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  • Ho Ho Holy Sh*t! Holiday FAIL Compilation [VIDEO]

    This weekend, thousands and thousands of people will be celebrating the Holidays for Santacon. While more than a few of the Santa's are likely going to pee themselves and not successfully finish the bar crawl, the real FAILs have already been recorded and compiled for your viewing ease. Whether that's a drunk uncle intentionally trying to drunk-ruin Christmas, someone hitting his nuts so hard they turn red like Rudolph's nose, or a Christmas porn video getting more than a little physical, you should check out the video after the jump!

  • TV

    News Anchor FAIL Compilation [NSFW Language VIDEO]

    You know those times in your life when you realize that 'professionals' are nothing more than normal people? Usually those "Aha" moments are preceded by someone making a blatantly obvious mistake, something that can only get worse if it's on live television. You expect this kind of amateur-hour sh*t from field reporters, but not news anchors. I've watched enough Anchorman to know that they're supposed to be the glue holding the team together. If for no other reason, watch this for the best Australian morning show team ever. Video after the jump!

  • The Best FAILS of November [VIDEO]

    According to Twitter today, one of the top trends is #goodbyenovember. Looking past the fact that this is retarded, I figured a great way to say goodbye to everyone's favorite mustache month would be checking out another one of TwistedNederlands7 FAIL compilations. As always, he's pulled together the worst displays of skateboarding, biking, driving, jumping, and general tomfoolery into an 8:30 minute video. Like someone on his Youtube page said, these people are the reasons that doctors are so rich. Check out the FAILvember after the jump!

  • Why You Don’t Scare People [VIDEO]

    Wow, really didn't see that one coming. When I was a kid, I used to be a really big d*ck because I used to love to hide and wait for people to scare. I'm not sure why I used to get so much pleasure out of it, but after seeing this clip I don't think I'm ever going to do that again. Check out the serious prank fail after the jump!

  • In Russia, Supercuts Make You. [VIDEO]

    In terms of memes and internet humor, one of the best has gotta be the Meanwhile in Russia joke. The only way to those jokes more web-friendly is by making them into a supercut like these guys did. There's all sorts of communist fun inside, like comrades drinking at 9 in the morning and jumping off of balconies, some dude literally riding a fire extinguisher, going down the up escalator (head first), and so much more Motherland fun. Check out the best that the people have to offer after the jump!

  • October 2011 Fail Compilation [VIDEO]

    Once again, TwistedNederland7 has pulled together the best injuries and mistakes caught on film for the month of October. Last month's was pretty awesome, but this time we've got over 9 minutes of fail-good footage. Some of the highlights include 1:08, 1:30, and my personal favorite 8:00. Every time I see one of his compilations, I'm amazed that people actually think they're going to pull off what they're doing. Do you actually think that you're going to be able to grind a rail on a f*cking unicycle or are you just that sick of wearing condoms? Check out the best of this month's sterilizations after the jump.

  • Idiot Hick Takes Misfired Shotgun Blast To The Face [VIDEO]

    Guns are amazing. Granted, I don't own one because I don't trust myself not to get drunk and do something stupid (read: Jason Williams) but that's a choice I make. Idiots like this should be able to make the choice to buy whatever guns they want. They should also be able to choose to look down the barrel when the last shell that they loaded doesn't fire. You get one guess as to what happens next. Check out the video after the jump!

  • The Internet’s Hall of Shame [VIDEOS]

    Every single day, I see some of the dumbest people and their videos. While it doesn't take a whole lot for me to laugh at someone once, that someone has to be a real jackass to keep my attention for longer than a week. For those trying to do this, I'll throw you a bone: freaking out and shoving a remote up your bum because your WoW account was suspended is a good start. Yeah I just revealed one of the idiots on our list, but trying to narrow down all the other 'tards to a concise 15 was pretty hard. Be glad you're not one of the 15 internet jackasses and reap the benefits of our hard labor after the jump!

  • ONN Presents: The 15 Funniest Live Local News FAIL Videos

    I can't tell you how many times I've been fooled by The Onion's headlines. We're not the only ones. They treat incredibly fake news stories with the same kind of gravitas and grandiose posturing as real news outlets. Hell, more times than not they're BETTER than the real news. You want to see a dumbass's head explode? Watch the Onion News Network with 'em. Though we don't have new footage of the ONN, we do have some real 'reels' of various local newspeople utterly failing at their job. Make sure to check out the new season of the Onion News Network (America's Finest News Source) Tuesday night at 10/9 Central on IFC and watch the real-life fails after the jump.

  • September 2011 Fail Compilation [VIDEO]

    I feel like Billy Madison on 'Nudie Magazine Day' today. Every month or so, TwistedNederland7 releases various compilations of WINS and FAILS and a few days ago, he released the best FAILS from last month. I see these videos like these all the time, and each time I become more and more impressed with the stupidity of some people (mostly eastern European). Do they really think that they're going to successfully grind a wooden pallet on their 12-year-old sister's bike? Well then don't let me stop you, because I know that I'll enjoy sharing that moment in a month or two. Check out the video after the jump!

