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    Rachel Halliwell,–YouTube user and hot-bodied practitioner of the pole-dancing arts–posted a video o…

  • Rats Invade NYC Cafe—-Boy, We Hope This Is Real [VIDEO]

    We know it’s the internet, and we know that you can’t trust any kind of video that might go viral–but…

  • 12 Painfully Funny Firework MISHAPS [VIDEOS]

    They say, “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.” Even then, it’s still sort of…

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  • August 2011 Fail Compilation [VIDEO]

    Once again, TwistedNederland7 has put together a compilation of this month's fails. Even if you exclude Irene and the earthquake, this month was particularly painful judging by these fails. Highlights include but are not limited to: (0:20, 0:55, 4:28, 4:44, 5:28 cuz he's fat, 8:08, 9:00). You can see this compilation as well as many others on TwistedNederland7's Youtube channel or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Check out the epic fail-ness after the faceplant.

  • TV

    The 18 Most Epic Game Show FAILS [VIDEO]

    Whether it's because the contestants are unprepared to be on TV, they're genuinely idiotic, or just plum bad luck - there's always a chance for laughs at someone else's expense on game shows. Throughout the history of the game show, there have been some great fails all of which are caught on camera. Why does it seem like most of them are on the Price is Right, though? Check out the best game show fails below.

  • 14 Painfully Funny Fireworks FAIL Videos

    You're gonna stand there, ownin' a fireworks stand, and tell me you don't have no whistlin' bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistlin' kitty chaser? That scene from Joe Dirt is one kind of firework fail, but in this video compilation we're talking about the extremely painful, arm-ripping, ass-blasting, face-melting variety. You won't see a grander display of jackassery this Fourth of July, unless you're hoping to make the list next year. Check out the vids after the jump.

  • Best of the Worst: June 2011 FAIL Video Compilation [VIDEO]

    Fails: one of the best reasons to waste your entire day on COED. From stupid Parkourers... Parkourites (the plural of those who parkour?) to helium balloon fires, here's a wrap-up of the best of the worst jump, ride, run, and stunt FAILs from the month of June 2011. Check out the awesome video after the jump. Big ups to TwistedNederland7 for pulling this together.

  • 13 Epic Treadmill Fails (VIDEOS)

    The holidays are a time when people throw their diets and exercise routine out the window. But as we get closer to the New Year, we reflect on what changes we need to make to look and feel better. One suggestion: hop on the treadmill. Of course, not everyone can handle such a simple task as walking or jogging on a moving converyor belt. Just ask the people in these epic treadmill fail videos.

  • 7 Minutes of FAIL (Compilation Video)

    The YouTube channel TwisterFail releases one video every month of the best Fail videos from the past 30 days. Released two days ago the May 2010 edition will have you laughing your a-- off at these bone crushing fails. Enjoy!