available? They instantly turn the lamest guy into the life of the party and the Ugly Betty in the group into a smoking hot babe. But not everyone can handle themselves when it comes to funneling beer down their throats. We've got all the (lack of) action caught on camera.

  • 85 Incredibly Disturbing Unicorn Tattoo FAILS

    Here at COED we're used to seeing some pretty disturbing things. It comes with the territory of Googling with the safe search off all day. But nothing prepared us for the following 85 photos which are so upsetting, so disgusting, and so surprisingly erotic that we've taken turns gouging eachother's eyes out.

  • Grannies Gone Wild [19 Photos]

    Just because your grandmother wears dentures, depends, and drives around in a wheelchair doesn't mean she's spending her Saturday nights watching Matlock marathons in black and white. Suddenly it looks like girls gone too wild has been taken up a notch by people who can't even legally drive anymore. After looking at these pictures you should just be praying hard that the worst your grandmother does is drink too much at family dinners, throw out a few racist slurs, and beat you at beer pong.

  • 140 Freaking-Awesome Prom Fail Photos

    According to the movies, prom is supposed to be the most magical, wonderful night of every student's young life. From the anticipation over who will be crowned prom queen to the stress of pinning on a corsage without stabbing your date, everyone eagerly awaits this night. But for some people this night of dreams turns into a Facebook album of horrors.

  • 11 LOL Easter Bunny FAIL!

    In addition to all the super hot bunny babes, this holy holiday also brings out a far less sexy segment of the population we'd like to call LOL Easter Bunny FAIL!. They're kind of like LOLCats, but a lot sadder and not nearly as cute. Which, if you ask us, is a good thing.

  • TV

    This Puppy Is Not Camera Shy [Video]

    Puppies on morning shows is nothing new, but as you'll see in this clip, the old Hollywood adage 'never work with animals or children' has never been so true.

  • OH SH*T! [Video]

    Unless you're overly paranoid, you're able to get through the day without fear of being killed in some random accident you have no way of knowing is going to happen. You know, like crossing the street without expecting a freakin' city bus to come along and nearly wipe out with an SUV. But after watching this video, that's all done with.

  • The 15 Funniest Live Local News FAIL Videos

    Just the term "local news" invokes thoughts of failure. And that's not really fair, at all. We're sure there are tons of local news anchors, reporters and weathermen who do their jobs fantastically. But if these 15 hilarious videos are any indication, the entire local news industry is wrought with flubs, mishaps, crashes, falls and a whole lot of cussing. Enjoy!

  • Afghanistan Peace Day Dove Doesn’t Make It [Video]

    Say what you will about what to do with the war in Afghanistan, but if this video is any indication, things are going to be completely and totally f**ked there for quite some time. This is a Afghani Peace Day rally, and some white doves are being released as a symbol of peace. Problem is, one of the doves isn't exactly fit to fly...

  • How to Fail a DUI Test [Video]

    If you've been drinking, the best course of action is to just stay put (and hopefully hook up with a hot chick.) What you should NOT do is get in a car, suck at driving, get pulled over, and then proceed to do everything exactly opposite to what the cop is asking you to do.

  • The 13 Most Disastrous Runway Model FAILs [Videos]

    When you think of models, the first things that probably come to mind are beauty, elegance, sophistication, class and that stupid television show with Tyra Banks (No, the other one.) But when someone's that perfect, there's nothing greater than watching them bust their ass. So we bring to you The 13 Most Disastrous Model Runway FAILs. Remember, just because someone's better than you doesn't mean you can't laugh...

  • BMX Fence Jump FAIL

    When it comes to failing, there is a wide varying degree of consequences. But when you decide to jump a giant fence on your BMX bike, you can be sure that the consequences of failing that will be much greater than you're probably willing to accept. Like breaking your damn back, like this kid...

  • Why Moms Shouldn’t Ride Dirt Bikes [Video]

    There's no question in my mind that women can do everything men can do, and probably better, most of the time. But once a woman becomes a mom, there are a few things she should avoid. At the top of that list, just after "stripper," is riding dirt bikes - because when they do, it goes horribly, hilariously wrong. And this time, there's a bonus surprise mishap, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

  • White Girl Can’t Jump [Video]

    I'm not exactly sure what it is about humans that makes us want to do stupid stunts just for the hell of it. But whatever it is, I'm sure as hell happy it exists. Take this girl for instance - she wants to jump across this dry creek. She goes for it... and fails, big time.Then cries when she lands on her head. Hooray for humans!

  • 14 Painfully Funny Fireworks FAIL Videos

    Fireworks have to be the best part about the Fourth of July. There's just something about loading up on M-80s and bottle rockets that makes you feel like a kid again. Unfortunately for these poor bastards, the whole explosives thing can go so incredibly wrong, it'll make you think twice before launching that Roman candle out of your ass, this year.

  • The 15 Biggest Joints We’ve Ever Seen

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  • How NOT to Shoot a Rifle [Video]

    I'm not saying I'm an expert on gun safety or anything, but I do know for a fact that one of the main rules of firearms is: Don't shoot the gun when it has something lodged in the barrel. Why? It should be obvious. But if you need more proof, watch this...

  • Summer Is A Great Time To FAIL

    • Summer Is A Great Time To FAILBull Fighter Gets Pwnd • Summer Time = Jorts Time • P Diddy Helps Young Lady Go Topless In Vegas Jesse “The Body” Ventura in Pro Wrestling • Former College's Hottest Female Athlete • Scientists: Red Bull Cocaine Not A Big Deal

  • Price Is Right FAIL [Video]

    Put together by the good people at Best Week Ever, we've got a gem for you today. You know when someone does something so stupid, you just want them to go away so you can stop being embarrassed for them? Well if not, then you've never met this woman. Not only does her bid strategy fail completely, she's so bad, she throws Drew off his game.

  • Helicopter Breaks In Two [Video]

    Despite being one of the most badass ways to travel ever, helicopters are also one of the most dangerous vehicles to be in when something goes wrong. Especially when that something is the g*ddamn tail snapping off. I'm not quite sure how it happens here, but it does. And it's awesomely bad.

  • Worst Street Fight Ever [Video]

    At first glance, this might seems like some type of ironic joke. But you'd be wrong about the ironic part. This is actually footage from outside a 1991 rodeo in Calgary, Canada called the Calgary Stampede. Needless to say, these dudes could have benefited to at least take some yoga kickboxing or something, because this is pathetic...

  • Painful Diving FAILs [Video]

    Every sport has its dangers. But every sport does not, however, involve wucking yourself off a platform 30-feet in the air into a pool. And even though water is a pretty forgiving surface to land on, when you're traveling at mach-10 and land belly first, it's pretty much guaranteed that you're going to swim away in pain. For more details, just watch this clip.