  • 49 Fine Examples of Illegal Alien PWN4g3

    During the GOP Presidential Debate last night, Michelle Bachman took a pretty harsh stance against illegal aliens. Without getting too politicalish, she essentially claimed that tax-payers should stop paying for illegal aliens' benefits - an attempt to stop them from coming into our great nation. I feel like regardless of how much we give [or don't give] illegal aliens, they're still going to try to come in. I mean, f*ck man, they are hiding in car seats. INSIDE. CAR. SEATS. Check out our gallery of these Mexican Fence Jumping Beans getting owned by the border police after the jump! Get it? Random side note: the name Michelle Bachmoan should really be a pornstar's name.

  • IN THE FACE! Michael Boley’s TD Celebration Nails Intern’s Mug [VIDEO]

    I'm a super huge Giants fan but last night's win was ugly in every possible way. If it weren't for the Rams' ineptitude, the G-men would be 0-2. Even when the Giants had things go right for them, it ended up making them look bad. Hixon's acrobatic catch for the score before half? Hurt himself. Bradford throws a lateral that Cadillac can't handle, Michael Boley scoops it up and runs for the score then... he tries to fire the ball against the wall and ends up CRUSHING a Giants employee in the face. It's gonna be a loooooooooong season. Check out the cringeworthy clip after the jump.

  • 210 WTF Tattoos

    Lots of people get drunk, but it takes a special kind of idiot to get a tattoo during that special time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that the guy who stumbles into a tattoo parlor exists - they fuel my blog fire. All I'm saying is that there's definitely a feeling a regret, no matter how much they try to pull that sh*t off. Mustache on your finger? Yeah that's a mistake (even though technically when you finger a chick you're giving her a mustache ride). Honor these idiots and their brazen ideas by checking out the checking out their WTF tats below.

  • TV

    The 18 Most Epic Game Show FAILS [VIDEO]

    Whether it's because the contestants are unprepared to be on TV, they're genuinely idiotic, or just plum bad luck - there's always a chance for laughs at someone else's expense on game shows. Throughout the history of the game show, there have been some great fails all of which are caught on camera. Why does it seem like most of them are on the Price is Right, though? Check out the best game show fails below.

  • Criminals FAILing on the Job [VIDEO]

    These FAILs are so bad, it's criminal. Oh wait, they are criminals. Some of these guys are bank robbers trying to get away on a moped meant for one person, others try to rob gas stations but can't get their masks on in time, one dude pulls out a gun and shoots his finger off. Yeah, I guess these guys were just too stupid to hold down a real job. Check out the video after the jump.

  • The Worst Nut Shots [40 PICS + VIDEOS]

    Every so often, I'll wonder what's worse, getting hit in the d*ck or the balls. Every time I get hit in the nuts, though, I'll remember my earlier thinking process and tell myself that I'm an idiot because there's nothing worse than a nut shot. The nausea, the pain, the incapacitation, the possibility of never fathering a child - all of these problems make a hit in the d*ck seem like a walk in the park. Sure, a sh*tty walk in the park, but it's a walk in the park all the same. Check out these 40 guys taking epic shots in their family jewels below.

  • Australian News Woman Wouldn’t Know Good News If It Hit Her in the Face [VIDEO]

    This is just about the best news segment I've ever seen. Granted, that's like me saying this is the best Pirates game I've ever watched, but you get what I mean. Not only does this Crocodile Dundee break out a great inappropriate joke to start it off, but he then catches a f*cking duck with his fishing pole. Classic. Until the camera cuts back to this hateful anchorwoman who feels the need to say "awkward." No, lady. It wasn't awkward until your face appeared on screen and ruined my morning. The anchorman gives it one last save, only to have it destroyed by the anchorwoman from hell. Check out why I'm so mad below.

  • 82 “You’re Doing It Wrong” Demotivational Posters

    You’re Doing It Wrong is a popular internet catchphrase that lets people know they might be able to improve the manner in which they are doing something. Word has it the meme started around 2004 thanks to a dude named Sebastian Grillmaier aka "Lone Gunman" who posted the first YDITW on a TribalWars forum. However, the trend didn't become widespread until 2007-2008. So, while everyone in YOUR life continues to insist YOU are doing what you're doing wrong, it's time for you to realize you're not alone. Check out the demotivational posters that should motivate you to laugh after the jump.

  • Teeny Bopper Girl Faceplants Trying To Jump On Workout Ball [VIDEO]

    Either this girl is the dumbest human being alive (she does call the workout ball a basketball) or she's auditioning to be a new cast member on Jackass (she does say it's for "Johnny Boy" - Johnny Knoxville maybe?). Like if I'm this chick's dad, which I very well might be, I'm not paying for your surgery, okay? And, if you lie to me and I see this video, you'll end up like Caylee Anthony. I hear you can just straight up murder children now and get away with it. A victory for parents everywhere. PS - gotta give her props though, she takes it like a champ. I see a future in MMA. Check it out after the jump (get it?).

  • 14 Painfully Funny Fireworks FAIL Videos

    You're gonna stand there, ownin' a fireworks stand, and tell me you don't have no whistlin' bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistlin' kitty chaser? That scene from Joe Dirt is one kind of firework fail, but in this video compilation we're talking about the extremely painful, arm-ripping, ass-blasting, face-melting variety. You won't see a grander display of jackassery this Fourth of July, unless you're hoping to make the list next year. Check out the vids after the jump.

  • Hey Fat Skrillex, Did That Boxing Glove On a Javelin From a Potato Gun to Your Nuts Hurt? [VIDEO]

    In no way, shape, or form should this guy be fathering any children, so I'm alright with him taking a boxing glove on a javelin from a potato gun at point blank range to the nuts. His friends don't even wait for him to get properly prepared. The only way this video could be better is if there wasn't a boxing glove on the tip. Check out the video after the jump!

  • Best of the Worst: June 2011 FAIL Video Compilation [VIDEO]

    Fails: one of the best reasons to waste your entire day on COED. From stupid Parkourers... Parkourites (the plural of those who parkour?) to helium balloon fires, here's a wrap-up of the best of the worst jump, ride, run, and stunt FAILs from the month of June 2011. Check out the awesome video after the jump. Big ups to TwistedNederland7 for pulling this together.

  • Fun With Trucks and Fire Pt. 2: TANKER EXPLOSION [VIDEO]

    Yesterday, we saw an action-hero wanna be get blow'd the f*ck up. Today, I've got an even better treat for you. This guy is refilling a fuel tanker, you know, the trucks that are straight filled with gasoline. Since it's dark, he can't see what level the fuel is. This guy's smart so he uses an instrument to help him check. Does he use a A) Cell phone B) Flashlight C) Lighter? Check out the answer below in the video. If that's not convincing enough, the answer is C and he gets blown to sh*t.

  • 9 Bad-Ass Brock Samson Moments From “The Venture Brothers” [LINKS]

    • 9 Of Brock's Best Mummy-Beating, Henchmen-Killing Moments! • The Best (And Only) Mighty Ducks Rap In Existence • Founding Fathers Or Founding Tokers? • Crazy Rich Guy Makes It Rain Money At Starbucks • It Takes A Man To Be A Bad FatherDanica Thrall Is Pretty Damn Sexy See More Awesome Links After The Jump

  • Lindsay Lohan Offered $3.4 Million For Explicit Sex Book

    • Lindsay Lohan offered $3.4 million for a photo book of her having sex • 15 Hottest Premier League WAGs • 5 apps Fac…

  • The Results Are In: COED Will No Longer Use This Word…

    At the beginning of the month, we told you about Lake Superior State's list of proposed banned words for 2011. While we're the last ones to be censoring your freedom of speech, we also don't want to keep saying sh*t that frankly is old news. That's why we embedded a poll asking you to vote for the one word we, as an organization, should ban for the rest of the year. See the results after the jump!

  • Wanksta + Treadmill = Fail[Video]

    Next time you feel like flossin’ your street cred around an active treadmill, you might want to take your sandals…

  • 100 Youtube Greatest Hits Compilation[Video]

    In less than 4 minutes, you can enjoy 100 of the greatest and worst things Youtube has done to us. For my money, there is no b…

  • List Of Banished Words For 2011 Is An Epic Viral Fail [POLL]

    Just before the New Year, Lake Superior State University released its "List of Words and Phrases Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness", an annual list of terms that should be banned from use for the coming year. The popular list began on Jan. 1, 1976, when former LSSU PR Director Bill Rabe and a group of friends known then as "The Unicorn Hunters" each contributed a few expressions they disliked to form the inaugural list. Since then, LSSU receives well over 1,000 nominations annually through its website, Check out the 14 words nominated for banishment in 2011 after the jump!

  • 13 Epic Treadmill Fails (VIDEOS)

    The holidays are a time when people throw their diets and exercise routine out the window. But as we get closer to the New Year, we reflect on what changes we need to make to look and feel better. One suggestion: hop on the treadmill. Of course, not everyone can handle such a simple task as walking or jogging on a moving converyor belt. Just ask the people in these epic treadmill fail videos.

  • Angus Is A Dumbass [Video]

    Any plan occurring in a cafeteria that involves a "flying jump tackle" is practically destined to fail. Bring a glass-front vending machine into the picture, and it's all over.

  • 15 Funniest Live Local News FAIL Videos

    Just the term "local news" invokes thoughts of failure. And that's not really fair, at all. We're sure there are tons of local news anchors, reporters and weathermen who do their jobs fantastically. But if these 15 hilarious videos are any indication, the entire local news industry is wrought with flubs, mishaps, crashes, falls and a whole lot of cussing. Enjoy!

  • August Was A Good Month For FAIL [Video]

    Regular COED readers know that we're really into people failing. We're always on the lookout for photos and videos of people messing up, screwing up, and getting caught up. And luckily for us, August 2010 was a month chock-full of FAILS. From skateboarding falls to nut shots to BBQ stunts gone wrong, we're able to say August 2010 was a FAIL.